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Decco too restrictive?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by awolf97, May 30, 2012.
  1. awolf97
    I've decided to try to really upgrade my computer setup. However, I have run into some problems. I had originally planned on using a Peachtree product (i.e. Decco, Nova) to power both speakers and headphones. Decco>Speakers/Headphones. But I am beginning to worry that this may not work out as well as I'd hoped. I'm sure the headphone output in the Decco is fine, but there is no doubt in my mind that I could easily find something that far outclasses it for less. So now I'm thinking I should split it up. I was thinking something like Dac+HP AMP and integrated amp, or integrated amp+HP AMP and a separate dac. I'm not too worried about upgradability, more just getting the best stuff for my budget. I want to keep this at around 1,100-1,200USD. Some of the Audio-GD stuff looks good (HP amp+dac). I could always consider active speakers I suppose... What would be my best course of action?
  2. obobskivich
    The headphone section in most integrateds/receivers is very competent; especially if you're only hooking up dynamic headphones. You can find equipment cheaper than the Peachtree though, like the Yamaha integrated amplifiers and receivers.

    Hi-Fi preamps tend to get expensive fast. Same for stereo power amps. Active speakers aren't usually to bad though; but there's the issue of driving your headphones and controlling the speakers. Depending on what headphones you have, this might be possible if you find an hp amp with a preout.

    Honestly I'd just go with the Decco. If you wanted to save about half, the Yamaha RX-797 would be somewhere to look. Or the HK3490. The Outlaw receiver is also competent, cosmetics aside (I think it looks dorky, but a lot of people like it).

    Separates-wise, the only preamp I can think of that'll suit you is the Emotiva. It's around $500. An amp is another $500+.
  3. awolf97
    I've looked at the HK and Outlaw. I haven't looked at the Yamaha yet. The thing about the Decco is the small form factor. This will kept in this desk, in that spot under the shelf, so it can't be huge. Desk.jpg
  4. awolf97
    OK, so I've looked around and have made a passive setup and an active setup. Passive would look something like this: iMac>decco65(could be replaced with another peachtree product)>Sierra-1/Various headphones.
    Activ would look something like this: iMac>Audio-gd NFB-10.2>either Adam A7X/A5X or Focal CMS50 or CMS65/Various headphones.
    The speakers will be on the desk pictures above, a but less than 60in apart. I will usually be sitting at the desk, but I may go several feet away, but never more than 5 or 6. Any thoughts on how it will sound through both speakers and headphones for either setup? Thanks
  5. obobskivich
    Hard to say wrt how speakers will sound once deployed in your room; you'll want to set them up so your "sweet spot" is your seated position, and just live with the compromise when you get up and move around. I'd say try out the speakers if you can, and get a feel for them, before pulling the trigger.

    With headphones, even harder to say, mostly because I don't know what models you're looking to use, and I'm not aware of the exact specs on the Decco - my guess, based on similar type products, would be that if you pick something relatively efficient and that isn't super low impedance, it should work out fine (so if you're going with "normal" offerings from Grado, Ultrasone, Sennheiser, etc it should be great).
  6. awolf97
    I'll try to audition some active speakers. I can't audition the passive speakers, as the required equipment would only be bought with the speakers.
  7. obobskivich

    Sorry but I don't follow. :confused_face(1):
  8. awolf97
    The active system would be a bit easier to set-up, as the passive system would require other equipment that would be bought later. I suppose I can do it though, it will just be a bigger investment
  9. obobskivich

    Not necessarily - if you go the route of IA/separates you should be fine. If you want a free-standing headamp, power amp, etc then yes it will get more expensive.

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