1. anroj

    10MHz Clock for Audio-GD R7HE

    Hi all, I recently ordered an Audio-GD R7HE (it arrives Friday) :beerchug:, and I'm trying to see if anyone is using an external clock with their R7HE, and if so, are you connecting directly to the R7HE, or using a DI-20 into the R7HE?
  2. WNBC

    SOLD: Hear ye, Hear ye: Audio-gd NFB-1 amp/preamp

    Audio-gd NFB-1 for sale. Pretty cool amp. Fairly neutral in sound. More balanced than Jean-François Gravelet. Use it to drive headphones or as a preamp or as an zoom/office conversation piece. Too many inputs and outputs to count. Free of COVID-19 and politics. As far as aesthetics, LA...
  3. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Audio-GD S19 DAC (upgraded)

    For sale is an AUDIO-GD S19 DAC. One of the last DAC 19's produced, this is the neutral sounding model based on the excellent Master 7 DAC. Fully upgraded with: x4 DA-M1 R2R chips, upgraded TCXO clock, HDMI/i2s input and extra set of RCA outputs. In overall excellent condition and only has a...
  4. N0sferatu

    [SOLD] Audio-GD FUN (CONUS Only)

    I'm selling an Audio-GD FUN. I'm the original owner of the unit and it was purchased back in 2011. Comes with USA power cable. It is configured as follows: Version A AD1852 OPA-SUN Module TE7022 USB Interface DIR9001 I'm also selling a great headphone too the Fostex TH900. See listing...
  5. interweb-tech

    [SOLD] Audio-gd R-28 (2019 standard version) R2R All in one

    SOLD! SOLD! Audio-gd R-28 (2019 standard version) R2R All in one. Update: I am the second owner. I purchased it 9/10/2019. I don't know the original purchase date. Audio-gd site for specs, more pics, etc. The unit is like new (non-smoking environment) and includes mini remote, USB & power...
  6. DecentLevi

    SOLD-Audio-GD R-1 DAC top "full clocks upgrade" version

    $750 For sale is my R2R DAC R-1 from Audio-GD, including fully discrete native DSD decoder, 7 mode selections on the front panel (4 NOS modes + 3 oversampling modes.) Has 500 hours burn-in and in perfect / mint condition. Full Clocks upgrade version (Femtosecond Accusilicon *2 upgrade the...
  7. D95949CC-2380-4556-AEF5-9F809731E4B7.jpeg


    Auralic Aries G1 > Audio-GD DI-20HE > Audio-GD R-7HE > Audio-GD HE-1 > Audio-GD Master-3 > Buchardt S400 Signature Edition
  8. jordannn15

    **SOLD**[WTS] Audio-gd NFB-11.28 [W] PayPal**SOLD**

    Like new condition Audio-gd NFB-11.28. Comes with original power cord and usb cable. Price is $250 shipped to the US. Not interested in trades. I will ship internationally but you will have to cover shipping costs. Thanks for looking!
  9. Kiba No Ou

    [WTS] Audio-GD R2R 11

    Hi All, i'm selling my audio-gd R2R 11 DAC/Amp in good condition, with cable and PSU.
  10. gonzalo1004es

    Audio-GD NFB-1AMP mint 230V

    Hi! I'm selling this fantastic amp/preamp, bought to Magna Hifi in August. I'm selling it as I was planning to use it a second amp in the office, plans have changed and I'm not going to use it. Remote control, balanced and single ended inputs and outputs. I don't have the original packaging but...
  11. interweb-tech

    [SOLD] Audio-gd NFB-28.38 Discrete DAC/Amp/ Preamp (ES9038 Pro with TCXO upgraded)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Like new. Bought 6/2018. I am the original owner. I just couldn't refuse an offer on an Audio-gd R-28 so this has to go to cover that expense. Original box, remote and power & USB cables included. Price includes CONUS shipping (heavy) and PayPal fees. Specs from the MFG...
  12. AlterAnthony

    [SOLD] Audio-GD NFB-28.38

    Bought from Audio-GD's authorized European distributor Magna HiFi in November 2017. The amp/DAC is in immaculate condition and comes with all the upgrades that were available at the time (ES9038Pro, TCXO, Amanero 384, etc). Still one of the best all-in-ones I've heard. I'll ship in the original...
  13. Nick 214

    SOLD: Audio-GD NFB1-AMP (Texas Only)

