Sound Quest has their SQ-84 V2 on sale this August
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Apr 13, 2007
Quest for Sound has their SQ-84 V2 amp on sale this month.   MSRP is $1250, it's $888 in August.  This is a stunningly good tube amp with two inputs, remote control, and outputs 15wpc to run speakers.   Mine was dead quiet, no buzz, no hum, and sounded wonderful.   I used it to run a variety of bookshelf speakers and it sounded great through them.
I owned this and a tricked out Blue Circle SBH (upgraded op-amps and power supply) at the same time.  The BC was a very good amp and I really liked it.   Then I compared it to the Sound Quest.   I was shocked at how much better the SQ was (this was on Lawton/Denon D5000's).   So much more detail, dynamics, natural sound.  
This amp uses the 6v6, one of my favorite tubes.   Upgraded Tung sol tubes are available, check with Stephen for price. 
I sold my dynamic setup when I went Stax, but I've decided to have both now.   I love my SR-507's - I think of them as the Quad's I'll never be able to afford.   But it's fun to listen to a big, dynamic can like the Denon.  
I was thinking of running my new D7000's with a Corda, or maybe a Violectric, Schitt, etc.   But I can't forget how MUCH BETTER the Sound Quest was than the really good solid-state Blue Circle.   It wasn't a difference in was a difference in kind.   Another level of sound altogether. 
So if you're looking for a good deal on a great tube amp, here you go.   Stephen at Sound Quest is a great guy, if you call him tell him Mike from Arizona said hi.


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