Recommendation for a DAC or AMP with "black" background ?
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Mar 13, 2021
Los Angeles, CA
I am looking for recommendations. After spending couple of years trying out various (mostly affordable) DAC/AMPs, I realized that my preference decidedly tilted towards gears with "black" background. I hope you know what I mean :)

The most black background I've ever come across in a DAC so far is Audio-GD R2R-11. For AMP that has to be Violectric V200. This is the kind of silence I am looking for - shall I say the ability to render notes out of nothingness? Dare I say "sound of silence" ?

This has nothing to do with measurements because Topping L30/E30 had the best measurements of everything I owned but I felt the air was filled with something. It's not simply about "rolled-off treble" thingy either, because Asgard 3 had rolled off treble (for lack of better term) and it still had something saturating the air, instead of having completely void space.

I am curious about your experience and what other gears you could recommend in this regard. Thanks!
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I have it with a Topping e50 and L30 ii dac/amp combo running from optical or a Febsmart USB card at the bottom of the computer away from everything. It's up against the heavy shielded side of the power supply, with it pulling air from the vents below.
The E30 will do just as well, if you use a Samsung or Apple old not-fast charger for power. It's totally black background for 10 ohm IEMs even pausing a song in high gain max volume to test for it. The Topping l30 II is kingpin for a silent noise floor.

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