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iTunes 11 columns?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by cirruspilot, Jan 1, 2013.
  1. CirrusPilot
    Hi all,
    I am sorely disappointed with iTunes 11. It is so bad. Does anyone know how to get the columns for bit rate, file size, and sample rate to show up? It was very easy on older versions, but now it seems like they have completely done away with the option for adding extra columns. 
  2. MagnaCumLaude
    The new iTunes is decent, I think they made a lot of improvements on the PC.)  To display the bit rate, file size, and sample rate press Ctrl + J and you can select what you would like to see.  I think the only way to see this is in the "Song" section. 
    Thanks for asking, MCL
  3. CirrusPilot
    Perfect, thanks! I am a little disappointed it will only display in the "song" section. Maybe I am just so used to the old version, but this new interface seems counterintuitive. I have also had major stability issues on my Mac. I am trying Fidelia instead, and so far so good. 
  4. MagnaCumLaude
    No problem.  Do you like Fidelia better than iTunes? 
  5. CirrusPilot
    In a way! It still depends on iTunes to organize the library unless you import directly into it. One nice thing is that it has more options for DACs and such. You can select the output 44.1/96 etc. and it even has an up-sampling engine built in. It also helps you take control of apple's audio controller so you can select your output rate from the built in card in case you aren't using a DAC. 
    Its still a little buggy, but I like how much simpler and leaner it is than the new iTunes. 
  6. MagnaCumLaude
    I wish Fidelia could have compatibility with PC/Windows.  It looks like a great player though.  I might look into getting a cheap Mac for my sound system.  For now...iTunes is as close as I am going to get. 
    Thanks, MCL
  7. ayres
    this is a feature of the new itunes that i too do not like.  previously, in album view, when you clicked on an album, you could customize what info you wanted to see.  no more.
    now, in album view, if you want to see that info - like sample rate, etc, you need to double click on any song after the album list appears.  then click get info.  there, you will see the info for just that one song.  
    otherwise, as stated above, you need to be in song view if you want that more traditional view of the file data.  
    yeah, it really sucks.  
  8. AudioBear
    They are there, just well hidden. I am not near a mac right now so i cant be precise. Look in the upper right hand corner. There is a symbol (?) or tab or something which when click on it opens up a box with options. Scroll down to the option that either says bit rate or maybe it looks like bit rate ought to be an option within it -- maybe says data. Anyway once you find that box and start clicking options you can get all the old columns back. They are there but i still dont like 11. I try to use other programs like Fidelia because iTunes keeps changing, keeps selling, and keeps getting more and more elaborate. It is very powerful but you have to put up with a lot of bs to use it. I use Bitperfect and that's ok with v11. Ill check back to see if you found it. Or pm me.

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