1. buson160man

    Is peachtree audio going to less expensive dac chips in their latest lower end offerings?

      I have been noticing that peachtree has went away from the 9016 sabre dac reference chip to the 9023 chip in their newer designs. I believe from what I read in on the ess website that the 9023 is lower on their ladder than the 9016 chip.Is peachtree cutting costs by going to a inferior chip...
  2. mac336

    Realistically, how much of a difference will I notice upgrading my DAC?

    I'm currently listening to my HE-500s through a bifrost.  Was looking to possibly upgrade the  DAC (1000 budget).  I was looking at dacs such as benchmark and apogee.    I have no qualms with my current setup, but I'm curious to see how a better DAC will improve the sound, or if I will even...
  3. awolf97

    Decco too restrictive?

    I've decided to try to really upgrade my computer setup. However, I have run into some problems. I had originally planned on using a Peachtree product (i.e. Decco, Nova) to power both speakers and headphones. Decco>Speakers/Headphones. But I am beginning to worry that this may not work out as...
  4. HiFiGuy528

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Let's see your headphones station at it's current state.  You can clean things up and bit, but it has to be your current station.  NO old pictures please.   here is mine.  Took the pictures this morning.      
  5. 3X0

    Review: Peachtree Audio Nova

    Introduction: I humbly began my adventure into computer audio with the SuperPRO DAC707USB. My sale of that unit incidentally followed the sale of my modest personal speaker setup, comprising a vintage Denon receiver and a pair of Infinity Primus P152s. In its place I picked up a Travagan's...