1. ryanjsoo

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  2. jjb3

    PFE 232 upgrade or sidegrade from SE535?

    Considering selling my 535s and getting 232s. Worth it? I like the prospect of the added detail and bass impact from the 232s. Any comments welcome.
  3. Kevinv

    Headphones comfortable enough to sleep in

    Good Evening, My question is related to comfy IEM's, I currently have Shure SE530 and Audio-Technica AIR ATH-AD900. I am leaning towards IEM because I have a habit of falling asleep with them on, and I can't do that with Full-size headphones. The Shures hurt my ears in less than an hour usage...
  4. whereas

    D5000 equivalent IEMs

    I'm looking for an IEM which is the closest thing to the Denon D5000s as possible, since I like that sound so much. Is there such a thing? These will be paired with a Cowon X9, if that helps with synergy...   It would also help if it's one that fits well and doesn't require much tweaking and...
  5. Towwers

    Westone 4r vs Shure SE535 ( L.E. RED ) VS Regular Shure 535 REQ:( best Punchy bass )

    I already have the Shure SE215, and I really like the punchy bass on those. However, I want to upgrade, I recently bought the Grado GR10, love it for instrumental, but it lacks to much bass.. I really love the punchy bass and an overall good sound balance. which one do you recommend me??
  6. sipter

    A question regarding about Westone 4 in comparison with the HD600.

    First I have to say, I don't truly know where this thread belongs. Please forgive me if it isn't placed where it is supposed to be at. At the moment, I am currently very interested in the Westone 4r. I own a pair of HD600s. I am wondering if these phones sound similar, or are they very...
  7. Overkill Red

    I require fun, fun, FUN!

    Over my audio journey, I've tried many different earphones in an attempt to find the perfect sound signature for me.   However, I've come to a sudden realisation: I just want fun! I want an earphone that'll allow me to tap my feet and feel good. I don't listen to music that requires ultra...
  8. S

    Sennheiser IE80s vs. Utimate Ears UE900?

    Let me start off by saying I'm looking for a pair of headphones, did my research, and found the Sennheiser IE80s. They seem to defeat the competition IMO and for my requirements. Then, I found the Ultimate Ears UE900, which seems to fit my price range. Here is a little background on me:   -I...
  9. AudioDwebe

    Which three IEM's covers it all?

    The proliferation of all things headphone related over the last several years absolutely blows my mind.  It seems there are new players getting into the game each and every month, making it confusing even for folks who've been 'round these neck of the woods for more than a minute about potential...
  10. gnarlsagan

    What are the biggest flaws of your favorite iems?

    This is one of the most useful questions imo. I'll start.   DBA-02: Sub-bass roll off   FXT90: Too much mid-bass    FXD80: Recessed mids   GR07 mkII: Slight treble roll off     Also does anyone have any iems they consider to have no flaws? I've never heard one.
  11. DMinor

    Any other IEM's close to the EX1000 in Sound Quality?

    In the same price range between $300 and $500.
  12. Joe Bloggs

    Do replaceable cables work?

    Many people say that the cables on their IEMs die like flies, so they want or use IEMs with replaceable cables.  My experience is the opposite: I've never had a pair of headphones fail at the cables, IEM or otherwise, except by extreme abuse not induced by me (e.g. pulling the jack off tight...
  13. 50mm

    Upgrade recommendations from Westone 4?

    Hello folks,   Just wondering, if you were upgrading from a Westone4, what would you go for ? and why ?   I was toying with the idea of the Grado GR10, the Audeo Phonak 232 or the Shure 535, maybe not as an upgrade, but more for a different sound signature.   Thanks for your input !
  14. M

    Need some help choosing a headphone, coming from IEM's.

    Over the last few years I've used IEM's for all my listening, will be using from today an Ibasso DX100 and although I will still be using my IEM's I would like a full size headphone for listening at home through the Ibasso and for gaming on my laptop. Would prefer headphones that dont leak...
  15. S

    Phonak Audeo PFE232 vs AudioTechnica CK-100 vs Sennheiser IE80

    Sorry, if this is a repost, I'm new to this forum! I've been thinking about buying some earbuds/in-ear headphones/IEMs. I did my research and found these three headphones to be my best options. My only problem is I'm not sure which one to buy. Some of the factors I will be considering: Build...
  16. VampireAndros

    Wich are the Best In-Ear Phones

    Greetings, fellows. I've been reading a lot recently about the new stuff coming out this year, and well, I was about to get the Shure S535, but I found some reviewers that point out that the bass perhaps is not as powerfull.    Still, they're my best option right now. Behind those, I would...
  17. CraigWatson

    Sennheiser IE8 replacements - opinions wanted!

    Hi all, Apologies for the generic nature of the post, but I'm trying to garner as much feedback as possible.   Yesterday, I managed to misplace my pride and joy Sennheiser IE8 IEMs (totally gutted - I've had them for about a year) so I'm looking around at alternatives before I make my next...
  18. daniel521

    Westone 3 vs PFE232

    These two fit my criteria perfectly, I'm looking for a fun IEM with emphasis on bass and treble, but without mids being too recessed. I'm just wondering, how much of a leap in quality is there between these two? The westone 3 is half the price of the PFE232, so is it worth paying double for the...
  19. disastermouse

    Portables for someone who LOVES the Ortho sound of his HE-500?

    What would you guys propose for someone who wants something portable and loves the ortho sound of the HE-500.  They must work for the gym or out and about (little sound leakage, hold position or seal well, etc).  They don't have to totally mimick the exact dynamics, but I'm looking for clarity...
  20. StereoHeadphone

    In Search of Something Different from the SE535LTD

    I already have the Shure SE535LTD and they sound amazing for acoustic music but they flop when it comes to busy passages and sound terrible for some genres. So now I'm looking for something "different" that would compliment my shures. Does anyone have any recommendations?   Already got these...
  21. iim7V7IM7

    New IEMS: Shure SE535 or Westone 4R

    For use un-amped with my iPhone or iPad to listen to music on long-haul flights.  I listen to jazz, blues and classical. I appreciate, neutrality, musical detail and large/deep sound stage. I also appreciate quality of build and wearing comfort. Both of these IEMs are well regarded. I suspect...
  22. stozzer123


    YAMAHA EPH-100 REVIEW AND COMPARISONS (HJE900, PFE112, TF10, GR06, GR07, ETY ER4S)     PREFACE   OK so i don't usually throw out that many reviews.  My main reason for doing so here is the pages and pages of confusing information from certain fanboys with a FOTM attitude and people...
  23. jordanwong

    Help on getting new IEMs (Classical Music)

    Hi experts,   As my last in-ear headphones are broken, I'm getting a new and hopefully, better pair. I listen to almost only classical music (Everything, opera, orchestral, chamber, choral, solo, and even organ quite often) and sometimes pop but not rock, but I will need to use them for...
  24. vocalist

    Moving on from UM3X - what next?

    The UM3X is a great iem and I do find myself pretty enchanted by it's sound.  That said, I'm not head over heels for it so I'd like to move on and get my hands (ears?) on something else.  Small annoyances are the size of the jack as I have to use an adaptor when I use my iPhone 4S and the length...
  25. FrenchDavid

    Best in-ear earphones for rock and classical music, around $150

    Hey all,   My Atrio Supersonics just died on me yesterday, so I need to pick up new in-ear headphones very soon. Since there is no better place than head-fi to ask for advices, I'd like your advices to help me find the best in-ears for my needs :   - I connect my headphones to my iPhone...