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Smyth Research Realiser A16

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by jgazal, May 7, 2016.
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  1. Dixter
    I'm thinking if you needed a small test setup to just play around with the settings and recording couldn't you just plug into the A16 outputs a cheap computer " active " speaker(s)... I think you could get a set from a desktop computer laying around the house or they sell them for less than $100...
  2. audiohobbit
    Thank you James... :p
  3. Dixter
    you are one funny guy... :)
  4. esimms86
    I’m thinking that Smyth had a bunch of A16s packaged and ready to ship and that they then randomly grabbed units from that group and shipped them without regard to serial number. I’m OK with that but then I was never promised serial#1(not that I suspect that @dsperber really cares, after all is said and done).

    EDIT: Apparently, he does care. Another potentially poor business decision made by Smyth Research in likely dissing someone who is arguably their biggest supporter and an unofficial ambassador for their product.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  5. esimms86
    Now I’m wondering if each configuration of the A16 will have their own sequence of serial numbers(e.g., 2U #0001, 2U #0002, HS #0001, HS #0002, etc.). Not that I really care.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  6. Dixter
    has anyone seen the Headstand version being sent and received yet... so far only 2U versions ??
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  7. Sanctuary
    Is there a Menu, and SPK button on the remote? That's how it is on the A8. You hit Menu, then select SPK and it brings up the menu for when you want to save, how many times you want the signals to be sent and the duration and I think Azimuth options as well. The first option in that menu on the A8 is whether or not to save at the end, and by default it is set to "Yes". You would select "No" until you are about to do your last speaker measurements, then set it to "Yes" and then it will take all of your previous measurements and combine them into your PRIR once your last set of measurements is done. You also need to select all of the channels you actually want to save once you are on the finalization screen, otherwise you will end up likely just saving your last set of speakers only.


    edit: Noticed in the unboxing link that the A16 remote does have a Menu and SPK button, but the Menu button itself looks different. Like what in the world with that remote? It almost looks like they just took a generic, off the shelf TV remote and switched a few of the button covers and called it a day.

    Also, it looks pretty close to the A8 remote as far as the general buttons are concerned. I know there is likely a lot of new stuff going on that would make it not a 1:1 transfer, but it seems like maybe some of the basic stuff would work the same, like selecting your channels to measure at least, as well as getting into the SPK menu. **** if I know though, maybe they did a complete overhaul and you're using Windows 12 instead of XP.

    edit 2: Oh yeah, the SPK menu is also how you select which measurement mode you want to do as well. All, ONE (don't use), Ls, Rs, etc.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  8. sander99
    If the A16 can indeed combine speakers from different PRIRs, of which I am convinced now after your report, it doesn't really matter if the PRIR is saved too soon. You can simply do the other/next speakers in another PRIR and combine them later. Of course it's neater to create a complete PRIR, but to get started now you don't have to bother about that too much.
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  9. sander99
  10. Dixter
  11. audiohobbit
    Thanks Mathew.... :beyersmile:

    Hope this ends the riddles...
  12. Sanctuary
    Looks like the "Synchronous" mode is the A8's "ALL" mode.

    Good to know. I could have sworn it was different with the A8 though.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  13. audiohobbit
    This is exactly what they did. It is a Samsung TV remote. I posted a picture for comparison few weeks ago (although I'm not sure if it was on headfi or hififorum...)

    I think this is quite clever, because the hardware is the expensive part (do you even have an idea what a mould for a plastic part alone costs? Could easily be a 5digit number!)
    I have no idea at all what's there to complain about!
    Its bigger than tnat of the A8, more logical, bigger keys, and even has an illumination button, but I'm not sure if it works? Its not mentioned in the manual.

    And I really hope that the IR reception of the A16 is better than that of the A8. With the original remote you have to point it directly to the A8. With the Harmony it's a bit better.
    That's the next question: How does Logitech get the codes of the A16 remote?
  14. Sanctuary
    What I am hoping for is that you can dim the damn screen to the point of it being off. Otherwise, I will end up having to put a piece of posterboard over it when I want to actually watch something. Initially anyway, because eventually I'll have it behind some opaque glass. The lights on the A8 are blazing, even when "dim".

    BTW, I'm more about something being utilitarian than looking good, but it just looked really cheap, and not even unique to its own hardware. Although I don't honestly know if the A8 remote was unique, or just a personalized version of another remote either.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  15. phoenixdogfan
    Do your homework carefully guys. I'll be watching your progress so I'll know sometime after the first of the year if the Realiser is a viable option for me. Hope they get the digital PRIR capture and the Realiser exchange up and running. To me those are the two biggest gaps remaining. But at least they're shipping and have a manual (and only 128 pages long). ;D Oh, DTS-X certification is also important.

    The biggest pluses of the Realiser are that it can replace all your DAC/Preamplification/Control centers for anything from stereo to multi-channel cutting edge formats, function as a headphone amp for up to 2 phones simultaneously, manage any tactile subwoofers, and work off any analog or digital input.

    Now I wish they would have published performance specs (DAC Sinad, power, output impedance and the like). Guess someone will have to send AMIR a unit to get those numbers to everyone.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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