immersive audio
  1. GeorgeA

    Smyth Research Realiser A16 Speaker Edition

    The Smyth Research Realiser A16 SE (Speaker Edition) is a special version of the Realiser A16 for listening to Dolby Atmos and DTS: X movies, music, games or series on two Hi-Fi speakers, using patented AudioXD technology. The advantage would be a Realiser A16 unit with two operating modes...
  2. L

    3D Sound Shop - Custom PRIRs for the Smyth Realiser A16

    Hello A16 owners... At this point... I think I can share a screenshot and some info of a soon to be released project... It should go (fully) live in a month or two... might be longer. The website is ... just the basics for now. Universal PRIRs... Through the website...
  3. bigshot

    Virtual Reality: A New Kind of A/V Experience

    Friday I got the new Oculus Go in from Amazon. I'm not a gaming person at all, and I've never had a chance to play with VR. My interest is in movies and music. But I can see this as having the potential to have a huge impact on the home theater market. It also suggests a few things about the...
  4. jgazal

    A layman multimedia guide to Immersive Sound for the technically minded (Immersive Audio and Holophony)

    This post was written to try to answer the following questions: Since immersive audio is a broad subject, I believe it deserves its own thread. Question 1 Fundamental There would be something fundamentally wrong if all types off recordings suffered from such unique distortion. But each...
  5. O

    Correcting for soundstage?

    I see a new product being advertised and I was wondering about your take on it. I'm driven to post in this forum because "tube magic" is mentioned four times on the product description page and it seemed hokey. Based on my reading, it seems that more scientific explanations prevail here than...
  6. WyldeGooseChase

    Angled Drivers in Closed vs Open headphones and effects on Soundstage?

    I've tried a multitude of headphones since getting into the hobby at the beginning of this year. I love soundstage in headphones, though not at the cost of imaging, and was wondering about the science behind angled drivers in relation to the ear cup housing. Context: after trying the HD569...
  7. bugstone

    Genelec and IDA Immersive 3D Headphone Audio
  8. bigshot

    Question about directionality of sound

    We talk a lot about the science behind digital audio and electronics, but not so much about acoustics. I've been working on my speaker system lately and through trial and error, I've stumbled across something that works really well, but I'd like to understand the science behind it a little...
  9. bigshot

    Multichannel Audio (Moved from MQA)

    A.) The size of the soundstage is determined by the width between the speakers. with stereo at a normal listening distance, you don't want more than 8 feet or so between the speakers. If you push them any wider apart, you have to sit further back, which reduces the perceived size of the...
  10. Vidal

    How do we hear height in a recording with earphones

    Can someone please provide an explanation (a link to website would be fine) on how we hear height with earphones. Just normal stereo recordings.   I've read that the outer ear/inner ear has a role to play in terms of reflections etc. but with IEMs that interplay is removed, right?   I keep...
  11. johncarm

    accuracy is subjective

    If we define accuracy in audio playback as "how close something is to the original," then we have to ask "what is the original?" and "what are we comparing it to?" The original is a sound field experienced by a human being. The reproduction is a sound field experienced by a human being.  ...
  12. Flak2

    Might Virtual Reality be better than reality in HiFi?

    "If we can manage to design the ideal custom listening space and speakers in the virtual domain, well, then we have also succeeded in creating the ultimate room correction solution—replacing the real room with a virtual room, decked out to provide the best possible listening environment!"  ...
  13. jgazal

    Smyth Research Realiser A16

      Realiser A16 Main Features   Any listening impressions at the Munich High End Show?
  14. castleofargh

    frontal sounds go up instead of further in front of me with headphones. why?

    should I walk looking down when listening to music?   I don't know if this happens to many people(I do know I'm not alone), if it has to do with me or my gears, but if I take a voice and put it in mono, I never get it in front of me. instead the voice will be at an angle above me. with sounds...
  15. MacacoDoSom

    About SQ

    Has anybody had this experience? let's say..  Two different but very good state of the art audio setups and rooms, I will call them Setup A and Setup B. Now In setup A some very good  recordings sound better/different in A than in B but others sound better in B than in A, The same happens with...
  16. ginetto61

    Have you ever heard sound coming from the front with headphones.

    Hi !   i am going to make a strong statement here. The day that someone will be able with some kind of signal processing to create the illusion of sound coming from the front also with headphones ... everybody will switch immediately to headphones ! For me it is absolutely the main drawback...
  17. endallchaos

    Are binaural recordings higher quality than normal ones?

    I really don't know where to post this. I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place.   Okay, I know this sounds like a dumb question, but yesterday, I downloaded my first Binaural recording (Burst at The Seams by Polar Knights). I played it on my 598's, and it sounds great! What I was wondering is if...
  18. Andolink

    Soundstage Width and Cross-feed: Some Observations

    I've had the opportunity for the past 4 months to experiment with the addition of cross-feed to my headphone rig (see my signature).  In my case it's a custom designed 6 level balanced cross-feeder.  I'm extremely pleased with this major enhancement to my listening experience and I find several...
  19. dude_500

    DIY Stereo Smyth Realiser

    A quick divergence from DIY electrostatic projects... working on making a DIY stereo smyth realiser (couldn't care less about any more than 2 channels, only listen to music - can get by with a lot less DSP than the 8-channel realiser needs).     Currently my hardware is a Digilent Nexys 4...
  20. MeatusMaximus

    Headphone testing: To Pinna or Not to Pinna (that is the question)

    Just wondering what anyone thinks about testing headphones on a coupler, with pinna and simulated ear canal, versus no pinna and no canal.  The second option would just be a simple plate with a mic or mics flush mounted in it.   The pro-pinna argument might be stated:  Real conditions...
  21. googleli

    Headphone vs. Speaker sound-field discussion.

    Frankly I don't think any headphone can stand a chance against speakers in producing the sound field which imitates live music. Many hifi-ers go to a lot of orchestral performances and compare with their speaker systems to see what they can achieve. Although I think no gear on earth can ever...
  22. jasonb

    To crossfeed or not to crossfeed? That is the question...

    I thought it might be a nice idea to see who likes or dislikes crossfeed.   Please vote and share your opinion either way. I wanna hear what people here have to say about it one way or another.