1. Hope

    XBA-3 vs XBA-4 help!!

    Hi all!!   On a recent trip to the states I was intending on purchasing a set of SE535/Westone 4R's   However Sony offered me a great deal on a set of XBA-4's which I subsequently purchased!   Now these so far sound quite good on my iPhone 4S, not so good on my Retina Macbook.   ...
  2. Dickymint

    IEM's for big ears.

    I have been born with big lugs, they have advantages and dis-advantages. At school there were a burden but as I got older, they became enjoyable, in that I can hear very low frequencies, helicopters miles away, earthquakes a second or so before they hit. you get the idea! Due to having big ears...
  3. swimingwather

    looking for new earphones !

    Hello I am looking for a pair of IEM. I currently have urbeats and they work well. I'm not so great on just headphones so I thought to ask if you have any good to recommend. I want a pair of really good headphones so you can hear all kinds of supplements.Or a good site i can find something...
  4. hatebreed

    Alternatives to the Shure se215 for stage monitoring?

    I am a touring drum technician and need some IEMs for live stage performances. I am not playing so i don't need the whole mix only the drums and for people to speak to me through them.   The Shures are in budget and look to do the job but was was wondering if there are any alternatives i...
  5. sevan1028

    Sony xba-4ip vs UE 600vi

    I did my hw, found the facts, and still can't decide.   I can get the 600vi's for $75 and the 4ip's for $160 (significantly less than retail)   A lot of people criticize 4ip's, but I was considering that they are so critical because the 4ip's are supposed to be at an entirely different...
  6. foxwoods

    Yet Another Headphone recommendation thread

    Hi all,   Looking for a set of headphones for work (need to not leak much), most likely over the ear (though if people have good in-ear suggestions, let me know) for roughly $200-300 (open to suggestions of what I could upgrade to). Genres are best defined by bands: Radiohead, Parov...
  7. betudontbet

    Help !!! to choose a powerful earphones

    Hello , its my 1st post so i dont know if this is the right section , anyway   Can u suggest me a powerful earphones with good quality for max 300 $   I looked for Klipsch x10i , but i dont rly know if they are rly powerful , i like to listen to trance/harstyle with good bass , can u...
  8. BillsonChang007

    [Review]: Sony XBA -4 With ComplyFoam TX-200

    Hello!    How it all begins: A few months back, my local Apple authorized shop brought in the ComplyFoam eartips but only the TX series and only comes in M-size. It cost around BND $26 [ About US 20.6 according to XE-Currency Converter] so I decided to give it a shot!    I start...
  9. time3211

    Top in-ear headphone monitors advice please

    Hi peeps :)    first of all I did research on google and also searched the forum but there wasn't any results on the questions i would like to ask today.    I am joining a course for audio production at the same i have always used a decent headphone's currently using Klpisch X10i the...
  10. Eirwyn

    Sony XBA - which one for a basshead?

    After I'm disappointed with my brand new MDR-XB90EX, I'm looking for new IEMs, but I'm getting an F886, so this time I'm want better IEMs for high def music. H3 and 40 are too expensive for my budget, but what can you say about H1 and 30? I, of course, read the reviews about them, but not sure...
  11. Dougeefresh

    X-LARGE tips?

    I am having a hard time finding correct tips. I just got the Sony Hybrid and even the large ones are too small. Can anyone tell me where I can get tips that are larger than the conventional "large" sized tips? Just silicons, not looking for the foam type as they hurt my ears. There are for...
  12. BillsonChang007

    Rock Jaw Review: One Size Fits All

    The worse thing that could possibly happen and also the hardest part when choosing a brand new pair of earphone is the sound signature. This can be applied to headphones, amplifiers, DAC or even DAP, although audiophile DAP are still quite narrow in the market as compared to earphones or...
  13. Add1son89

    Best iems in the market for good soundstage and good clarity

    I am looking for a pair of IEMs. I am pretty interested in the Shures SE535 Ltd Ed but i just want to know if there are other good ones out there with better soundstage and clarity. I heard the Senns IE80 are good. What do you guys think?    Any other good IEMS too
  14. Azaril000

    Suitable replacement/upgrade for my JVC FXZ-200

    Greetings folks!   I absolutely love my FXZ-200's, but the wires are starting to fail (frequent right ear cut outs) and it is slightly damaged. Ive had them for a good while (around 1-2 years). Alas it's time to move on with a new set.   To give a indication to what i listen to, its mainly...
  15. MagellanR14

    Custom earphone molds, like the Decibullz Custom Earphone Mold. Thoughts please!

