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Audio GD NFB-11.28 vs R2R 11

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by crowally, Aug 17, 2017.
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  1. Greg121986
    At that price, R2R 11 easy.

    I could be wrong, but this looks like a different R2R module than what is used on the Singularity DACs. The Singularity DACs had pretty bad reception according to the comments I've read from people who tried it. I am hopeful the implementation in the R2R 11 is much better. It appears to be adapted specifically for the R2R DAC section.
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  2. JaMo
    I have got my R2R-11 delivered today. I hooked it up in my network through PiCoreplayer 3.21 (RaspberryPi3B) via USB (Amanero) as a DAC-Preamp RCA's out to my McCormack DNA-1 Rev. A-mod and a pair of nice swedish speakers. I am in love with the R2R-11 already. I know it will need a 3-400 h burn in before matured but Wow(!) It is clear, spacey and involving right out of the box. Yes I own the 11.28 (w. TCXO) too so a future comparison is possible. But that later. This small R2R-11 is fantastic value I think. I agree with Kingwa saying: " They are not which is better but most different on the flavor and worth own both...."

    For me the DSD-capability is a good feature. I have pretty much DSD-music besides the other PCM's and other formats. I have tested and it works just fine. This is my first R2R-device I think this will be a favorite.

    To be continued.

    Maybe a new thread should be started for the R2R-11 but I wrote here anyway because of the -11 formfactor/functions (Moderator may correct this.)

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  3. crowally
    Thanks for the answers. Can't wait for the comparison.
  4. leeperry
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
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  5. Filmguerilla
    Hi, any impression on the R2R 11? Comparison with 11.28? I'm torned between the two for my Massdrop 6xx..

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  6. JoeDoe
    Hey there chaps, new R2R-11 owner here. I've only had it for a few days, but I'll be honest, it's been impressive thus far. It's a little shocking was a sub-$400 purchase can get you in this case! The sound is natural, cohesive, and non-fatiguing. I'm a 98% redbook listener, but this little guy is keeping pace with my 'big rig,' a modified MHDT Atlantis feeding a MAD Ear+HD.

    Will post more later on!
  7. JaMo
    Hi Filmguerilla,

    This is a hard one to choose between the 11.28 and the R2R-11. I have owned tho 11.28 for two months and it has been "baked" (burned in 100%). My R2R-11 has about 180 hours of "baking" so far. The R2R-11 will need approx. 350-400 hours in total to be complete. Despite that....

    I have to agree with JoeDoe, the R2R-11 has a better soundimage and it is a bit more lively. The both are identical regarding the functionality. The R2R-11 produces small pops when changing music with different sampling rates. The 11.28 is more sublime.

    It is very hard to choose....Both are high perfomers. The size is like an older carradio. But personally I think the R2R-11 will be my favorite, as I wrote before.

    I think You will be very pleased with any of them, but the Massdrop 6XX should be better matched with the R2R-11 because it is a bit smoother.

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  8. Filmguerilla
    Thank you very much. Still looking for comparison and reviews before i decide..

  9. conquerator2
    I'll paste my own impressions here as well:

    After selling my Theta and Mojo I was going into the R2R11 with a healthy dose of skepticism, owing to my mixed A-gd experience and low all-in-one price point.
    Boy, was I in for a very pleasant surprise! Over the past days, this unit has made its place in my collection as one of the highest regarded units that I've ever owned (perhaps even listened to). The tonality with the included amplifier is spot on, very similar to how I remember the Theta and DAC-19 sounding like, but better detailed, with wider soundstage and just as much vintage goodness. The amplifier has ample power to drive most headphones and with the ones I've tested so far it sounded excellent. It has all the essential inputs (similar to the Mojo) and sounded excellent through the speaker outs with my monitors. The USB implementation is rock solid and as someone who's had many issues with their previous VIA USB32, performs flawlessly and sounds great. The ALPS potentiometer feels super smooth, there's low and high gain and it can be made slightly warmer sounding by adjusting a set of jumpers inside (I did not find this necessary myself). It runs barely warm to the touch and blends fairly well on a modern desk with its fairly small footprint.
    For the asking price of $350 (well, closer to $450 if I account for shipping and VAT) I still couldn't believe it. Not only was the sound way above what I expected in the best case scenario (somewhere between the Mojo and Theta, closer to a DS device) but it also ranks as one of my cheapest, if not the cheapest audio gear purposes ever. Taking a glance at my profile, if I combine any number of amps and DACs together they always came out pricier and just not as good. To conclude, I am stunned and delighted that there's a unit like this available, and as much as it was a shot in the dark for me (completely new R2R design, new USB board, low price, mixed experience) I can safely say that this unit will stay here for a while and that I don't think there's frankly a better R2R DAC/amp combo out there right now in its price range and a few notches above it.
    As pointed out, I previously owned their TOTL DS designs (NFB-7) and their DS all in one, which should be pretty similar to the NFB11 (Compass2) and R2R11 gets my vote. Easily one of my best purchases ever.
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  10. naif1985
    Wrong forum :ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  11. JoeDoe
    Right there with you man! The more time I get with this guy, the more my 'premium' gear seems less premium. This really is a bit of a diamond in the rough. AGD stuff has always represented a great value and more times than not, various models hit much higher than their price point. This little guy though, is another thing altogether. I've been A/Bing it back and forth with separate components that cost 4x as much, and I'm having a very difficult time picking out things that the more expensive stuff does better.

    TBH the R2R reminds me a lot of the Denafrips Ares sound, but not only is the AGD cheaper, but it also includes a stout headphone amplifier! I'm torn between whether we should be shouting from the rooftops about this unit or quietly keeping its awesomeness to ourselves... :)

    PS - I certainly think that this is one of those pieces that could be moved into a larger, heavier case with and LCD screen and a bigger power supply, and then sold for $$$ and no one would be the wiser...
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
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  12. Filmguerilla
    I think i'm sold with the R2R11 or NFB11.28.. Will contact Kingwa. :D Thanks guys!
  13. FredA
    Hate those reviews that make me buy. Hope i can resist this time. I was concerned Denafrips could beat Audio-gd with their r2r offerings. Seems like Kingwa is up to the challenge. On the best nights so far, the r2r 7 plays like a live concert. Could possibly terminate the Terminator. Those new r2r offerings are certainly great news for music lovers like me. Anyway, I like the simplicity of the r2r 11. I bought the NFB-15 6-7 years ago. The prices have gone up but there still great value coming with these small combos. Especially the R2R 11.
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  14. naif1985
    Your review makes me more confident about buying the new R2R-2
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