Budget £350. Lots of requirements :-/
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Mar 31, 2013
I'm currently using a pair of Westone 2. The sound quality is great but I've already had to glue them back together on both buds. I seem to have bad luck with iems as I've had a similar problem with a previous pair of UE SuperFi Pros.

I also need a mic. I'm using a galaxy note 2 and I don't want to have to get it out of my pocket each call.

Looked at the IEM chart but there doesn't look like anything better. UE900 apparently have less comfort than my Westone pair and I already find the Westone uncomfortable after 8 hours or so continually in and out as people walk to my desk and interrupt me.

Bluetooth headphones like the Sony MDR-1BT are interesting as I hate wires but I'm concerned about flattening my hair and quality in general, and leakage especially. IEMs are nice for the noise cancelling effect.

Any suggestions on where to start? Would probably have bought PFE 232 but they say on their site that they are giving up headphones so would rather pick a brand that is going to be around if I buy new IEMs and they fall apart...

I'd prefer to spend less - e.g. £200 - but have a larger budget if something wonderful is worth the cash.

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