1. Xstream

    [Review] Phonak PFE-232 vs Shure SE535

    Hi All,   First of all, i apologize for any incorrect grammar or limited vocabulary. I'm not natively English. So please let me know if there are errors or poorly written parts.    I just purchased the Phonak Audeo PFE-232 and i already own a Shure SE535 for some time and Sennheiser...
  2. slarteebartfast

    quality iems with proven mic

    i have a friend who believes that her blue tooth will give her brain cancer, so she is looking to get a pair of iems which she can use instead.  she will be using them for work, and quite extensively, so her main priority is getting a pair which has a mic that will sound as good as possible...
  3. sprucemaple

    Need help selecting IEM around $350-$400 USD

    I've been using a pair of Ultimate Ears UE600 for the last 6 months or so, and I'd like an upgrade. I like the detail in the UE600, but the soundstage feels a little lacking for me, and I'd like something with a more prominent bass when I listen to rock music. I'm generally looking for something...
  4. jude

    Product Sneak Peaks, CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 013

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     There are many new products being introduced and launched at CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) on October 14, 15 and 16, 2011. In this episode of Head-Fi TV, we take a sneak peak of some of...
  5. planx

    Phonak PFE or brainwavz B2? Both paired with E11

    This is not for myself. I can get a good deal for my gf and she enjoys music a lot so i was thinking of getting her an upgrade from her JVC i dont even care what it is. She runs frequently and the sort of music she enjoys consists of Dubstep, house, country, rock, soul, k pop, c pop, and some...
  6. jakis noobek

    Phonak Audeo + Cowon E2 or Nationite N2? (metal music)

    Hi, I'm looking for a new portable mp3 player and in-ear headphones. After reading a lot of reviews and tests I've chosen Phonak Audeo 012, but I don't know which mp3 would be better. Im listening in 90% to metal. Sound quality is more important than design. Price range for headphones is...
  7. psuwanchote

    Phonak PFE 232

    Anyword on this? Its mid april haha
  8. musiclee

    Phonak Audeo PFE112 or wait for PFE232 ?

    first i was gonna get Klipsch S4,  everyone was raving bout these then i changed my mind to Shure SE215,  people said they sound great, fun, etc,  then i heard about Phonak IEM's   ,  good stuff was gonna pull trigger on PFE112   and now i hear a PFE232 very near, which will of course...
  9. dweaver

    Denon AH-C300 Urban Raver and AH-C400 Music Maniac Discussion Thread

    Thought I would start a thread for these two new babies to the market.   AH-C400 Music Maniac     AH-C300 Urban Raver   I am most interested in the Maniac model my self but the Raver has some very cool features (if it just wasn't described as bone jarring!!!). Anyway, have at...
  10. coolizardman

    DBA-02 VS PFE vs HJE900 ? (please help!)

    Hi guys, im planning to buy new IEMs for my sansa but i'm also pretty confused. my budget is around 150$ and the main choises i'm considering are fischer DBA-02 and Phonak PFE genres i listen (in order): 1-Blues/hiphop/r&b 2-progressive/garage rock i've thinked about radius but my ears...
  11. ClieOS


    Here are the exclusive first look of what will be Phonak latest flagship - the dual balanced armature PFE232. Check out my blog for spec.    

    Where can i find a PFE232 cable?

    Both of the original cables has one side that doesn't work. Ive been looking around and cant find anywhere that has one. Anyone know anywhere I can buy one or if someone can DIY it? Thanks in advance.
  13. planx

    Sleek Audio SA7 Impressions, and Discussion Thread!

    Well browsing my Facebook, I just noticed that Sleek made a status about their new SA7 which has been rumored for QUITE some time now. Here it is, hopefully no one else posted before me. After owning the SA6, I hope Sleek fixed some of the minor flaws associated with the VQ Tuning system. O...
  14. UpWaiting

    Whats the best Balanced Armature iem you have ever tried?

    Whats the best Balanced Armature iem you have ever tried? Mine is the Westone um3x
  15. Aktersnurra

    Fiio X3 or AK120 for Phonak PFE-232 and AKG-K702

  16. Jazic

    Westone 4R vs Shure E535 vs UE900

    I'm in the market again for some higher end universal fit IEMs and was wondering what the word is on the street about the models listed above.   I've owned a set of Shure e500's in the past and loved their sound stage and great bass and crisp treble as well as their fit so but I've always...
  17. daniel521

    Westone 3 vs UE900 vs PFE232 for rock/metal

    I've narrowed my search down to these three IEM's as they seem to be the best choice for me. I listen mostly to stuff like metallica, nirvana, and ACDC. Here's how I would describe my preferences:   Bass: I don't want it to be bass shy, I want the bass to have at least a decent amount of...
  18. amilopowers

    IE8 Lost... What now?

    Hi Guys,   i unfortunately lost my Sennheiser IE8 with custom earpads yesterday. I feel very sad right now.   Since i was really happy with it i am considering to buy the same ones again. But they where expensive since i wasn't happy with the original pads. Until i have a new pair of in...
  19. nicholars

    Do you prefer headphones or IEM?

    I was just wondering if anyone has ditched over ear headphones completely and gone for high end IEM's instead?   I am getting a bit tired of full size headphones because they all have at least one "dealbreaker" such as too bright, not enough bass, poor build quality etc. Until you are...
  20. Phonak Audéo PFE 232

    Phonak Audéo PFE 232

    Driver: Dual Balanced Armature Color: Black / White Weight: 16g, 0.5oz Plug: 3.5mm Cable Length: 120cm, 3.8 ft Titanium body housing Apple iPhone / iPod's mic supported Three different types of acoustic damper