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Smyth SVS Realiser - PRIR Exchange Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by hoax, May 20, 2012.
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  1. Hoax
    This thread is for owners of the Smyth Realiser who are interested in exchanging PRIRS.
    I know you should get the best results calibrating your own realiser, however several reports indicate that PRIRS made by other people in high end studios often still beats the quality of PRIRS people made themselves in their own home theatre.
    Also I want to make clear (as I think some studios might not be happy with this thread) that if you want the best of your Realiser you should still visit one of the afilliated studios specializing in SVS Calibration. Apparently the most difficult part is to get the front speakers to sound like they're actually infront of you..
    So far I have been able to find one PRIR that sounds very good for me, I cant compare as I dont have any personal PRIRS so its hard for me to say how good it actually really is but for many of us exhanging PRIRS at the moment is the only option due to costs and travelling involved.
    So far I noticed that PRIRS I gave to others worked for them very well and also the other way around, PRIRS they liked sounded pretty good to me too. So it looks like some PRIRS "might" just be the perfect PRIR as a "middle way" that should sound pretty good for anyone in general.
    So for anyone interested in exchanging just post in this thread the info of 1 or more PRIRS that you have and willing to share so we can private message each other to exchange email adresses.
    I will kick off by offering some PRIRS made in the german MSM Surround studios in munich, I found 3 so far that I liked. Also got some PRIRS others sent me and said I could use to exchange with others. If interested just drop me a private message :)
    EDIT -
    Lets try and keep this thread clean with info regarding PRIRS / and PRIR Exchange only .. Any other questions/suggestions/info non PRIR related should go in the most active thread at the moment : http://www.head-fi.org/t/418401/long-awaited-smyth-svs-realiser-now-available-for-purchase
  2. silverlight
    As a suggestion, why not setup a shared folder in DropBox and people can label/date/provide info for each uploaded set with a folder for each user?  I'm happy to contribute a couple I have and should be getting some great ones this summer as well from 2 channel setups.
    A DropBox Shared Folder has now been set up, if you can PM me your email address, you'll get an invite to the members' shared folder, and then others can be invited by any of the "collaborators".
    *****Most important rule with DropBox is that you COPY files out, never drag and drop (i.e., move/cut) otherwise they're deleted from the shared folder
    UPDATE: For those wishing access to the folder, the following link may be used (and this is the safest way to download files, no risk of deletion).  In order to contribute, just send an email to get an invite into the shared folder which allows for contributing files).   FOLDER LINK HERE
  3. Hoax
    That's a great idea :)
    I have been looking for a good file sharing site together with another forum member that we could use but since the FBI shut down megaupload.com alot of filesharing sites either closed or changed their policy and only allowed the uploaders to download their own files. Sending you a PM. Thanks alot for your contribution to this idea :)
  4. Hoax
    Ok I got some PRIRS shared on dropbox, this system is really cool! You can just have a local folder on your pc where you copy files in and the system will automaticly clone folders and copy those files to the web! Really nice.
    Im not sure If i can invite others so for now please send a message to silverlight. Dropbox is really easy to install and creating an account only takes 10 seconds as you only have to submit an email adress + login pass and nothing else
  5. blubliss Contributor
    I am in for this.  I can share a couple, one 2.0 with Wilson Sashas from a Brooks Berdan showroom and one from the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  I think dsperber and myself are the only ones who got the Egyptian.  I don't use it anymore because it sounds almost too large, weird effect.  So people using it may have a hard time telling what is off from it not being for their ears and the weirdness of recording such a large room.  But it will be fun to try.
    On the 2.0 setups is everyone redirecting the bass to their headphones using mix blocks like described here:
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  6. HDMan
    I found the effect to be negative, I get major bass in the headphones, not out of head bass. In my experience bass redirection is best achieved from the source.
    Bass redirection from the source and a tactile transducer have proved very effective for me, maintaning the out of head experience and thunderous bass.
    Focal Scala 7.0
    Acapella Sphäron "Excalibur" 2.0
    Acapella Sphäron "Excalibur" 5.0
    Acapella Sphäron "Excalibur" 7.0
    Note: These very high end speakers were calibrated in a room without acoustic treatment, instore quite often is the case. I made multi channel 7.0 out of 2 speakers, so the L/R surrounds sound a bit boomy because of the proximity of the speakers while seated near them to achieve 110 degree angles. This is not a problem though, because frequency response on the surrounds is generally not in the lower frequency range and is not noticable while watching movies.
    30 degree angle at 2.84m distance from centre channel. (to increase distance on the Realiser, use the Far3 or 4 setting, press menu/all/proximity/far4/ok/exit and save the PRIR menu P1 etc save settings)
    If the OP would like to place all the PRIR's in the first post for future reference, that would be good.
    Blubliss please post the Egyptian theatre PRIR, is it 7.0 or 2.0?
    Hoax please change the thread title to SVS not RVS.
  7. silverlight
    I updated the Dropbox share with HDMan's PRIRs
    Using the folder structure: Smyth Realiser PRIR/Head-fi username/PRIRdescrip/PRIRxxxx.SVS
    PM me your email if you want to join
  8. blubliss Contributor
    The Egyptian is either 5.1 or 7.1, not sure.  There were way more speakers than that but they got grouped I guess.
    I just changed the name of the PRIR file to include a description, is that all right silverlight?  Obviously people would need to change the name back before using.
  9. silverlight
    Looks good!
  10. Kiritz
  11. HDMan
    So how are we exchanging PRIR's, were are they going to be located, I have posted mine. Come on already [​IMG]
  12. silverlight
    Just PM me your email so you can get your invite to the shared drive with DropBox (free).
  13. Hoax
    I noticed your folder, You have to open up your local dropbox folder to see everyone's else (or check it out on the dropbox site).
    There's already 7 users who uploaded folders with PRIRS I think its a big succes within a day, Im very curious how the archive will look in a month :)
    More invites upon request are on the way. If you do request to be invited dont forget to send me or silverlight your email adress (dropbox invite will go to your email).
  14. TruBrew
    I just added my recording from AIX to the collection.
  15. Hoax
    Glad you liked the PRIRS Kiritz :)
    And yeah I did kinda notice something with the soundstage, also when actually watching movies sometimes back sounds turned out to be front sounds, however when I just solo channels and test them everything seems in order. One of the reasons I do like those PRIRS alot is because in my ears the sound is very transparent (like the speakers are in the room). Did you notice CaptainFunk uploaded PRIRS made in the MSM studios as well?
    There's so many new PRIRS and i haven't got time yet to try any of them, one of the PRIRS on top of my list to try is the one in the egyptian cinema someone uploaded.
    As for saving PRIRS in presets I dont know why it autosaves for you Kiritz, Someone in the other thread said that shouldnt happen.
    I got a question myself as well about saving PRIRS in presets, If I alter a PRIR will it overwrite the actual PRIR that is stored or will it only alter the preset? Also can I delete a PRIR that I used in a preset without messing up the preset?
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