Jan 8, 2009
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    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD-800 with Whiplash Audio Twau Reference cable
    Beyerdynamic Tesla 1 ALO Modifed 18awg Chain Mail Cable
    Sennheiser HD-650 with the Artisan Cables "Silver Dream" Upgrade Cable
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Glenn's OTL amplifier
    Audio-gd C2, C2-SA
    Little Dot MKIII
    Audio-gd ST-3
    Audio-gd FUN
    Source Inventory:
    Usb to Spdif converters:
    Audiophilleo 2
    Jkeny's modified M2Tech Hiface
    EMU 0404 USB
    Musiland Monitor 01 USD
    Teralink-X USB to SPDIF

    Digital to Analog converters:
    Metrum Octave MKII NOS DAC
    Audio-gd DAC-19DSP (DSP1 V5)
    EMU-0404 USB
    Zero DAC
    Audio-gd FUN
    Cable Inventory:
    Artisan Cables "Ultimate Silver Dream" RCA interconnect
    Norse Audio custom ACSS/CAST 8-conductor UP-OCC interconnects
    Deep Sounds Silver Plated Surfers ACSS interconnect
    Kimber PBJ RCA Interconnect
    Sharkwire RCA Interconnect
    Sharkwire ACSS Interconnect

    Coaxial digital cables:
    Oyaide DB-510 BNC Digital coaxial cable
    Hi-fi Cables & Cie Sobek BNC Digital Interconnect
    Canare digital coaxial cable
    Belden 1694A digital coaxial cable (18 ft.)
    Belkin Silver Series digital coaxial cable

    Usb cables:
    Wireworld Ultraviolet USB Cable
    Monster Cable usb
    Belkin gold usb
    Real Cable usb
    Power-Related Components:
    Hi-fi Cables & Cie PowerTransPlus power cords
    Hi-fi Cables & Cie SimplePower power cord
    BADA LB-5600 power filter
    Essential Audio Tools Noise Filter
    Essenital Audio Tools Pulse Protector
    Olflex power cords
    Supra mains Block
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Aktyna A.R.I.S. decoupling feet
    E&T spider rack platform
    Maple platforms
    Yamamoto sound craft PB-9 ebony footers
    Herbie's Audio Lab Tenderfoot
    Herbie's Audio Lab SuperSonic Stabilizer
    Herbie's Audio Lab tube dampers
    Vibrapod Isolaters
    Vibrapod Cones


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