    Hey everyone: Well the time has finally come to change up my long-loved system... I am selling off three pieces, at well-below market value because I am simply not interested in shipping. I live in Austin, Texas and am happy to meet another Head-Fier anywhere within reasonable driving...
  14. RobinK

    SOLD: Audio-gd pre-amp C3MKIII

    This is a 2 piece full size pre-amp from Audio-GD. It contains it power supplies in a separate chassis which is connected which the second box with dedicated DC power cables. It has 2 RCA inputs, 2 XLR inputs and 1 "cast" input (meant to be used with other Audio-gd gear). The pre-amp is fully...
  15. RobinK

    SOLD: Audio-gd Reference 1 full size DAC (Canada)

    Selling my old REF1 dac from audio-gd because I am actually looking to downsize to a small integrated setup for space reasons. DAC is an older model flagship built is using 8 x PCM1704UK chips. It has optical and RCA/BNC coax inputs. Keep in mind it is heavy and will be pricey to ship from...
  16. RobinK

    FS: Audio-gd NFB-28 Balanced amp/DAC/pre-amp

    Selling my NFB-28 because I am moving away from full size headphones to downsize to IEM portable setup. It is fully balanced headphone amp, dac and preamp and comes with small remote. DAC is Sabre chip and amp section would be integrated equivalent of the NFB-1. This is the older revision of...
  17. arielext

    FS: Audio GD R1 (r2r ladder dac fully balanced)

    Please see for full details. This comes with the TCXO upgrade and USB isolator upgrade. Originally I bought this as an R2R-1DAC and bought the upgrade board to transform it into a R1. The only difference is that you can now change the settings by using...
  18. M

    I am looking for the ideal DAC / AMP

    hello, since a few days I am the owner of the dac / amp Topping Dx3 Pro. I'm not an expert but I noticed that the Dx3 Pro can hardly drive the DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm headphones because I can increase the volume of the music without having problems of hearing. Something impossible if I connect the...
  19. AReasonableMan

    Audio-gd NFB-1AMP

    I had to sell my Æon C that I used this with to pay bills and now that I've financially recovered a bit, I've decided to go back to speakers. I only used it for a couple of months, and everything on it still works. Probably the best amp of any kind I've owned. Mind-blowingly transparent with a...
  20. jim723

    For Sale: Audio-gd Compass DAC/amp

    Audio-gd Compass DAC/amp for sale I received this unit from a trade last year and have been very happy with it. I recently upgraded to the NFB10-ES2 (for the balanced output) therefore I am selling the Compass. The age of the Compass is unknown. I think the Compass was initially released in...
  21. I g o r

    WTS Audio-gd NFB-11.28 pristine like new

    Selling a Audio-gd NFB-11.28 with TCXO upgrades, in pristine condition, like new. Around 100 hours of use, includes all accessories, box and invoice. The power cable is Europe standard and 220V voltage. It was bought personally at Audio-gd and is signed by Kingwa inside the top case. Price...
  22. Clemmaster

    [SOLD] Audio-gd Reference 10.32 (DSPv7)

    Up for sale is my Audio-gd Reference 10.32 upgraded to DSP v7 for a much cleaner sound. The unit is not in perfect condition (see pics). Comes with original box and metal remote. Price excludes shipping and PayPal fees.
  23. C

    AMAZING: HiFiMan HE-6 SE + Focal Clear + Audio-gd DAC + Audio-gd Amp

    A turn of events has come and it is requiring me to part ways with all of my equipment. All items are in "like new" condition. Zero scratches or wear marks. All items were purchased new about 6 months ago and I can provide receipts if needed. I have about 20 listening sessions max (less than...
  24. Alcophone

    [SOLD] FS: Audio-GD HE-9 (120V)

    I am selling my Audio-GD HE-9 (120V version) which normally sells for $2,180, plus $60 for the DC offset opamp upgrade I got, and cost me about $150 to ship here. I am the first owner. Purchased in September of 2018, it has been stored in its original box since February of 2019, desperately...
  25. denp

    SOLD: Audio-GD R2R 2 DAC

    For sale Audio-GD R2R 2 DAC 220-240V, UK/Europe A tremendous value DAC, which had been competing with my long-time standing AMR flagship DP-777SE (now sold). The unit is just under 1 year old, in perfect working order, and in very good cosmetic conditions, without visible scuffs/marks. Both...