1. dude_500

    DIY Stereo Smyth Realiser

    A quick divergence from DIY electrostatic projects... working on making a DIY stereo smyth realiser (couldn't care less about any more than 2 channels, only listen to music - can get by with a lot less DSP than the 8-channel realiser needs).     Currently my hardware is a Digilent Nexys 4...
  2. jgazal

    Smyth Research Realiser A16

      Realiser A16 Main Features   Any listening impressions at the Munich High End Show?
  3. Hoax

    Smyth SVS Realiser - PRIR Exchange Thread

    This thread is for owners of the Smyth Realiser who are interested in exchanging PRIRS.   I know you should get the best results calibrating your own realiser, however several reports indicate that PRIRS made by other people in high end studios often still beats the quality of PRIRS people...
  4. tear_tio_ra

    question about Smyth realiser

    Hi there I am not sure which subforum i should post my thread so i start in the amp section. I read about the Smyth realiser and know that it will give headphone the performance of speaker. My question is whether the Smyth will produce EXACTLY the same sound of the speaker setup which has...
  5. bowei006

    Soundstage and surround sound

    Ok i got the fact that the soundstage is how the ears perceive the location of the sound. like our ears can hear the differnce from in front,back,side etc and stuff. but wouldnt this make a good pair of headphones with great soundstage also have "7.1 surround"? whats the differnce? ok now i got...
  6. dsperber

    Long awaited Smyth SVS Realiser NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

    Please see my new thread here, in the AVS Forum. Also, Smyth is going to be demonstrating at CanJam 2009 a the LAX Hilton Hotel on May 30-31. THE UNIT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RETAIL PURCHASE AND SHIPPING.