    Hey guys,      I love my Sony XBA-4's and have been using them for at least 6 months now. The soundstage suits my needs perfectly I just wish they would isolate a little but more (albeit they isolate exceptionally) and say in my ear better during workouts. As I was looking for a cheap solution...
  16. Saint Henrik

    Recommend IEMs for Sony Xperia SL under 400$ ?

    Hi everyone. So im planning to buy new iems for my mobile phone Sony Xperia SL. I use Spotify for listening and i mostly listen indie, alternative, jazz and classical. I dont use any amps with my phone. I have thought about heir audio products but im not sure would it be a waste of money if the...
  17. MagellanR14

    Bose StayHear+ Tips MODDED to my Sony XBA-4 IEM!

    I got the new Bose StayHear+ Tips because of the better isolation they are supposed to deliver and staying in my ear while I workout. However, I did not realize the only fit to Bose IEMs. So I had to 'adhesive" them to the IEM, but I can always take them off if I want and then further added a...
  18. dontknow

    Advice required on audio setup

    I have recently build a new PC and have bought a dedicated sound (Asus Xonar DX), however after doing some reading and watching the following youtube video ( - Gaming Audio Myths: Avoid The BS & Save Your Audio Life), is there any point to having a...
  19. zaim

    Sony XBA4-SL Are These Fake ?

    Hi, Well I thought I got a bargain when I found these for £150, seller accepted my best offer of £130, I was a bit suspicious.   They have turned up today, and to me they look fake, no case, pink ear buds, no additional ear buds, no manual etc.              
  20. sonickarma

    Suggested upgrade from PFE 232

    Can anyone suggest a Universal upgrade from PFE232   I have already previously owned:  Westone 4, Heir 4A   Would fitear f111 be an upgrade?
  21. RIQUE

    MDR-7550 vs XBA4

    I have been using a new set of MDR-7550 that replaced my Shures 320. I have to say that they are a definitive improvment and I can be happier with them.  Burn in is still under way though I have noticed the top end has smoothed out over time as most other users have commented.  I am very...
  22. xatlx

    I need help finding where to buy Sony XBA-4SL

    i just lost my Miles Davis Tribute at a party .. i am very sad indeed :(   but i was looking at the new sony line up of IEMs and the Sony XBA-4SL attacted me so i am here to ask where can i buy this in the states ?
  23. Zeroboi

    Sony XBA-4SL Review & Impression

    Hi All Wanted to share this review with you guys so that to better decide which should i keep for future everyday usage. Feel free to disagree with me as I am very new at this.   Review: XBA-4SL VS UM3X   Equipments: Samsung Galaxy S2 (International), IPhone 3GS, IPad 2, Macbook Pro...
  24. Trojacked

    Sennheiser IE80 VS Sony XBA-4 VS Sony MDR-EX1000

    Hey guys this is my first thread here and i need a liitle help regarding to headphones.   Which headphone will be better for me the sennheiser ie80, sony xba-4 or the sony mrd-ex1000 or any other good sounding IEM that you could recommend for me.   What I like most in a pair of IEM is a...
  25. Rangotherabbit

    Sony XBA-4 vs Sennheiser IE8. (Single dynamic driver, or multiple (armature?) drivers)

    well, i want a high end IEM, but im not sure about all the pro's and cons of armature IEM's and single dynamic driver IEM's. And i want to know if the XBA3/4's are any good, especially with bass and clarity of mids/highs.   And anything else with bass and cool stuff.