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  1. jgazal

    A layman multimedia guide to Immersive Sound for the technically minded (Immersive Audio and Holophony)

    This post was written to try to answer the following questions: Since immersive audio is a broad subject, I believe it deserves its own thread. Question 1 Fundamental There would be something fundamentally wrong if all types off recordings suffered from such unique distortion. But each...
  2. jgazal

    Smyth Research Realiser A16

      Realiser A16 Main Features   Any listening impressions at the Munich High End Show?
  3. MeatusMaximus

    Headphone testing: To Pinna or Not to Pinna (that is the question)

    Just wondering what anyone thinks about testing headphones on a coupler, with pinna and simulated ear canal, versus no pinna and no canal.  The second option would just be a simple plate with a mic or mics flush mounted in it.   The pro-pinna argument might be stated:  Real conditions...
  4. jasonb

    To crossfeed or not to crossfeed? That is the question...

    I thought it might be a nice idea to see who likes or dislikes crossfeed.   Please vote and share your opinion either way. I wanna hear what people here have to say about it one way or another.