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Schiit Owners Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by hodgjy, Mar 15, 2012.
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  1. imahawki

    I submitted my issue through their web form.  I'll play around tonight to see if the hum is a ground loop, but the volume knob causing scratching doesn't sound right regardless.
  2. MickeyVee
    I was using the Bifrost/Lyr with Amperex Orange Globes when I had the HD700. It was pretty impressive with the OG's taming some of the treble and providing a great soundstage and awesome bass.
  3. jaywillin
    man, so much animosity here, on both sides
    did it ever occur to anyone , that there is no one right answer for everyone ??
     there is no "best"
    "best" is in the ears and eyes of the beholder !!
    what's best, and whats crap to me, is up to me, not anyone else
     all this stuff it RELATIVE !!!
    somebody tell me what is expensive ???
    expensive to me might be $100 set of interconnects ,
    to somebody else, that could be garbage, cheap
    damn, everyone is so sensitive , this is fun guys, its fun to me
    so what if someone says they are proud to be ignorant ? that doesn't
    effect me, there are things i'm not ignorant of, and maybe those things i am
    ignorant of i don't care about.
    a big reason some, and maybe a lot of these "high end" companies exist, and even flourish , two words: PRIDE  EGO
    "my toy is bigger than your toy"
    "oh yeah, mine's shinier!! "
    everybody lighten up, have fun, enjoy yourself
    rant's over now play nice !!
  4. tuna47
    I use the bifrost uber to schiit lyr golden globes on he500 heaven
  5. jaywillin

    i'll be getting the uber bifrost soon myself, to go with my lyr and grado's ,
  6. tuna47
    Should tame some of the treble
  7. jaywillin

    so, i haven't rolled any tubes in the lyr yet, and haven't gotten too far reading in the lyr tube rolling thread, any suggestions ??
  8. tuna47
    Golden globes if you can find A frames they are great
  9. jaywillin

    is that a amperex , siemens , what brand, or type
    i don't have any experience with this tube type
    i've only had a little dot and an indeed g3 before
    i guess i should spend some time reading the tube thread !! lil
  10. tuna47
    Amperex holland
  11. jaywillin

    that name i'm familiar with !
  12. nelamvr6
    I think Tuna means Orange Globes.  They are nice, my current favorite.
  13. jaywillin
    I think you just may be right
    I'd heard orange globes, the only golden ones ive heard of was the awards on TV
  14. mazzelectra
    Hey imahawki,
    Just wanted to ping on this - I went through a similar issue with my Magni last week and finally got things resolved today. After cycling different power placement scenarios (different wall, surge protectors, etc.) and running through nonDAC testing (thought it may be machine noise transfer from my iMac usb source) I eventually found out that it was the Audio Extension Cable I was using! I was going to bypass that soon anyway, just waiting on a surge protector (which came today) to be able to move the M/M into a position on my desk where I wouldn't need it.
    Anyhoo, I posted about it on the Magni thread in case you wanted to check out the scenario in full:
    Hope that helps!
    The Modi/Magni seems quite exceptional  [​IMG]
  15. tuna47
    Sorry meant orange also globe A frames
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