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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Got the Shakes
    Can I use the all method to capture one or two speakers at a time? Man do I ever wish that async mode was enabled. Well I guess it's technically enabled, but there is no way to actually do the measurements.
  2. J.Villain
    From the manual

    "The cable could wind around your neck and cause strangulation."

    That's just downright disconcerting
  3. esimms86
    @Got the Shakes, I know that I speak for many people here in acknowledging how glad and grateful I am that you were one of the first people to receive the A16. I have personally found it very rewarding to read about your experiences in playing with, tweaking and getting to know the A16. The A16 is a complex piece of kit and I continue to read with great interest the experiences of folks who find themselves in the early queue. I very much look forward to reading your future posts and seeing your video uploads.
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  4. raband
    From what I can tell from the manual HDMI pass-thru is video only?
  5. Sanctuary
    I have not thoroughly read the A16 manual yet (you will likely beat me), but you could with the A8. A lot of the menu wording seems to have been changed. Probably just because of the expanded set of features, but some of it seems needlessly more complicated.

    Page 65 is when the most relevant stuff starts for basic PRIRs.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  6. phoenixdogfan
    The asynch mode was designated to be filled out in a later update. Didn't see anything regarding any interface either. Looks like the only way to run it right now is through that tiny little window on the front panel which promises to be an ultra major PIA. Can't believe they could not have put in a Windows/MAC interface app. Just not good enough for a high end professional product.
  7. audiohobbit
    It seems that there are no PEQs per (virtual) loudspeaker channel at all!

    This is very, very bad! :frowning2:

    I hope I just missed something. Have to read it carefully over the next days.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  8. J.Villain
    The first question is whether it is just using the standard Samsung TV remote codes and repurposing them. That would be bad as any one with a Samsung TV would have issues. If any one gets one and owns a Samsung TV can you please point the A-16 remote at the TV and hit the power button to see if any thing happens. If it is the same codes you can select Samsung TV in the Logitec software as the device. Then you have to figure out how the keys are mapped.
  9. phoenixdogfan
    That's probably only wish fulfillment on their part after parrying off all those emails over the years.
  10. phoenixdogfan
    Just PEQ each loudspeaker before you take your PRIR. See, problem solved!
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  11. kh36267
    Has anyone noticed language in the manual related to an output mode for driving balance headphones? I've scanned through and haven't seen anything.

    From Update #34 back in July 2017:
    Second, we will be including a differential headphone output mode for driving balanced headphones using both User A and User B headphone output jacks together. This mode is intended for single user operation.
  12. sander99
    We were hoping to use the A16 PEQ as an alternative because measuring a complete system with it's PEQ is very difficult to impossible without 15.1 digital sweeps, and without 15.1 analog inputs on the AV Receiver or analog inputs that are bypassing all digital processing!
  13. sander99
    I assume it has not been implemented yet, I already suspected that from the update.
  14. phoenixdogfan
    What we're really finding here is the digital sweep feature is a definite "must have". You know I'm thinking it might be a great idea to form a A16 Realizer Users Group with its own website with the idea that it would share knowledge regarding the A16 on a variety of topics each with its own thread, and represent a channel to the Smyths regarding what need changing and modifying and refining on the A16.

    An example of such a group is the users of the late Sigrfried Linkwitz's loudspeakers.


    A product as complex and promising as the Realisers cries out for a similar online support group.
  15. illram
    The manual also says this later (page 57)

    "PCM Audio management is an option found on the second page of the Pre set configuration page for User A (Figure 7-2). This option leads to the PCM Audio Management menu (Figure 7-9) and configures the A16 to optionally either up-mix or pass-thru PCM audio signals from the HDMI or SPDIF inputs."

    Not entirely sure that means it does audio pass-thru, sounds like it could possibly appear as a stereo PCM device to whatever HDMI you are plugging in and then pass thru that. But that was literally the only other hit when I did CTRL-F "pass-thru." If there is truly no audio pass-thru that is a real head-scratcher and is going to make using this in my situation a lot more complicated.

    I didn't see instructions on how to do a PRIR with just a single speaker either. Anyone see that?
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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