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Shure SE535's worth upgrading to?

  1. floatie
    Hi everyone,
    first post on the forum, so completely novice on all things head-fi related..
     I currently have Shure's SE315's and Monster Turbine Pro Copper's.
    The 315's I've had for roughly 2 years have great build quality, seem really durable so far and I like the detachable cable option but sound wise to me don't have the bass of the MT Copper's
     The MT Coppers have my ideal sound but their reliability hasn't been the best, they've already been replaced under warranty for the cable splitting at the ear piece and the metal turbine part started to separate. Lately I have noticed the replacement ones starting to go the same way after several months.
     So what I'm looking opinions on is will the Shure SE535's give me comparable sound of the MT Coppers and will it be an immediately noticeable step-up bass and sound wise in general from the 315's?  
  2. JonnyRocket
    I haven't had the shure, but I think they are BAs which which are bass lean compared to the monsters. You might be happier with the Sony MDR EX 1000 or the Sennheiser IE8
  3. ZARIM
    The Shure SE535 are deffinately upgrade over SE315 and bass increase on SE535 with greater midrange details and better highs. The other IEMs like XBA4, EX1000, Westone 4, Heir Audio S4Ai, UE900 and UM3x are also better upgrade too with punchier bass. But if you want ultimate bass experience and crisp clear soundquality then Denon AH-C300, JVC FX700 and Sennheiser IE80 are great buy.
  4. JonnyRocket
    The IE8, IE80, would be a good choice, they have replaceable Kevlar cables and each earpiece has adjustable bass controls and the microphonics are nearly zero when worn over the ear.
  5. SixthFall
    I had nothing but issues with the connectors on all my shure iem's, 535 included........
  6. FieldingMellish

    All your Shures? You are alone in that regard and with what that suggests.
  7. floatie
    The new Westone 4R's maybe instead of the 535's?
    Has the replaceable cables and around (roughly) the same budget.
    Now to find an authorised UK dealer online.
    Google's bringing up Advancedmp3player.co.uk though it's not listed as one of Westone's authorised dealers.
    Anyone any experience with this retailer?
  8. davisxu
    IMO there wasn't a big difference between the SE420/SE530, and double the price is definitely not worth the difference especially if you have the monster coppers. Im going to assume that because the 425's (which i've had and fit worse than the 420's) and the 535's are mostly just cosmetic updates that the change will be the same between the 315/425/535.
    Get the 425 if you want, they're like 1/2 the price and 90% of the 535's.

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