1. azureaura

    33rd birthday, XBA 4ip vs EX-1000

    Which one should I ask for from my wife? The XBA 4ip has good isolation, good separation and layering from instruments, but is not very neutral. My music stock is pop, rock and dance.   The EX-1000 is neutral, softer and more realistic with the bass and the midrange. Treble is brighter.  ...
  2. rlmoss

    Audéo Perfect Fit will Terminate IEM Production 31.3.2013

    Phonak regrets and appreciates our understanding as it withdraws from IEM mfg and returns to core business, hearing aids. Posted at webshop:         In these instances, does the mfg typical (on occassion) sell off inventory or discount it?    Separate question...
  3. MRiNiCK

    Need some help choosing new portable headphone

    So i came from a good share of earphones and could never get a good fit, went from v-moda vibe yeah i know it sucks TF10, Fischer DBA-02, RE-0,GR07, and now using 1964 T CIEM which i love the sound but with 3 refits from InEarz the fitting would never be GREAT. It was just Ok but i dealt with it...
  4. sup3r8

    audeo pfe 232 > mdr ex 1000 ?

    hello head-fiers..   My first post here. I have been trolling the forums as long as I can remember and owe my audio purchases to you folks. many thanks! I currently own the sony mdr ex 1000 and though a lot of opinions suggested how the iem may not be best suited for metal music, I...
  5. sonickarma

    Suggested upgrade from PFE 232

    Can anyone suggest a Universal upgrade from PFE232   I have already previously owned:  Westone 4, Heir 4A   Would fitear f111 be an upgrade?
  6. MrTissues

    Audeo PFE Foam Tips?

    I need to order some new tips for my Audeo PFE 232's. The ones that Audeo sells are nice but they are expensive and do not hold up very well. So I am looking for an alternative that will fit the IEM.   I have heard good things about Shure Olives. Do these fit PFEs? Is there a better option...
  7. MfiveM

    Phonak Audeo PFE-232 & PFE-132 - Now In Stock!

      Just wanted to let everyone know the new Phonak Audeo PFE-232 and PFE-132 are now in stock!    Oder today and receive UPS Overnight shipping for only $1.99!   Click here for info on the PFE-232!   Click here for info on the PFE 132!
  8. basketball

    Westone 4r vs Audeo PFE232 vs Sennheiser IE80

    I bought some westone 4r which I just got yesterday. My first impression is they have very deep and extended bass. I wanted to know how they compare to the pfe232 and sennheiser ie80 in terms of how deep the bass goes and how good they sound in general. If you have tried all three or one of...
  9. silversx

    PFE232 and westone 4r and um3x

    I have the 4r and i think it does sound a bit flat.. my um3x sound much bigger than the 4r   however i've been reading up on the pfe232 and it's insane price of 600 for a 2 driver system   to anyone who has heard it an think it's better than the um3x or w4r? i just can't wrap my mind...
  10. planx

    [REVIEW] Audéo PFE232- Planx

    Phonak Audéo PFE232 Review   I’ve had the PFE232 for at least a year now and I was planning on doing a review quite a long while ago, but things got in the way… Anyhow, I’ve decided that I should make one as the Audéo brand has literally erupted since the original PFE112 debuted. I’m not...
  11. daniel521

    PFE232 vs Westone 3

    I had posted this on the wrong topic, so I'm posting it here. These two fit my criteria perfectly, I'm looking for a fun IEM with emphasis on bass and treble, but without mids being too recessed. I'm just wondering, how much of a leap in quality is there between these two? The westone 3 is half...
  12. dacmo

    Anyone tried custom upgrade cable for Audeo PFE232?

    Does it make any sense to upgrade the cables for the Audeo PFE232 to something like the Baldur Mk2 or something? 
  13. computeruler

    Shure se535le or Audeo pfe232?

