1. L

    Sold: Violectric Premium RCA interconnects .5 meters

    This listing is for a pair of the excellent Violectric RCA interconnects. They have served me very well, but as both my DAC and amp are balanced, they don't get any use. The are silver plated copper (my favorite), and the purple looks badass. The are .5 meters or 20 inches, which makes them...
  2. Paul Schliep

    [WTS][US-MN][H] Violectric HPA-VA200 headphone amp [W] SOLD!

    Timestamps: Some scratches on front, few scuffs here and there. Have had it for about a year and a half, mostly used in my office. Very powerful, german built amplifier that will last a lifetime. Nothing wrong with it, just overkill for my office is all. Will come...
  3. PopGenie

    SOLD Violectric PPA V600 Phono PreAmp

    I’m selling my Violectric V600 Phono pre-amplifier, it has six steps from +30 dB to +60 dB. In addition, it has 17 input capacitance switches for MM and 9 input impedance switches for MC. If you want a phono amplifier with balanced input/output that is what you are looking for. It also has three...
  4. Geezer Rock 001

    SOLD Violedctric V200 solid state amp SOLD

    One small scratch on the top of the left side of enclosure that is hidden from the front by the plate. Second owner and from non smoking environments. Plenty of clean, crisp power for planars or dynamics. Very tune-able for headphone or iem matching with four impedance settings on the back...
  5. Geezer Rock 001

    WITHDRAWN Violectric HPA V100 amp

    For sale the gateway amp into the powerful and musical Violectric/Lake People line of headphone amplifiers, the HPA V100. I bought this amp to try out the Violectric house sound. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to move up to a V200. The Violectric amps have many premium features built...
  6. Geezer Rock 001

    no longer looking For a Violectric HPA V181 or V280

    If you have one that you no longer need, please PM me. Thanks
  7. wormsdriver

    Violectric V200 with Tenor 24/192 USB DAC installed!

    Legendary Violectric V200 headphone amp upgraded with a Tenor 24/192 usb dac. I used it on a Windows 7 pc and it works flawlessly after installing the Violectric driver for pc. Not compatible with MAC as far as I know so do your research on the DAC card. Condition of the amp is very good with...
  8. viveksaikia22

    [Found One!] Looking for a Violectric USB 24/192 Tenor Internal DAC module for my Violectric V200

    Hi All, I am looking out for a Violectric USB 24/192 Tenor Internal DAC module for my Violectric V200 headphone amplifier. If you have one on offer then please reach out to me. Thanks
  9. mightytison

    Violectric V280 **SOLD**

    FS used, but in excellent condition Violectric V280. Very powerful balanced amp. There is a slight scuff on the top left and one very little 1/4 scratch on the bottom which is shown in the pictures. The amp functions perfectly and sounds great. Price includes PP and shipping to CON US, no trades.
  10. Dan Lee


    THESE ARE SOLD, SOLD, SOLD THANKS FOR LOOKIN Hello all I recently made the leap to the electrostatic world with the Stax SR-009 and can no longer justify keeping the Utopias and 009's together as the two are so incredibly similar. I used to think people were lyin when they compared the...
  11. eysikal

    SOLD! - Price Drop! Violectric V200 10th Anniversary Edition (Brand New)

    This is the brand new 10th Anniversary Edition, which to my knowledge isn't available for purchase from Violectric yet. The amplifier came to me direct from Violectric/Lake People in Germany and has never been opened. If you prefer, I can test the unit before shipping. Otherwise, you will be...
  12. Nemmera

    FS: Violectric HPA V200 (SWE)

    This awesome solid-state headphone amp needs a new home. I've used to together with various DACs (HRT, Matrix, Microstreamer etc) to drive HD650, Denon D2000, IEMs and Mad Dog 3.2. It has both RCA and balanced XLR inputs. Bought the unit from in 2015. Been sitting on my desk since...
  13. L


    This unit is sold This is a beautiful Violectric V200 headphone amplifier in black. it is really a stunningly good sounding headphone amplifier with both balanced and unbalanced input. It is an awesome amplifier with your HD6XX, HD800, Audeze LCD 2 or 3 Here is the product page from Violectric...
  14. Mediahound

    [SOLD] Violectric V281 Balanced Amplifier

    Violectric V281 Balanced Amplifier. Great condition, shows only minor signs some usage. Sounds great! Black front plate, silver feet. Includes amp & power cable. Manual is online. This is the base model without built in DAC however the volume knob does appear to be stepped :) This amp outputs...
  15. silvahr

    Sold: Violectric HPA V100 (mint)

    Selling Violectric HPA V100. Absolutely in mint condition without any signs of use (V100 is build like a tank). Bought in in January 2017. Violectric/Lake People gives 5 years warranty so warranty up to January 2022. I'm the first owner and will send the invoice by PM. In original box...
  16. andyDiamond

    (PENDING) Violectric v281 amp

    Up for sale is a perfectly working amp from Germany The am itself in a very good condition (there's some dust on the photos, but no scratches or scuffs) Price includes courier shipping anywhere, fees on buyer
  17. BombayTheIndian

    SOLD - Violectric HPA V280

    I sold the Utopia and cables from my previous combo listing, now offering just the Violectric V280 amp. Includes factory boxing and will be double packaged to ship out. A couple of small scratches on the front and top plate, but looks good otherwise. Perfect functionality. Selling for $1,150...
  18. BombayTheIndian

    SOLD - Focal Utopia + Custom XLR Utopia Cable Bundle

    Utopias and cable sold. Created separate listing for Violectric HPA V280.
  19. petezjunior

    The PHENOMENAL Violectric V200 Amp - Selling Cheap

    The V200 is one of the great amplifiers out there. Unfortunately, I'm done with this hobby and need these out of my hands. I honestly have barely used them and they sit in my room collecting dust. Selling on eBay. Clink on the link and please let me know if you have any questions...
  20. Niimbus Audio US4+

    Niimbus Audio US4+

  21. eschaaf

    For Sale or Trade - Violectric V800 / Schiit Modi 2U

    Schiit Modi 2U (purchased new Dec '15, before 4490 update) - 80 Violectric V800 v2 (XMOS USB) - 650 Cambridge Audio 651p MC / MM Phono Stage - 100 Pictures available on request. Buyer Pays shipping to lower 48 + PP fee. Only considering trades for the following: Schiit Saga Schiit Vidar SFD-1...
  22. eschaaf

    For Sale or Trade - Violectric V200 / Schiit Valhalla 2 / Adcom GFA-555

    Violectric V200 - 440 Schiit Valhalla 2 w/ stock tubes + 1 extra pair of 6H23P - 275 Adcom GFA-555 v1 (no repairs needed) - 550 Pictures available on request. Buyer Pays shipping to lower 48 + PP fee. Only considering trades for the following: Schiit Saga Schiit Vidar SFD-1 mk2 First Watt F5 /...
  23. ogodei

    SOLD Violectric (Lake People) V281 Amp and V850 DAC, Silver, 115v

    SOLD my Violectric (Lake People) HPA V281 headphone Amplifier and V850 DAC stack. This set has been replaced in my gear stack and I need to finance my home theater installation. Priced to sell. I HPA V281 Amp This is an end game level amp and the top-of-the line offering from the German...
  24. BombayTheIndian

    WTB: Violectric V200

    Looking to pick up a V200 amp to use in my office at work. Let me know if you have one you're looking to sell in the US. Thanks!
  25. mkarikom

    [SOLD] Violectric HPA V200

    Works flawlessly and drives large dynamic and planar headphones with ease. All original packaging included. This unit is in excellent condition. Price includes shipping to CONUS. Paypal fees not included.