1. B

    Hifiman Arya Amp/Dac pairing >$750

    Hi All, I've just received my new Aryas about 3 days ago and I am already absolutely loving it, most definitely the endgame for me since I do not like the idea of collecting multiple headphones. Here is my situation now, I always hear that the Aryas scale well with more and better...
  2. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING unveiled a brand new setup -A30PRO & D30PRO

    It has been nearly a month since the ASR Forum posted both reviews. Yes, A30PRO (pricing US$349.99) and D30PRO (pricing US$399.99) are approaching eventually! The released time is at 10 am March 8(UTC+8), meanwhile, the specific parameters will be public! Welcome to purchase yours at...
  3. M

    Topping A90/D90 stack vs Topping DX7 Pro

    Hi guys, my name is Martin and I have a massive issue, I spend too much on audio gear. Jokes aside, I absolutely love my Primare SPA23 and my BD32 along with my Tannoy DC1 Sensys and Triangle Altair Nemos but I mostly work during the night and cannot blast speakers since my gf is asleep. I...
  4. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING Pre90 & Ext90 launched

    TOPPING has released the Pre90 preamplifier & Ext90 input extender today, priced at US$599.99 and US$249.99 separately. Let's take a first look! The abundant port interfaces. TOPPING gives detailed descriptions before purchasing. Read the parameters here: If there are no reviews for...
  5. shenzhenaudio


    With the shopping festival approaches, SHENZHENAUDIO brings the biggest deal among this year! Most of the products enjoy a 15% discount, including TOPPING, SMSL, MOONDROP, Kinera, TANCHJIM, Gustard, XDuoo, KZ, and other brands in great demand! This shopping festival lasts for 2days, from 00:00...
  6. Audio46

    NEW: Ultrasone, Effect Audio, and More

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of all the brands we carry We've got the limited edition Ultrasone Edition 15 Veritas as well as... Effect Audio AKA Balance Adapter for Astell & Kern CODE 51 Grandioso Virtuoso Maestro (See Effect Audio Collection for everything) TOPPING D90 DX7s E30 NX4...
  7. A

    DT 1990 - What amp/dac combo to get?

    Hi ya’ll I was wondering, would the DT 1990 work well with the monolith thx 788? If you guys have, how is your experience thus far? What other amp/dac combos or stacks would you suggest? Tube amps will they work well with them? Will mainly use these while listening to music, gaming and movies...
  8. Topping A90

    Topping A90

    The A90 is an ultra-high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp. It comes with three gain settings and has great performance numbers including <0.00006% THD+N, 145dB DNR, <0.2uVrms Noise, < 0.1-ohm output impedance, and 7200mW x 2 max output power. The A90 comes equipped...
  9. Erfan Elahi

    = CLOSED = BOUGHT BRAND NEW (Wanted: Topping D90 STANDARD/ Schiit Gungnir Multibit/ RME ADI2)

    Just message me your offer with your: D90 Standard version or Schiit Gungnir Multibit or RME ADI2. CONUS sellers, don't be backed, I can arrange local purchase. ____________________________________________________________ uPDATE: Just bought brand new D90, THREAD CLOSED
  10. ScornDefeat

    [SOLD] Near-Mint Topping D70 Balanced DAC w/ Pangea AC-14 Power Cable - $400 PRICE DROP

    Good Afternoon All, I am offering a 9/10 condition (see attached photos) Topping D70 for sale. The Topping D70 was purchased in December 2019 and was not opened/used until March 2020; as it was in my main 2-channel set-up (which I don't use often), it has less than 10 hours of use. The Topping...
  11. Level5

    ***SOLD*** Topping D90 w/ Upgraded aluminum remote (Black)

    Bought this from the official US retailer Apos Audio on (4/20/20), and it has an extra year of warranty. Includes original box, usb cable, power cord, plastic remote and an extra all aluminum smaller version of the remote. Everything is in MINT condition. Price: $575 w/ USPS 2-3 days shipping...
  12. Topping D90

    Topping D90

    Topping D90 Topping D90 is a new balanced flagship DAC by Topping, built around the latest Asahi Kasei Microdevices flagship DAC / AMP chip, AKM AK4499EQ. It is also equipped with the second generation XMOS XU208 USB interface chip, the AKM AK4118 S/PDIF receiver chip and the CPLD programmable...
  13. H

    Topping NX4 DSD or iFi Hip-dac ?

