1. Violectric DHA V380

    Violectric DHA V380

    Violectric DHA V380 DAC, Headphone Amp and Pre-Amp Features - Balanced headphone output with 4-pin XLR, 2 single ended outputs with 6,3 mm jack - Line-out, stereo, 1 x unbalanced via RCA, 1 x balanced via XLR - Headphone path and line-out path individually switchable - 2 analogue stereo...
  2. Violectric V590

    Violectric V590

    Headphone oriented super-integrated from Violectric. The amp section is an evolution of the popular V281, while the DAC portion is all new.
  3. Niimbus Audio US4+

    Niimbus Audio US4+

  4. devhen

    Lake People G109 / G103 thread

    Hey guys. Post your reviews/thoughts/comparisons of the Lake People G109 and G103 here.   Thanks!     Lake People G109 There are two versions, the only difference being the inputs:   G109-S Unbalanced RCA inputs only ~ $450 USD G109-P Unbalanced RCA inputs and Balanced XLR inputs ~ $500...
  5. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  6. Rayz

    Looking for a powerful phones amp

    Hey, I'm looking for an amp for my headphones, but this amp most be powerful enough as I have to drive phones like the K701 and DT990 600 Ohm. the badget can get even to 1K$, only if needed- of course I will be happy if it takes me less.    Please consider my K701 that I have to drive too...
  7. lakitu1982

    Can Headphones plug directly into Hi-Fi amp.

    I am looking at buying a pair of HD800's and would like to know if these will work well with my Audiolab 8000's amp or do you need headphone amps for listening to headphones at home?  Or will my Hi-Fi amp be OK?
  8. Acix

    Violectric HPA V100 With no serial number on ebay, beware!!

    Last week I purchased The Violectric HPA V100 on ebay, the amp cost me $520 shipped. In the ebay description and in the photos the amp looks kosher. The seller said in his add that the amp is new, never used, no papers and box. As well the photos in the ad showed the unit with a serial...
  9. Edoardo

    [Lake People and Violectric] is there a better of between power and quality?

    EDIT: stupid mistake in the title. "trade off", not "better".... DISCLAIMER: I'm not English mother tongue and I haven't written such long stuff since long time ago. Just... Don't take my writing style for "prophetic" or "guru-ish" (sometimes I've been told so). My will is just to put on the...
  10. Jodet

    Sound Quest has their SQ-84 V2 on sale this August

    Quest for Sound has their SQ-84 V2 amp on sale this month.   MSRP is $1250, it's $888 in August.  This is a stunningly good tube amp with two inputs, remote control, and outputs 15wpc to run speakers.   Mine was dead quiet, no buzz, no hum, and sounded wonderful.   I used it to run a variety of...
  11. project86

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

        INTRO   I recently posted a review of the Violectric HPA V181 headphone amplifier. I found it to be a very nice product, driving all of my headphones exceptionally well and providing some stiff competition for other amps in the $1000 price range. This is part two of the review, since...
  12. Fegefeuer

    Violectric HPA V281 - Vorsprung durch Balanced

    The Violectric V281 Balanced Headphone Amp (all above photos by user: Gipsy) (photo by user: jark) (photo by user: zkadoush) technical insight and explanations by Fried Reim: Why not to use certain adapters to hear SE Headphones on the XLR out...
  13. stuckonsound

    Violectric ?

    I know there are not a lot of owner's on here, but does anyone have a Violectric with a built in 24/96 DAC? I'm contemplating getting a V181 with DAC as a balanced one box solution for my HE-5LE. I'm pretty convinced the amp is up to par, but I wonder how good the optional integrated DAC is...
  14. DaveN

    Volectric amp question, please stop me from making an expensive mistake...

    I am trying to purchase a V200 to use with my HD800 and Smyth Realiser setup. Unfortunately, the amp is so popular that they are a month behind in production and then up to two weeks to ship. I have been unsuccessful in getting one in the US.   They are in stock from and the price...
  15. vonjuergen

    PRaT for Beyerdynamic T1 ... Decware - Violectric - Naim - Woo ?

    Looking for a sub 1500 $ amp for Beyerdynamic T1 headphones.   I love fullbodied sound with fast transient response, PRAT, flow, coherence, instrument separation and image density. Great separation of bassline and well articulated  kickdrum is essential for me. dont care for...
  16. Jian

    Need advices on choosing between hpa v200 and phonitor

    I'm going to buy an amp to drive ed8s and hd 800s. Has anyone tried out both  the phonitor/auditor and v100/v200? which one do you like? I was really after the phonitor after a/b ing it with auditor. But today I listened and a/b the phonitor and the v200, and with the right gain setup, the v200...
  17. musicman59

    Violectric HPA V100 or GS-1??

    What is you opinion regarding which of these two amplifieres is better? Have you heard the V100? What's is the sound characteristics? Thanks.
  18. 870416123

    Low Voltage, High Current and Extreme High Power Amp suggestion for K501

    As above, are there any Low Voltage, High Current and Extreme High Power Amp can be suggested? Need an amp like this to drive a K501   Thanks
  19. vessa


    Hi,   Looking for an all rounder amp /SS or TUBE/ for JVC DX1000.   My favorite sound signature, music and DAC:   - strong but no overhang and well articulated bassline - transparent mids and clear tremble - excellent dynamics - good instrument separation   - to listen to...
  20. kayard

    Building my first Headphone Set UP

    Didn't know where to post this exactly because of the variuous components ...  BTW this is my first post in the forum so Hi to everyone !   I just wanted to share my plan for buiding my first "seriuos" set up for proper headphone listening sessions. So, after days of reading and...
  21. tim3320070


    It's the Sabre32 version of the Ref-5 I think:
  22. santacore

    Violectric V800 DAC

    Just got a fresh V800 in for review thanks to Robert at Aphrodite Cu29. Apparently I'm the first person in the US besides Robert to hear it. Initial impressions are very positive! I'm already thinking about selling the Apogee Rosetta that I'm currently using. Here are a few pic's for now. Some...
  23. DavidMahler

    Which amp is the most "synergetic"?

    Which high end amplifier is the most "synergetic". In other words from you experience, which amplifier seems to do well with the most amount of headphones. This would suggest that the amp would be pretty neutral and could drive anything.
  24. TigzStudio

    The Violectric v282 thread

    I figured it would be nice to have a thread for the future Violectric V282 amplifier, based on the V200 circuitry.  There is also a possibility of two new versions coming out in 2011.     I recently emailed Violectric and got more in-depth details on the amplifier(s), which will hopefully be...
  25. fradoca

    Violectric new amps

    Hi, first of all i don't work for these guys but i'm a former audio mastering engineer who appreciates their products. I mainly use lake people pro headphone amps with my hd 600 and akg k 701.The G100 is an excellent amp with a lot of power.Now Lake people has starting producing headphone...