I finally know what i want, i just need some help.
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Jul 25, 2011
So i am in the market for a new set of in ears. I didnt know taste in iems changed so drasticly until now that i find myself craving a type of sound which i remember hearing on tge Pfe232. Im looking for an iem that has a clean and clear sound, like in your face not drowned out or muddy or veiled. I want it to have great instrument separation and soundstage but not to give me headaches like the Pfe232s treble did. I also LOVE bass, but i want it to Slam not to Boom.

i would also like to say that i am a fan of dynamic drivers. My current contenders are Audio Technica im70, Rha ma750. Also if it matters i currently have Audio technica ckm500

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