Aurisonics asg2 vs phonak 232
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Jan 13, 2013
Posted in the help section but no luck! I used to own the 232 but found the mid was dry and sibilant although love the sound signature! And considering buying them back or the asg2 for my brother. He listens to mainly Metal (Nightwish, Linkin Park), rock ballad (Eagles), vocals (IL Divo, Celine Dion, alot more) and a bit of electro music! The bass should be impactful and go as low as it could, mid shouldnt be sibilant and should be a bit sweet and lush, treble needs to have some sparkle but not overly bright. Mainly dap is iphone 4, sometimes with apex glacier and walkman z. A bit fun in sound is always welcomed but shouldnt be muddy at all! Btw, should i consider the re600

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