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Nov 18, 2011
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  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Own: Grado SR80i, Westone UM2 RC, Fostex TH-900

    Owned: Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear, Paradox T50RP, HiFiMan HE-500, HiFiMan RE0
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Own: Little Dot MKII, Decware Taboo MK2, Bakoon HDA-5210 MK3

    Owned: Schiit Asgard, Fiio E7, Fiio E10 HiFiMan HM-101
    Source Inventory:
    Own: Sansa Clip, Samsung Galaxy S5, Resonessence Concero HD
    Owned: Fiio E7, Fiio E10, Schiit Bifrost, MHDT Labs Havana
    Cable Inventory:
    Blue Jeans Cable
    Q-Audio Headphone Cable (HE-500)
    Music Preferences:
    ambient, experimental, electronic, instrumental, post-rock, modern classical, folk, indie, jazz, power pop
    Konosuke HD 240mm Gyuto, Kikuichi 240mm Gyuto


    My Soundcloud http://www.soundcloud.com/pheintz
    Resonessence Labs Concero HD > Bakoon HDA-5210mk3  >  Fostex TH-900
                                                    > Decware Taboo II  >  Omega Super 3 Desktop Speakers
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