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Oct 17, 2019 at 8:28 AM
Jan 14, 2013
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retired, lol

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jaywillin Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, from Alabama

Be Kind Jul 15, 2018

jaywillin was last seen:
Oct 17, 2019 at 8:28 AM
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    retired, lol
    the family, the yard, oh, did i forget tunes ??
    Headphone Inventory:
    symphones magnum v6 custom build
    grado gh2
    massdrop senn 6xx


    senn hd600
    massdrop he4xx
    mrspeakers aeon flow open
    sennheiser hd598se
    beyerdynamic dt880 premium 600 ohm
    beyerdynamic t1
    audeze el-8
    audeze lcd2.2
    audeze lcd2f
    audeze lcd x
    grado sr60i
    grado 125e
    grado 225e custom
    grado sr225i
    grado sr325e
    grado joedoe woodied sr80i
    grado ps500
    grado rs1i
    grado rs2 (button)
    grado gs1000
    grado gs1000i
    grado gs1000e
    grado ps1000
    mrspeakers alpha dog
    hifiman he-5le
    hifiman he-500
    hifiman he-400
    hifiman he-400i
    ath ad300
    sennheiser hd518
    alessandro ms1i
    alessandro ms2i
    alessandro mspro(e)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    garage1217 project starlight

    garage1217 project ember ii
    garage1217 project sunrise iii
    gustard h10
    little dot mkiii
    schiit magni 2 uber
    woo wa3
    woo wa6se
    woo wa7
    bryston bha-1
    mad ear+ hd
    schiit lyr
    schiit vali
    schiit mjolnir
    burson soloist
    little dot 1+
    schiit asgard 2
    bravo v2
    schiit magni
    fiio e10
    fiio e09k
    Source Inventory:
    schiit modi multibit

    teac ud-301
    wadia 121
    schiit uberfrost, gen2 usb
    meridian explorer
    audioquest dragonfly
    audioengine d1
    hrt microstreamer
    hrt musicstreamer II+
    hrt musicstreamer II
    hrt musicstreamer III
    schiit modi
    schiit modi 2 uber
    Cable Inventory:
    USB schiit pyst
    RCA : audioquest big sur
    Power-Related Components:
    furman, monster
    Other Audio Equipment:
    harman kardon 330c receiver
    pioneer sx580
    boston acoustics hd8
    modified jvc speakers, tang band full range driver
    lepy amp
    Music Preferences:
    varied, rock, classic rock, jam band, jazz, classical, soul
    grateful dead, the allman brothers, widespread panic !!
    lg 55" 1080p lcd
    roku hd
    boston acoustics xs digial cinema
    if i told ya, i'd have to kill ya


    Amp- Garage1217 Project Starlight
    DAC - Schiit Modi MultiBit
    Headphones - Custom Symphones Magnum v6, Grado GH2, Massdrop 6xx
    Receivers - Harmon Kardon 330c, Pioneer sx580
    Speakers- Boston Acoustics HD8, Modded JVC single driver, full range
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