Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...
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You change your setup more than I change my underwear. Not saying that's a good thing or bad thing, mostly. 🤣
• The Audiolab and the Mystique are the base of the audio pyramid. The amps are nearby for ‘rolling’ 😂 … whatever amp is on left: XLR-connected, whatever amp is on right: SE-connected.
• ASSuming that you put on underwear one leg at a time (unless you jump into them 🤣), I also change amps one at a time … 🤣.
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Clearly a tough choice in real life for sub 250€ target => pure woddy DD vs tiny compact hybrid.
My conclusion is that these two huge brands really knows how to produce amazing sound quality.
HA-FW1800 vs XBA-N3.jpg
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The BA3 came out of its cave to get rolled. Gold-pin Sylvania 6922's (exports, branded Chelmer). They've warmed up and had music running through em for about 2 hours now. Impression: Finally, a TUBE.
It's still got what I take to be the ECC88 family clearness; hard to call it euphonic, at least so far. But it's got dat bass, I'm only losing about 5% low end from solid state, which is fine, barely anything. And the k240 DF's need it. I'd call it a more organic solid state, nice and punchy, with enough tubey-edges and body to vocals and whatnot. A little bit soft, just a little. I like it. Gonna try two or three more tubes I've scouted out, but really, if I'm trading off too much of the bass from these Sylvania's... I may roll em back in when all is said and done.

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Main system to drive my Susvara.

Aqua La Voce S3 --> Enleum AMP-23R

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Experimenting with Ifi GoBlue while I wait for a pair of ETA Mini S to arrive. This actually sounds really good. What.

Super non-portable headphone with super portable dac/Amp. LOL.

That tiny Go Blu can certainly do wonders.... :dt880smile:
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Been a minute since I’ve been around so here’s my bedside setup as of an hour ago:


ZMF Atrium and Audeze LCD-X hanging on the Salire. FiiO M11S DAP with some Thieaudio Monarch OGs, a set of 7Hz Timeless, and some ultra cheap RY4S earbuds. Amp is a Burson Conductor 3XP.
Mel Brooks!!
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