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Sennheiser IE8 replacements - opinions wanted!

  1. CraigWatson
    Hi all,
    Apologies for the generic nature of the post, but I'm trying to garner as much feedback as possible.
    Yesterday, I managed to misplace my pride and joy Sennheiser IE8 IEMs (totally gutted - I've had them for about a year) so I'm looking around at alternatives before I make my next purchase.
    I mainly listen to heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Saxon, Manowar, Judas Priest) and rock (Whitesnake, Genesis, Queen, Skid Row) as well as some easy listening (Yanni, Kenny G, Adiemus, Enya) and musical theatre (Les Miserables, Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera). My main sound preference is bass +2, mid -1, treble -2 but that can vary depending on what I'm listening to.
    I've been pointed in the direction of Ultimate Ears (a colleague has a pair of pre-Logitech TripleFi's) but I'm unsure about the "harsh treble" reviews I've read. I'm leaning towards the Sennheiser IE80s purely out of convention (I'm a self-confessed Sennheiser fan  and have transitioned from CX-300 to CX-400 to CX-550 to IE6 to IE8), but I'm also willing to consider others if there's a good reason for it.
    Should probably also mention my price range - anything up to £200 but ideally under £150 :)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. belushka
    Vsonic GR01. 2 speakers in each earpiece, BA, great precision, great comfort and isolation, removable filters, great reviews. 180 $.
  3. CraigWatson
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Usually when people buy Vsonic gear here they get them through lendmeurears. (trusted Vsonic seller)

  5. Swimsonny
    With what your looking for you won't want a BA like the GR01 but a powerful BA driver.

    Check out my round up thread for what you might want:

  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I was actually thinking GRO7 MK2 instead of the GRO1 for his application.
  7. belushka
    two speakers are better than one.
  8. Swimsonny

    Woah! This is a silly statement which is not true under any circumstance.
  9. ej8989
    no. they're just different sounding. if price and quality doesn't differ that much.
    i've heard TF10 (3 ba speakers) and IE8 (1 dynamic speaker) side by side, and i prefer them both for different music genres.
  10. wilzc
    The GR01, GR07 and TF10 are arguably only a sidestep and not an 'upgrade' over the IE8s.
    I don't think too highly of the IE8 but I understand that they're a top tier IEM, alongside the TF10 and GR07 and GR01.
    Possible upgrades would be hard to come by because the IE8s are almost at the top of the food chain.
    One can consider the Phonak PFE232 or the Westone 4 as an upgrade, and IMHO the Sony MDR EX1000 is as well.
    Otherwise, for the money, invest in some entry level CIEMs like HeirAudio's 3.As or 4.As. They wont cost over 500.
  11. Dreamnine
    I'm in the same position, my IE8s having failed recently..
    I'm just going to get the IE80 and if I don't like them, some PFE232 or Westone 4s.. if I don't like those, then customs it is.
  12. Swimsonny
    GR07 and IE8 are not top tier and TF10 are border line. IE8 are full I problems and that makes there quite a few upgrade IMO, EX1000 destroy them for example.
  13. Dreamnine
    I've been looking at Sony as a replacement for the IE8s, also..not sure about the value of going from EX600 to EX1000. Great reviews they get.

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