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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. Llloyd
    Well orthos are not super picky about headphone amps. It should be able to make them loud enough, and I think they would sound just okay. Like no amplifier is going to make orthos sound like.. BAD, it's just not going to make them sound like their price tag. It should still be enjoyable even if it's not near the potential. Right now I am using my stand by amp which only puts about 125mw into my HE-500, and it's still enjoyable.  Yes there's a number of things missing but honestly it's not all that bad. I found very little difference between this amp(little dot) and the schiit asgard back when I owned them both.
  2. Llloyd
    On the subject of cables. Not that I'm going to jump in and argue because I never get involved.
    I'm surprised more things like this don't exist. http://www.bakoonproducts.com/technology/satri-link/
    This person just developed their own interconnect that they found to be better than traditional RCA, wouldn't that be the way to go rather than just using different cables. A difference in technology seems smarter. I'm no electrician but I was just surprised nobody had done this. I guess because it's a pretty luxury feature considering the bakoon stuff is really expensive. I know a lot of money is to be made in the cable market so maybe that's why not more people have attempted something like this.
  3. gefski

    Valhalla is great driving my RS1i, transparent, textured, & dynamic, but Grados are an easy load, which fits with Schiit's 32 to 600 ohm guidelines.

    I believe orthos are another matter, with Schiit recommending against that matchup.
  4. SoupRKnowva

    satri isn't new...Krell has been doing something similar with its CAST tech for quite a while, and Audio-GD has been as well with their ACSS stuff.
  5. UmustBKidn
    Well. Gosh. If you accept as fact the premise that money spent equates to better audio quality, that is surely your right. There are, however, many rational explanations for why some folks might not accept that premise as fact (none of which require the reader to accept far-fetched things).
    Stubborn? Ok. So, let them be stubborn. "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still." My dad is in his 90's, and to him I'm still a punk kid. In his eyes, I will never grow up, no matter how old I am. Should I feel bad? No, I don't think so. Fortunately, I no longer live in his house, haha [​IMG]
    Cheap? That's usually my excuse, lol. I prefer to think of myself as frugal. Mostly because I give away 1/3 of my paycheck to my ex wife every time I get one. I'd love to be able to throw money around like it grows on trees, but I can't. So I strive to find gear that is "good enough for now", and make notes for the day when I get to stop paying child support [​IMG] Should I feel bad that I can't trade my Modi in for a Bifrost Uber, and hear this astounding difference? No. I don't feel bad at all. I consider myself fortunate to be able to purchase an inexpensive DAC that is quite fine for the money I spent for it.
    Can't hear the difference? This is the reason I'm writing this post. I don't mean to cause a stir. I just think there are all sorts of reasons why people either can, or cannot, hear the difference between any given component. Sometimes a person is older, like me. Should I feel bad if my 50+ yr old ears can't hear the same level of detail as a man in his 20's? No. I honestly think it pays to look at someone's profile to understand their frame of reference.
    I also believe that people's perceptions can change depending on what they listen to, and when they listen to it. This phenomenon explains many things to me, and I have proven it exists, at least to myself. When I swapped around my work and home setups to run a little comparison recently, my perceptions of all of my gear changed dramatically. I decided that a particular iPod DAC was too damn bright to listen to any more, so I removed it from my work setup. After a week or so, my perceptions of my gear returned to normal. And this was with gear that had been in use for some months (and should not be changing, if you happen to believe in that). This also explains (at least to me) why people think gear "breaks in" after a period of time: their minds and/or ears are adjusting to the sound. I tend to think that our minds and ears change more than a few pieces of solid state equipment (or even tubes for that matter).
    Then there's also the phenomenon of not being able to hear the difference, simply because your setup just isn't good enough, or some component is affecting the SQ. If you've spent a few thousand bucks on some fine gear, maybe Blue Jeans cables will make a difference for you. However, if you've spent a couple hundred on budget-fi gear, I kind of doubt they will matter. Is that the "fault" of the person who didn't invest in better cables? No. On the contrary, I think it's kind of silly to spend 50-100 bucks on cables, when you only spent 70 bucks on the amp, and are driving it with an iPod. I felt bad enough spending $15 bucks at Radio Shack, haha.
    I tend to think that knowledge and understanding someone else's point of view, will alleviate much of the arguments over significant, or petty differences. After all, there's no point in getting mad at someone for having a cold. Honestly, there is enough hate being spewed by politicians and governments these days, that we should probably try to avoid that here. I like to think of this as something fun to end my day.
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  6. jaywillin

    very well said and couldn't agree more !!
    the attitude of "elitist" which leads to intolerance or indignation of those "who don't get it" sometimes for whatever reason, is one of the things that got me out of the high end scene years ago.
    one of the things i LOVE about head fi is that that that elitist thing is the minority here !
    we are having fun, being a "community" sharing experiences, gear, music !
    lets not take ourselves so seriously !! let your hair down as it were, its ok, we all are different and that's a good thing !
    me out of
  7. noobandroid
    Screw those bashers, we like what we like, and you have nothing on us, nuff said and GTFO~~
  8. RMiller
    I'd get A2, aside from the switch it's also dead silent, while the first version had problems with hum iirc. Anyway, 40$ isn't a big deal and a new thing is always better :)
  9. jexby
    Assuming my Lyr arrives and I dig it's signature in the tube world during my 15 day trial, my Mint condition Asgard2 (purchased in May 2013) will likely be for sale on the Forums soon.
    sad as I am to do so, it's sounds amazing - just had unplanned headphone purchases that should benefit from more Lyr power.
  10. jmsaxon69
    This whole price doesn't equal performance is such crap or all of you would own Magni/Modi and that would be it.  It's not a way to negate "bang for the buck", there are some good sounding cheap stuff out there, does the stuff that costs 2 or 3 times more sound better? Most of the time it sure does, of course SOMETIMES it doesn't, but rarely. 
    The cable thing still baffles me as well, but I guess if you can't hear it then don't spend the money.  How can so many idiot audiophiles just want to blow large amounts of money on cables if they make no difference? How can these companies like AudioQuest and Kimber Kable still be around?
    The excuses are lame.  Actually buy a good $200 to $500 interconnect and listen to it for a month and then hook up what you were using and let me know what you hear......
    Listen to what you are saying "We are proud to be ignorant" Really? Is that what you want to be?
  11. Llloyd
    I never heard about any hum problems with the first Asgard. Mine certainly did not hum even with IEMs, unless maybe it was the very first original version before they added the power relay? But even so I still never heard that.
  12. Defiant00
    It was the first batch of A2s that had a hum issue, not the original Asgard.
  13. imahawki
    I have a couple questions.  Overall I'm happy with my Mod/Magni for the price, but I get crackling when changing the volume on the Magni, and there is a constant low-level hum in the background.  Is this pretty normal?
  14. Llloyd
    No that's not normal you should contact them and they will be able to help you out.
  15. Taliesin
    So which schiit amp would people recommend for the HD700
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