1. remesh

    Insulation broke off on my Phonak Audeo PFE232

    The insulation broke off near the connector on my phonak audo PFE-232. I am thinking of buying a set of heat shrink tubes from amazon and use them at the affected area. IEM works fine as the actual wires are still intact. Any suggestion or alternate approaches? Will a heat shrink protect it...
  2. Qtunce

    Budget £350. Lots of requirements :-/

    I'm currently using a pair of Westone 2. The sound quality is great but I've already had to glue them back together on both buds. I seem to have bad luck with iems as I've had a similar problem with a previous pair of UE SuperFi Pros. I also need a mic. I'm using a galaxy note 2 and I don't...
  3. ElPringelss


    EarSolutions has a coupon code:(PFE232) available when you buy a Phonak PFE232. You can save over $130. Just letting you guys know!
  4. ryanjsoo

    Looking for a new high end set of iem`s

    As stated in the title, looking for a new set of high end iem`s to replace my phonak pfe 232`s (isolation was not sufficient for my lifestyle, my source didn`t play well with them). I am looking for iems that have good isolation and clarity whilst maintaining a relatively minimal build size as I...
  5. weize1234

    Hello, I am looking for an decent IEM for sleeping, Not willing on spending more than $700

    Im sleep on my side. Currently I am looking at Shure se535, are these comfortable enough for sidesleepers?  Dynamic driver headphones are too long, I can feel its putting pressure in my ear canal which is very uncomfortable. Balanced armature headphones are usually not as long and much flatter...
  6. VeXun

    Best Galaxy s3 iem's?

    I recently switched from an Iphone 4S to a Galaxy SIII and am loving jellybean, so amazing. Anyway I have a pair of klipsch x10i's and etymotic hf3's unfortunately only the middle button work I really want a good near audiophile quality iem headset for my device. Any suggestions? Sent from...
  7. aldownie

    Current top IEM choices with iPhone controls

    Apologies if this seems like repetition of a theme, but I've searched through various threads and haven't found much comparative info regarding the current options with iPhone controls, and I'd be grateful for any recommendations. Money's not an important factor; I'd like to ensure I get the...
  8. truereflections

    best NEW noise cancelling headphones?

    Looking into selling my shure 535s and getting something with better fit/isolation- more like the  triple fi 10s that i loved maybe.   i'm considering getting Phonak Audeo PFE 232s, but curious if there's any newer technology that would be a better fit for me.       what do you recommend...
  9. ryanjsoo

    Anywhere you can still get NIB Phonak PFE 232`s at a reasonable price?

    Anyone know a site that still stocks the PFE 232`s?, thanks.
  10. azel831

    I finally know what i want, i just need some help.

    So i am in the market for a new set of in ears. I didnt know taste in iems changed so drasticly until now that i find myself craving a type of sound which i remember hearing on tge Pfe232. Im looking for an iem that has a clean and clear sound, like in your face not drowned out or muddy or...
  11. tinyman392

    Lear LUF-4C: Impressions and Comparisons

    Lear LUF-4C: Impressions and Comparisons   ***NOTE***   I've had the LUF-4C for just about a week now.  The following impressions are general impressions and very basic.  They'll give you a general overview of how the IEMs compare, but are in no way in-depth.  More in-depth comparisons will...
  12. CaptainRedBeard

    Phonak Audeo to close down?

    I've just been on Phonak Audeo's webite and got a little pop-up, stating that their online shop is closing at the end of March and that Phonak will cease to make earphones, so they can concentrate on the main business. (Hearing aids)   If that's the case, then it may be a good idea to stock...
  13. mrhizzo

    Custom - Help to find the WOW sound again

    I'm trying to find THE iem (custom or not), but it's hard. I only tried a custom one time (InEarz company), and I had problem with fit and I really don't like the sound signature. I tried almost all the iem's in the world. Now I have one Westone UM Pro 50, one Sennheiser IE800, one Shure...
  14. smithamb

    Where can I buy Phonak Audeo PFE232??

    I've been looking for these everywhere and no one sells them :( Any ideas?
  15. sinnottj

    Help me upgrade my PFE 012!

    Hi!   I'm looking for some advice on upgrading my from PFE 012. I use them with the grey filters, so they are actually the same as the PFE 112, and I really like the sound signature in general, I'm just looking for the next step up ...   I'm not a bass head, and I like tight, detailed...
  16. Aktersnurra

    Ray Samuels SR-71B - matching headphone, going for end game!

  17. MohawkUS

    Limitations of IEMs, or are these just really bad?

    It took six years but my AKG K81 has finally given out. Rather than replacing them with another small headphone I decided to try a pair of in-ears. Prior to these my only experience with in-ears has been a $15 pair of Sonys that I owned well before I got into audio and all I remember from them...
  18. vilhelm44

    Phonak Audeo 232 Upgrade

    I currently use Phonak Audeo 232 IEM's and would like to try something else. Could anyone be kind enough to recommend a nice universal or custom upgrade (preferably universal) please for up to $1000 please?   I like a neutral sound with great mids and plenty of detail. Maybe with decent bass...
  19. daniel521

    A question about the PFE232's durability

    About a year ago, I ordered the pfe232 from earphone solutions, and I lived its sound signature. However, after a couple of day's, I noticed something really odd: the left earphone was completely devoid of bass. My guess is that the bass driver in the left year had broken. I was very...
  20. nike290

    Best IEMs for $250?

    I don't know that much about IEMs and earphones so I was wondering what is the best around $250. thanks!
  21. minhquancanon7d

    Anything with same signature but better than phonak 232?

    I'm looking for an upgrade that has the same signature as the 232 but a little bit thicker in the mids. I dont want a totally dark sounding iem, like the earsonics sm64 or boring like westone 4. I listen to mainly metals (Night wish and Linkin Park only), Pop, some Dance and Vocals. Considering...
  22. minhquancanon7d

    Aurisonics asg2 vs phonak 232

    Posted in the help section but no luck! I used to own the 232 but found the mid was dry and sibilant although love the sound signature! And considering buying them back or the asg2 for my brother. He listens to mainly Metal (Nightwish, Linkin Park), rock ballad (Eagles), vocals (IL Divo, Celine...
  23. kernel8888

    Multi IEM Review- PFE 232 vs JH5 vs JH16 vs AUD-7X

    DISCLOSURE: These are subjective definitions and subjective results! I stake no claim in being an “audiophile” in the snobbish sense of the word, but I have been a music and sound enthusiast for a couple of years, with extensive listening experience to home theater equipment, full sized open and...
  24. Aktersnurra

    Moving from speakers to headphones only (HD800) - to DAC or not to DAC.

  25. Tommy C

    New: Brainwavz R3 I wonder how they perform. At the pre-order price I think it is worth a try, full price? Hmmm not so sure. Prices are going down while sound quality gets better and better.