    I listen to everything but mostly rock, alternative, slightly indieish stuff, pop, and singer songwriter acoustic type of stuff.  I want something with a wide, but natural sound stage, impactful, but not overwhelming bass, good vocals, good separation, good isolation, all that stuff.  I narrowed...
  14. daniel521

    I was disappointed with the PFE232, what should be my next high end universal?

    I purchased the PFE232 a few months ago after reading a lot about them. I was looking for an IEM with neutral mids, and I thought the PFE232 would be perfect for that since it was slightly v-shaped. When I first heard it, I was completely disappointed. The mids were too recessed for me, male...
  15. howardroak

    Westone 4R, Phonak PFE 232 or UE 900

    Dear head-fi community, I've read countless threads over the last couple of weeks in this forum but still I can't make up my mind about which of the above mentioned high scoring universal IEM's I should pick to upgrade my current setup (Sennheiser IE8 with and without Fiio E7 hooked up to an...
  16. Saint Henrik

    Best iems for under 450$ ?

    Hello all so i'm planning to buy some iems that can be driven unamped from my Sony Walkman Z Price range: under 450$ I mostly listen to rock , alternative, classical, soul , indie and sometimes country and pop. I don't listen that much electronic , techno , trance, dubstep or metal. I...
  17. inhale

    Help with IEMs to pair with Cowon D2 and FiiO E17

    Greets from snowy Russia, folks.   I need your help in choosing IEMs under $300 (shipped) for my Cowon D2 and FiiO E17. Seacrch conditions are as follows:   1. Not-colored or low-colored super high-detail sound.  2. Solid contruction and strong cable. 3. High impendance(?). Since I'm...
  18. luisdent

    Looking for an amp like this.

    I have an apogee duet (firewire) that sounds excellent with my new pfe232 IEMs.  My ipod touch isn't "as" good, primarily, I believe, because of the impedance being lower.  This causes a slight treble boost around 10khz.  The duet also has slightly better overall detail/smoothness/tightness/etc...
  19. johntheman123

    Ferrari of IEM's?

    Hi,   So I'm by no means an expert audiophile or anything of the sort but am slowly becoming obsessed..   I live alone, and easily spend 12-14 hours a day listening to music using in ear headphones. I previously owned the Kilpsch S4's which I lost, and ended up buying some UE 900's from...
  20. concreteroze

    Westone 4 Vs UM3X Vs UE 900

    Hey guys!   Forgive me i know this is an overkilled topic but i'm afraid i have to bring it up in yet another similar thread because from all the threads i've read, I somehow drift further and further from a decision. Okay so i'm making a huge investment upgrade from my current senn IE8. So...
  21. Scott2578

    Westone W4R and bass

    I am looking at getting the W4R todays, as earphonesolutions has extended their sale to today. Question is how much bass do the actually have, I am using the headphones that came with my Samsung Galaxy S3, and the bass is not the best, but its loud enough in those terms. I listen to alot of...
  22. matias271983

    upgrade westone um3x

    Hello from Argentine I open this topic all because it turns out that I have a few westone um3x and want the better some listen to all kinds of music customizados not since alive where there exist no companias that devote themselves to it I have seen the following ones Westone4 Phonak pff232...
  23. daniel521

    Best IEM for heavy metal under 500 dollars?

    Im currently looking for an IEM primarily for rock and metal. I currently own the sennheiser IE60, but I've been having some problems with it. First, its isolation is really bad, and isolation is one of the main reasons Im getting an IEM. Second, I recently purchased the ultrasone signature pro...
  24. ryanjsoo

    [Please Delete]

    [Please Delete]
  25. Deadlovestory

    Need suggestion/buying guide for high-end universal IEM

    Hey there, I'm a newbie in head-fi (1st post/thread/activity here!), and I would like to receive some input regarding high-end universal IEM.   First of all, I'm not a hardcore audiophile, nor am I very knowledgeable about IEMs in general, I'm just a casual listener who wants to step up and...