Violectric V222

General Information



Headphone Amplifier
Balanced headphone amplifier with 4 output stages
50 Volts internal operating voltage - ideal for high-impedance headphones
High output power, for headphones with low impedances and magnetostats
+/- 18 dB pre-gain
3500 mW Pmax at 50 Ohm
> 23 V RMS into 600 Ohm
Volume control with RK 27 potentiometer
Large 38 mm all-aluminium knob
Delayed switching of headphones after power-on
Integrated power supply
2 Line inputs: XLR (L/R)
2 Line inputs: RCA (L/R)
1 Stereo headphone output: 4.4 mm Pentaconn balanced
1 Stereo headphone output: 4-pin XLR balanced
1 Stereo headphone output: 6.3 mm jack unbalanced
Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 65 x 252 mm
Weight: 3.1 kg

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Reviewer at hxosplus
The return of the legend
Pros: + Expressive, musical and engaging
+ Timbre realism
+ Excellent technicalities
+ Very dynamic and impactful
+ Holographic soundstage
+ Super powerful and dead silent
+ Pre-gain adjustment system
+ Balanced and unbalanced inputs now selectable via front switch
+ Excellent build quality - Made in Germany
+ Compact size
Cons: - Can't function as preamplifier
- Internal op-amps are soldered
- A remote control would be useful
This is a brief summary of my Violectric V222 review.


Executive summary

The Violectric V222 is a headphone amplifier with four symmetrical output stages. It uses the same base circuit and amplifying principle as the legendary V280 but with some extra improvements.

The unit features both balanced and unbalanced inputs that are now selectable via the front switch. There are three headphone outputs, two balanced (4-pin XLR and 4.4mm) and one unbalanced (3.5mm). The V222 is a pure headphone amplifier without any digital inputs or preamplifier function.

You can adjust the internal gain of the amplifier with the famous Violectric pre-gain system. Eight dip switches are located at the back of the unit and adjust the gain separately for the left and right channels.

The chassis is entirely made of thick aluminum and the V222 is more compact than the V280 so it fits nearly everywhere.

The amplifier is extremely powerful and has the power to run almost every headphone on the planet no matter if it is a high or low impedance. At the same time it is noise free and the gain system that can be lowered as -18dB makes it suitable even for sensitive earphones.

The Violectric V222 is very musical, organic and analogue sounding and at the same time it has excellent technicallities and transparency. It is super dynamic and impactful at the low end, especially harmonious in the mid-range and extended yet smooth at the treble.

The V222 is a very powerful amplifier that blends excellent solid state technicalities with a musical and analogue sound signature more reminiscent of tubes. This is one of the best solid state amplifiers that you can buy without breaking the bank, an end game solution, especially if you value timbre realism and natural tonality.

Please read the full review which is very analytical and includes comparisons.
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What excaltly do you mean?
It has a preamplifier stage before the power amplifiers, if that is you ask but it can't function as a preamplifier by the way that it doesn't have analogue preamplifier output!!!

He meant that the V222 has pregain/preamp DIP switches on the back of the V222 which pretty much all Violectric amps have.
Well, in the cons I write "Can't function as a preamplifier"... pretty clear that it got nothing to do with the pre-gain switches.
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