1. L

    3D Sound Shop - Custom PRIRs for the Smyth Realiser A16

    Hello A16 owners... At this point... I think I can share a screenshot and some info of a soon to be released project... It should go (fully) live in a month or two... might be longer. The website is www.3dsoundshop.com ... just the basics for now. Universal PRIRs... Through the website...
  2. bigshot

    Virtual Reality: A New Kind of A/V Experience

    Friday I got the new Oculus Go in from Amazon. I'm not a gaming person at all, and I've never had a chance to play with VR. My interest is in movies and music. But I can see this as having the potential to have a huge impact on the home theater market. It also suggests a few things about the...
  3. jgazal

    A layman multimedia guide to Immersive Sound for the technically minded (Immersive Audio and Holophony)

    This post was written to try to answer the following questions: Since immersive audio is a broad subject, I believe it deserves its own thread. Question 1 Fundamental There would be something fundamentally wrong if all types off recordings suffered from such unique distortion. But each...
  4. jgazal

    Smyth Research Realiser A16

      Realiser A16 Main Features   Any listening impressions at the Munich High End Show?