1. Soundizer

    Audirvana plus Settings on Mac - September 2018

    To interested enthusiasts in Audirvana on Mac. Please feel free to share your Audirvana Settings on Mac. The simple purpose is to realise what settings are commonly used based on usage and experience with the software. Help provide some general start up settings for new users, like me...
  2. pazuwu

    USB DAC recommendation to solve noise issues

    So I have a desktop computer, with an external Fulla 2 Schiit as an external DAC and two Yamaha HS7 studio monitors. Sound is very good under normal conditions (except a very faint hiss/white noise from the tweeters when no sound is playing, which I understand is normal for all studio...
  3. Senn Life

    Audio receiver to use as dac for my headphone amp

    Hi guys n gals! I play music from my computer (the built in DAC makes noise) and would like to somehow run sound through my speakers receiver (for the DAC) and then to my headphone amp. I have no idea if this is possible or what receiver i would need to buy to make this possible. Btw my...
  4. cirwin2010

    Need help removing mic hiss

    I am having a problem with mic hiss. When ever I use something like skype or anything else that requires a mic there is a rather loud hiss. I have a x-fi titanium (non hd) sound card and my mic is a zalman zm-mic1. I had this same issue with my old headset and assumed it was just the headset...
  5. sbgk

    MQn minimalist Wasapi WAV C++ memory player integrated with foobar2000

    Hi,   this seems to be an exciting time for computer audiophiles with a number of new players becoming available.   I have developed a minimalist Wasapi WAV player that has several innovations not seen in other players, it was born out of my frustrations with the sound quality of other...
  6. H

    Cannot install foobar

    Been trying to download foobar, got the setup file and started the install, then I get the adverts for the free crap and if I decline it ejects me from the install. If I accept them then the install apparently finishes but the program does not appear on my computer. Anybody know what I'm doing...
  7. henree

    How can I listen to High Res above 96hz

    Hi I have a 2009 mac mini which is limited to 96hz. What type of computer can play higher res files than a mac mini? I am using a matrix headphone amp and Schitt Bifrost optical connection.  Headphones Denon d-7000
  8. luke100

    foobar2000 "cuts" audio

    I've been using foobar2000 and noticed some weird things with its audio playback. Basically, a couple seconds into the track it suddenly stops playing it for like a milisecond and then plays like nothing happened. And this popping occurs a few times per song and is really weird. I've tried...
  9. peteber

    Headphone jack damaged(lenovo thinkpad e420)

    Hello! I have Lenovo Thinkpad E420. Recently, I dropped my laptop on the floor with the headphones connected to the port on my laptop. However, it fell directly on the edge where it was connected and the laptop port kind of bent and went inside so it was even difficult to take out the...
  10. LouisLoh

    ALAC/iTunes on Mac vs ALAC/iTunes on PC vs FLAC/WASAPI/Foobar2k on PC

    My setup: Lossless files > desktop PC/rMBP > ODAC > O2 am > JH13   Comparing ALAC/iTunes on PC and FLAC/WASAPI/Foobar2k on PC, I found a discernable difference in SQ, in favour of the latter.    My question pertains to the SQ performance of ALAC/iTunes on my Retina MacBook Pro compared...
  11. TheRH

    How do I install ASIO with the current version Mediamonkey?

    Hello,   Can someone help me install ASIO with the current version of MediaMonkey? I am using the Lexicon Alpha in my setup.
  12. CSGO rice

    24/96 Files?

    Where do you guys get them? I don't have a CD player and am playing music from my computer. I recently got a DAC that plays up to 24/96, but I checked and all my FLAC music is 16/44. Where are you guys getting higher quality music for your computer? Thanks!
  13. BlackstoneJD

    JRiver Media Center 18

    I just upgraded from version 17 to 18. I think I am hearing some sonic improvements across the board. That is not, however, a touted new feature of the upgrade. I use WASAPI. Food for thought.
  14. TwelveTrains

    Windows speaker configuration for music listening

    Hi. I know that for gaming with a X-Fi sound card, Windows speaker setup should be set to 7.1 and the Creative console should be set to "headphones". However, what should the Windows speaker configuration be set to for music listening (in entertainment mode rather than gaming mode with the CMSS...
  15. navii

    iTunes 11 playing too quick...

    I notice my iTunes plays the music too quick. It is too quick by 5 seconds every minute. When I restart my MacBook Pro this fixes the problem for a while.     Anyone else experience these issues?
  16. Famouse

    Foobar vs. Spotify?

     Is there any difference in sound quality between the two, wondering which player to use. I don't have spotify premium if that matters.
  17. CirrusPilot

    iTunes 11 columns?

    Hi all,   I am sorely disappointed with iTunes 11. It is so bad. Does anyone know how to get the columns for bit rate, file size, and sample rate to show up? It was very easy on older versions, but now it seems like they have completely done away with the option for adding extra columns. 
  18. hipolymer

    My computer's audio jack broke.

    Do those USB audio jacks cause a decrease in sound quality? Does it matter which one I buy, or should I just get the cheapest one?
  19. Buckweb

    Help Finding 2.1 Setup ~$350

    I'm looking to purchase a 2.1 setup for 100% music use. I want to go beyond typical "computer speakers." My budget is more or less $350. I mostly listen to Hip-Hop with the occasional Dubstep thrown in. The music may be played at relatively high volumes. I have no related equipment and would be...
  20. xpboy7

    Weird random noises from my PC.

    Hy guys, recently (half a year ago) my computer started to make really weird noises- explosion like noises with a bit of an echo, I don't know if those noises happen because of me playing Guild Wars 2 (i tried to mute GW2 audio's but i still heard the noises), I don't know because most of my...
  21. Traddad

    A / V, "Entertainment" Computer?

    Out paleolithic Dell desktop just burped up the "Blue Screen of Death" (hardware, I did the diagnostics) so it will need replaced.  I was thinking of replacing it with an "entertainment" computer and puting it in the stereo cabinet rather than on the desk top.  I've been away from HeadFi for a...
  22. quikgp

    Help setting up Computer audio rig

    Brief description, I have 2 separate systems that I listen to music on, one stand-alone 2 ch audio system and a computer system. I've found that I haven't touched the 2 channel system in over a year, because I'm always at my computer when I'm listening to music. Also, the house I live in is very...
  23. whitedragon551

    VST Options vs Foobar?

    I have taken the time over the last 2 days to read up on Foobar2000 plugins and options involving Virtual Audio Cable/VST options.   My understanding is using VST options I can alter/EQ audio from any source on my PC to play music rather than requiring I play audio through Foobar to...
  24. barksdale

    Foobar2000 layouts and questions

    Hi all I haven't posted in a while.   I am giving Foobar2000 a shot.  Usually I use iTunes on Windows 7.   I mainly downloaded it so I can play FLAC and other loseless.  I heard it uses less memory, but that's not really a big deal because I have a good computer.   The main thing is...
  25. Mkilbride

    TruStudio Pro Surround Sound VS CMSS-3D?

    Well, my PCI-E SOundcard is not working, even with an extension cable. So I feel kinda left out...the card somehow, has managed to die, even thought it worked months ago before I put it in storage. I can't say.   Anyways, it seems Creative's latest offerings no longer have CMSS-3D for some...