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Is peachtree audio going to less expensive dac chips in their latest lower end offerings?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by buson160man, Dec 25, 2012.
  1. buson160man
      I have been noticing that peachtree has went away from the 9016 sabre dac reference chip to the 9023 chip in their newer designs.
    I believe from what I read in on the ess website that the 9023 is lower on their ladder than the 9016 chip.Is peachtree cutting costs by going to a inferior chip in their latest lower end offerings? I was browsing the ess website and it looked to me that the specs on the 9016 chip are better than those on the 9023 chip.
     They also are raising the price on the nova by 100 dollars as of january 1st 2013.What is going on at peachtree are they starting to get like a lot of other companies before them by first offering high value products and once they get established, then they water down their offerings to make more money.
      This happens a lot in the marketplace.A company offers a great product or products and their later offerings are not as good.
  2. PeachtreeAudio
    Hi Buson,
    Wow, lots of incorrect info in your post.
    To start, the Decco65 and Nova125 are taking the place of the Nova and Decco which used the 9006, not the 9016, which was not even their reference DAC as you stated and 4 years old to boot.
    The 9023 is a much better DAC. Instead if being limited to 16/44 on USB and 24/96 on SPDIF, the 9023 does 24/192 Async via USB and 24/192 on the SPDIF inputs. This would be an upgrade.
    The new iDAC which was using the 9016 is being designed with the new Reference 9018 at about the same price. Upgrade, not downgrade.
    We are not raising the nova125, however, we are raising the decco65 to $999 as we have a cost increase and simply passing it on. This is $100 more than the original Decco that had 16/44 and 50wpc in 2008. If there's another unit w the same features and power for less, I'm not aware of it, although I know of many companies finally jumping on the bandwagon we've been on for 9 years including development time, which was two full years before we shipped our first product.
    There is no watering down to make more money. In fact, just the opposite. We're putting much more into the design and cost to assure better reliability. Long before the new product arrived, we hired a QC company that has greatly added to the quality in all areas from parts to procedures. This cost us almost 8 months worth of sales just to make sure the new product was better than anything we had made in the past. This was a very big investment and we didn't add a dime to the selling price. We know with added QC, we will end up selling more and having to be fixed less.
    Hope this helps w/your confusion about our company and products. Had you checked w/us before posting, we could have dispelled your misunderstandings. To wrap it up, the two new integrateds vastly out perform their past siblings w/much better amplifiers that play into low impedance, better DAC's, preamps and headphone amps. The new iDac will be much closer to the Grand DAC w/some really cool features that we don't have now, including the "real" Reference Sabre 9018 DAC. 
    The reason we do this is the love of music and uncovering the need for the kind of products that we make, which were totally unavailable when we started. Making this company run with 8 ppl total, no venture capital or bank loans, we are totally committed to the long term viability of Peachtree.  We work tirelessly to bring product to the table that we would want to own. As such, we have a lot of pride in what we do and cutting corners is not part of the plan as your post strongly suggests.
    If any of you have questions, please don't hesitate writing at info@peachtreeaudio.com and as always, we'll help asap.
    Best wishes,
    David Solomon
    Managing Partner
    Peachtree Audio
  3. buson160man
     I am sorry I did state incorrectly that the 9016 was their reference dac.I meant to say it was the ultra dac which is right below the 9018 chip.I have a decco 2 and I am very happy with its performance with just the 9006 chip and only 96khz resolution.. The 9023 chip is in the nova but that chip is listed below the 9016 in the sabre dac hiearchy.I see that you discontinued the  idac in your latest listings.I also see that you will be reintroducing the idac with the 9018 reference chip.That is great I am looking forward to its release.I may jump at at it to use with my headphone amp setups.
      I myself do not use the amplifier section on my decco 2 because I am using powered monitors.I am recent to computer sound and have personally not heard anything above 96khz resolution level in my set up.But I did notice that the 9006 chip has a little bit lower jitter level than the 9023 chip but I imagine the difference is insignificant in recognition of the higher resolution brought by the higher sampling rate.
     So I am sorry for my misquote about the reference dac.
      When will you be releasing the new I dac? I will definitely consider it as a dac upgrade for my cd player.
    I was also not aware of your efforts to improve your quality control.I have had no issues with my decco 2  but I applaud your efforts to improve your products reliability.
  4. PeachtreeAudio
    Thanks for the response. Hopefully we'll have the new iDac by mid year. They always take longer than expected. We would have just kept the iDac on the market if not for the Apple change from 30 to 8 pin. So we were caught a little off guard as we had planned originally to keep, it in the line until the new unit was finished.
    The best laid plans...

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