Phonak Audéo PFE 232

General Information

Driver: Dual Balanced Armature
Color: Black / White
Weight: 16g, 0.5oz
Plug: 3.5mm
Cable Length: 120cm, 3.8 ft
Titanium body housing
Apple iPhone / iPod's mic supported
Three different types of acoustic damper

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: best treble for me, deep tight bass, clear vocal
Cons: soundstage width is not as wide as some competitors
i know it's kinda late to write this... since this gem is discontinued already..
but lemme tell yaa.. great things are everlasting.. even with many more competitors with more drivers
phonak pfe series still hold their own league and uniqueness 
oh boy..... they are comfortable.. and i mean... extremely comfortable, i could say they have the best comfort for universal iem
and i've tried brands that are known for their comfort such as shure, westone, and even inear stage diver, and i could say that phonak's comfort totally hit the sweet spot
it's a perfect housing
the cable itself is also good and feels durable.. but sometimes i could hear a little microphonics.. 
oh yeah and it is detachable but with their own connector, so it's kinda hard to find a replacement, but you got 2 cables inside the package 1 with mic, and 1 without
sound quality:
i've tried all of it's filters but love the gray one much more that the others, black filter add more warmth to the mid and the green one give more warmth than enough.. it's too warm and too bassy with green filter
this review is gray filter based only
phonak 232 take a different approach from it's lower level such as 012,112,and 132
with it's dual Balanced Armature drivers, it provides more bass and sounds more v shaped than other phonak series but still maintain a clear vocal
bass : reach quite low, as a dynamic driver lover.. i found this phonak's bass is really acceptable and even exceeded my expectation for dual Balanced Armature
really..really great with punch but with soft texture, the bass is truly remarkable
mid : really clear but smooth, non fatiguing... such high quality mids, but if you're a vocal lover maybe you should try the 112 or 132 i think their vocal is clearer but less smooth
treble : how could i describe this??? smooth, non fatiguing with the best timbre i've ever heard!!! damn phonak!! great jobb!!! it's really rare to hear such treble even with higher price iems
a treble perfection for me, the timbre is just spot on argghh i'm at loss for words
soundstage, imaging, and separation : 
i should say that this iem is airy but it's width is it's weak spot if you're craving for soundstage width, but luckily the depth is there!! and it's good! gives a subtle 3d feelings to the music.
imaging and separation is also great and definitely high-class, sometimes it's quite revealing, when you hear a badly recorded lossy files, you won't get the separation, but play a good quality instead
you can pinpoint where the instruments are...
with only two drivers... phonak... you rock!!!
easily one of the best iem i've ever heard!!


New Head-Fier
Pros: Fantastic highs, Detailed mids
Cons: Availability. Also slightly lacking in the bass department - but good enough
Being out of production for a few years, I had to hunt this pair down for a few months before I could get my hands on it. And boy was it amazing.
Everything sounds fantastic out of this set of IEMs, but put on a track with strings (violins, cello) and feel the hairs on your head tingle. Overall warm & bright signature. Instruments are vivid & accurate. Treble extension is amazing. 
Con is if you're a basshead you'll find these slightly disappointing. Also, there is a lack of aftermarket parts (the cable while detachable, is not easily replaceable as it's a custom made)
If you manage to see one of these lying around, please grab immediately (regardless of price) - it is worth it. 
Isn't GREEN filter made for bassheads?


New Head-Fier
Pros: Highs to die for, Powerful yet tight and controlled bass, good soundstage, amazing scalability, very comfortable.
Cons: None
These iem's are amongst the best universals I've heard.  Their sound signature (tunable with filters) is mostly v-shaped but remains very pleasant and detailed.  They're quite expensive but their scalability and amazing highs extension only justify the asked price for me.  I think they deserve a very good source and amplification otherwise they're not much better than other cheaper offerings.  Another strength of these in ears are their comfort which is very hard to find elsewhere (they're very light and small so it's easy to get a good fit).  Overall, I'm very happy to own them.
What source and amp did you use with pfe232? Thank you!
I don't have them anymore but at the time, I was using a FiiO E17 DAC/amp and a little Colorfly C3 dap


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