1. buson160man

    Is peachtree audio going to less expensive dac chips in their latest lower end offerings?

      I have been noticing that peachtree has went away from the 9016 sabre dac reference chip to the 9023 chip in their newer designs. I believe from what I read in on the ess website that the 9023 is lower on their ladder than the 9016 chip.Is peachtree cutting costs by going to a inferior chip...
  2. Sonic Defender

    Audiolab 8220CD in my chain now

    I am very happy to say that I have recently managed to get an Audiolab 8200CD as my source. While I have only had a few hours with this gem, I can tell it is a very good source. My Rega Apollo was a very musical player and I loved it's sound signature very much. For those of you who want detail...
  3. defianttek

    So many DAC choices, no where to demo them.

    I'm looking for a dac for my HiFi system for 2 channel audio. I would like a minimum of a 24bit/96khz capability, but would prefer 24/192. My budget is $1000, because I want to buy something that will last me a long time (I don't like buying a product that I will feel like upgrading in a couple...
  4. Peachtree Audio IDAC Digital Audio Converter with iPod Dock

    Peachtree Audio IDAC Digital Audio Converter with iPod Dock

    Exclusively from Peachtree Audio! High-resolution 32bit, 24/192 multi-input DAC with PURE DIGITAL iPod dock. Now it's easy to bring your preamplifier, receiver or integrated amplifier into the Computer Age with the Peachtree Audio iDac. The iDac is a stand-alone DAC featuring a PURE DIGITAL iPod...