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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. sander99
    @Sanctuary: looks you were right after all about the A16 having some extra head-tracking capabilities...
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  2. Camano
    I agree, but I think a Wiki might be a better way to organize the information than having threads with dozens of messages to sort though. Sorely missing from the manual are the how-to scenarios - quick start guide, how to do one speaker measurements, how to measure with a 2 channel analog amp, step-by-step to set up the head tracker, etc.

    There are a number of free wiki sites but I don't have experience with any of them - does anyone here? Adding information to a wiki is a little more involved than posting to a forum, but it should be manageable for anyone who can use an A16!
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  3. jagxjr15
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  4. jagxjr15
    Sorry if my post was too scary for some people.
    But it's only a joke, son.
    It's called Jaws, but it's only a movie, and it's over, so you can take a breath and relax now.
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  5. Richter Di
    And why did I buy a special balanced cable for my HD 800 to work with the A16. Oh man.
  6. J.Villain
    That is what the exchange site is supposed to have. Didn't some one say it was going to be up soonish? Does the French guy know since he seems to know more than the Smyths?
  7. raband
    4-6 Weeks?
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  8. illram
    This is great and I understand it way more reading this than after reading the manual honestly. Thank you!
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  9. CanMad
  10. Sordel
    I'll agree that it would have been better if the A16 had been feature-complete at launch but it only makes sense to be angry or disappointed about features that definitely cannot be implemented at a later date. For example, the mono guitar input was lost at an early point: that was a legitimate disappointment, albeit a small one. But even if it takes a year to implement the balanced output it will probably still be implemented during the protracted shipping phase. And - once they get through this expensive hardware phase - these are “only” software problems.
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  11. Sanctuary
    There has to be an option to save when you want after a certain amount of measurements. If there isn't, then that means it's a step back from the A8, and actually limits options in a way. Unless the method you've done results in a similar, yet more convoluted way to do it (yet if it works as well, then as I previously stated could actually end up being better in some ways).

    The way the A8 worked, is that it only wipes the measurements of whatever channels you are remeasuring, but all previous channels that you measured are left untouched as long as you do not measure them again. Then, when you are actually ready to make your PRIR, you would go into the SPK menu and select "YES" for save at end, take your final measurement, then after that finishes and the diagnostic screens come up, you end up with a list of currently active channels. You would then turn on all of those you had previously measured and it would save all of them as a single PRIR. This would be a lot easier for you to test if you had a receiver with at least 5.1 analog ins.

    In theory, but with the random crap I ran into with the A8 regarding multiple measurements of the same channels, it may or may not introduce issues. It also seems like it adds another layer of steps to go through as well. If the sound comes out the same though, again I think this might be a better option, although it could be slightly more time consuming initially. The good news though is that as long as you keep using the same room, once you get a great center channel copy (and likely fronts) of speakers you do not plan on replacing any time soon, the rest of the speaker measurements basically become academic. Even the room might not matter all too much either in the end, if the A16 has enough options to alter the sound of them, or even equalize different, combined PRIRs from different rooms.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  12. kh36267
    In the exact same boat.
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  13. Got the Shakes
    I can try testing a few things, and maybe there is a way to do it like the A8, but it’s certainly not labeled that way once you’re in the menus. The one thing I didn’t do was to try backing out from the screen where it shows you the speakers you just measured to see if I can get to the toggle to switch to measuring different speakers without wiping what I just did. The reason I haven’t tried was because after the sweeps were complete I was presented with two options, “press enter to save” and “press SPK to remeasure”. It could be as simple as pressing the back button after a measurement to get back to where I can select the speakers I want to measure while not wiping the existing measurements. Then repeat that process and save them together at the end as one PRIR.

    The way I did it ends up with the same results (I think), but splits it into 3 files instead of one. Either way you still need to go and create a virtual room afterwards with the speakers you measured whether that’s adding them from three PRIRs or one.
  14. sahmen
    I actually thought you had a valid point, regardless of the spookiness of a few scenarios you conjured up. So don't attempt to take it all back now. Besides, there are some genies that can't be put back in the bottle once outed, and this seems to be one of those :):)

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  15. kh36267
    i see that KS backer #10 was sent an e-mail earlier this week asking to confirm shipping details......has anyone been contacted since then?

    i am backer #11 and still have heard nothing since the last group update.
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