    I need a portable DAC/AMP to use with my Hifi-man 400i, Sennheiser 598 and Senn 650 (soon to buy). I was advised to buy iFi Hip-dac Portable DAC Headphone Amp, but a few users say sound is warm and it doesn’t go well with headphones that have already warm sound signature like Senn...
  14. Topping E30 Desktop DAC

    Topping E30 Desktop DAC

    The E30 is a small form factor DAC / Pre-Amp based on the AK4493 with USB, optical, and coaxial inputs.
  15. Nolanh87

    SOLD Topping d70

    Ordered last drop or so. Never used only tested to make sure it works. I'll cover shipping and fees.
  16. shenzhenaudio


    The latest headphone amp of TOPPING, named A90! The official said it will be announced in early May! Like almost TOPPING fans, we also extremely look forward to its arrival and wanna know what a big surprise/hearing-feast it can bring us when it matches with the D90 or D90 MQA! Let's have a...
  17. shenzhenaudio

    TOPPING D90 MQA ---AK4499 AK4118 Full Balanced DAC Bluetooth 5.0

    High-Quality Chips: AK4499 is AKM's flagship model. With current output architecture and 4-channel design. The D90 MQA parallels the channels of the AK4499 in pairs for better performance. High-Resolution Music: With the support of AK4499 and XMOS XU216. D90 MQA can support 32bit768kHz and...
  18. 4nradio

    SOLD: TOPPING D30 DAC - XMOS USB DSD CS4398 24Bit 192KHz Coaxial Optical

    This is a very nice Topping D30 DAC, with the original items shown. NOTE: the Topping AC adapter has UK prongs. An inexpensive adapter like this one will be needed (not included). I'm not interested in trades...thanks. Priority Mail shipping to a PayPal-confirmed USA address is included, as...
  19. TitaniumDust

    [SOLD] For Sale: Topping D50 DAC + Linear Power Supply

    Up for sale is my Topping D50 DAC alongside a linear power supply for it. I would really like to sell these as a pair. Everyone knows the Topping D50 DAC. My unit is in very good condition. The D50 (as sold) does not come with a power supply of any kind as you are required to provide your...
  20. Wifiman


    Selling my topping d90 DAC. Got them early this month so the condition is like new. Comes with all original accessories. Price doesn't include PP fee & shipping.
  21. B

    Topping NX4 DSD for sale

    Bought 25th Feb 2020. Few days old. Only used few times. No problems. Selling because of no use. Package and accessories available.
  22. Topping D10 DAC

    Topping D10 DAC

    Ideal for pairing with a headphone amplifier or power amplifiers, the compact Topping D10 DAC is sure to significantly improve the sound quality of your audio system. It features the well-regarded ESS ES9018K2M DAC chip, an XMOS XU208 USB interface, and a Thesycon custom driver. It can play PCM...
  23. Rocket Bunnya

    Dac, do they match my Speakers?

    Hello, i was just wondering if speakers Dayton Audio B652-Air are compatible with the Dac/Amp Topping MX3. Excuse me if the response seems obvious but i'm lost in numbers on the full specs of both items. Topping MX3 specs:
  24. Rocket Bunnya

    Spearkers, do they match my Dac ?

    Hello, i was just wondering if speakers Dayton Audio B652-Air are compatible with the Dac/Amp Topping MX3. Excuse me if the response seems obvious but i'm lost in numbers on the full specs of both items. Topping MX3 specs:
  25. PocketClouds

    Denon AH-D7200 + Topping DX7 Pro?

    Hi, I've been received my AH-D7200 yesterday, the cable have 6.35 mm so I can't pair it with the Dragonfly Red. I tried a cheap adapter on Amazon but I hear just the left channel with it... So I considering to upgrade everything and buy a desktop dac/amp with balanced outs, for the reasons I...