1. Rex Aevum

    Have you ever had a hard time choosing an amp?

    Hello guys, I am loosing my mind trying to decide what AMP/DAC for my new LCD-X that I ordered and will be getting next week. I currently have a Schiit modi 2 U and magni 2 U stack but I know I want something better for these headphones but I just can't decide what to go with, the amps i was...
  2. G

    New member saying hello...

    Hi everyone, I am new here as of today and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about sound and sound solutions for pc gaming. I have been reading what seems like a ton of information around the web on pc gaming sound options, components, terminology, technology, etc. and it has left me...
  3. Sad Panda

    Suggestions on how to use Creative X7

    Hey guys, I posted this on the X7 review thread but I figure it would get more visibility as a discrete post. ------------------- I've been having some really odd hissing/buzzing noises with my Schiit Asgard 2 paired with a X-Fi Fatal1ty internal card. It doesn't happen when I plug the...
  4. taxjunis

    Finding A DAP or DAC/AMP Solution for UERM's

    First off apologies for making a full thread just for this. I use UERMS (32 ohm) for most of my music listening, not headphones. If im not listening to these ciems I'm listening to monitors. Ive been doing research regarding good pairings of dac/amps and daps for this earphone but would like...
  5. R

    DAC/AMP for Sennheiser HD650

    Just got a sweet deal on some HD650's and now need to decide on what dac/amp I want. I've been eyeing the Monoprice 11567, the Fiio E10k, and the Schiit Fulla 2. Any thoughts? I can get the Monoprice and Fulla for $75 and the Fiio for $55. Right now I'm mainly looking at the Fulla but figured...
  6. J

    Portable amp to pair with CA Vega that is dark/warm without bass emphasis?

    Budget ~$500 I am enjoying the Vega but wouldn't mind a little less brightness, especially in vocals; however, I don't want to emphasis the bass. I'm happy enough with the sound signature that I'm not going to EQ or look for other IEM, but they seem like they'd like more power than my iOS...
  7. R

    Thoughts on Prospective set-up?

    Hey everyone! I used to use this forum a lot when I first purchased my Logitech UE 6000's and Shure SE215's but I forgot my user name. Oops! Anyways, I'm now looking to upgrade my current set-up both in terms of sound and convenience. Before I jump into this I want to mention that for the sake...
  8. F

    Which amp/DAC for Beyerdynamic DT 1990 and iPhone 7+

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, perhaps you could call me an aspirational audiophile. After years of listening to MP3 files I'm upgrading to FLAC/ALAC and decent headphones. I just got the Beyerdynamic DT 1990s and am very happy with their clean and precise sound. Heck, they even sound good on my...
  9. Zenrap518

    Is the Massdrop O2/ODAC good?

    Some time ago, i bought PSB M4U 1's which sound great, but i was looking to get a bit more out of them. I did some research saw the O2/ODAC on Massdrop. Would this be good for low-impedance headphones like the PSB's and in the future, something like the Sennheiser HD650's? And also, on Massdrop...
  10. Iuke

    Would I need an Amp/ DAC

    Hi, I will buy a heaphone in the near futire either a Beyerdynamic 770pro 32 or a Marshall monitor but because sound quality is really important to me I have seen multiple comments and people advising audiophiles to consider buying and Amp-DAC combination. But since I am not sure I would need...
  11. Prayuj

    Recommended amp for Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250‎Ω

    Hey there, greetings from India! I have just purchased the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250‎Ω and so far I'm loving it. It's paired up with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo which seems to be good enough to power the headphones. But I'm looking at getting a dedicated amp or amp/DAC. My budet is around...
  12. mcconnel

    Moving on from Oppo PM-3 and Oppo HA-2

    Sure, of course I loved the duo. Who wouldn't? It's sounds amazing. So perfectly detailed. So tight. Can't miss even the slightest thing in any recording. So... well, after a year or so just way too accurate. Zeppelin sounds like crap with this set because their older recordings just weren't...
  13. DankDefusion

    Question about headphone distortion at high volume

    Hey guys; I've owned my first set of cans (Sennheiser 598's) for about a year now; they sound great until I crank the volume, at which point I get distortion. I have them plugged in to the output on the volume control hub on my computer sound system (Logitech Z-2300). Is distortion typically an...
  14. grizzlybeast

    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    HIFIMAN HE400S             Frequency Response : 20Hz – 35KHz  Sensitivity : 98dB  Impedance : 22 Ohms  Weight : 350g  Cable Length : 1.5 m  Plug : 3.5mm/6.35mm    Available NOW!    
  15. maikuirock

    NEW Portable Cayin Spark C5 DAC/Amp Released MAY 2015

    This new DAC/Amp portable just came out this month i believe. Anyone got one with any insight?
  16. Zayus

    'Environmental Sonic Amplification' for earphone/headphone

    I've got a unique questions here, maybe you guys can help me out. I'm looking for a product, but I'm not sure about terminology or I'd just Google it. It might not exist either. A technology built into earphones and/or headphones or more likely externally into a DAC/amp that can *amplify*...
  17. RustA

    High-end NEUTRAL amp/DAC

    * moved to the correct section
  18. kwitel

    Can you recommend an Open-Ear can, for Electronica, under $500?

    Ideally easy to drive as well; will not be able to use an amp, for now.   75% Electronica /25% Hip Hop.   Id like to keep it under $500.   Thanks.
  19. ac1djazz

    Long time lurker first time poster looking for a new setup

    Hey all, been reading this site for years, hands down the best information I've found on the subject.  I just got a new job with a new office and I'd like to celebrate with a new setup.     So I'd like to open up to general suggestions on what you think is the best out there? (w/in a...
  20. NakulM

    Great Portable/Desktop Amp and DAC/SoundCard for Sennheiser HD 558s

    Hey Guys,   This is my first forum post on head-fi so please excuse me if I've made a mistake! I just ordered some Sennheiser HD 558s, which I will be using for gaming as well as music and movies on my desktop PC. I've read several threads on the site, and have come to the conclusion that the...
  21. Robbie64

    Headphones that sound like Jean Marie Reynaud speakers.

    I have 3 headphones, the Sennheiser HD650, the Sennheiser HD 590 and the Audio Technica ATH-W1000. I am using a Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amplifier. None of my headphones can come close to even the cheapest JMR speakers when it comes to musicality, organic sound and timbre. Does anyone know...
  22. krist2an

    Ele PCM2704 DAC/amp

    So after reading some really positive things about the cheap and small Ele DAC, I decided to order one as well. But while surfing on Ebay I found this little thing: I got it for 12.90$ (best offer lol) and...
  23. MooTaters

    DAC/amp or combo advice needed

    I've been looking for some time now to replace my soundcard which died months ago now.  I figured it was the perfect excuse for me to look into getting a dac/amp or combo of a dac and amp.  Currently I'm using the M50's and I know they don't need amping, but I'd like to get a better dac than...
  24. Kaushad

    Looking for recomendations for a dac and an amp. Or a single device that acts as both.

    My budget is 100$  I have a desktop, so an iternal soundcard is possible.   anyway.  I would like DAC and AMP recomendations.  I am looking at the e09k, but I am wondering how well it handles being a DAC as well as an amp.  All suggestions(except keep onboard) are welcome.  My headphones are...
  25. rlivz

    Ideal DAC/amp for Swan M200MkIIIs, ATH-M50s?

    Rookie here, I own a pair of ATH-M50s and after doing a bit of research I'm leaning towards the Swans for my desktop setup. I realize the Swans are self powered and, from what I understand, the M50s don't stand to gain too much from an amp.   Looking around a bit with my limited knowledge I...