1. gopanthersgo1

    What are the worst comparisons you've ever heard?

    Today I was on our school bus going to a football game, and my friend asked to try on my monoprice 8320's, ho said that his 20 dollar ifrogz toxic iem's were better, because they didn't have a high pitched noise like mine did, I tried his on to see what he was talking about, and his had almost...
  2. incognita

    what combination for 500€?

    Hi all, i will go fast to the point. What combination of headphones and portable music player should i buy with a budget of 500€? What i need: open headphones, i use them ONLY in my house portable music player MUST run FLAC and have 64g and works like USB not with programs like itunes...
  3. abcd

    I am looking for headphones that are about $350, good for trance and progressive house

    Sup guys! I finally decided to join head-fi after a year of lurking. Anyways, I need some nice mid range $350 headphones with use with my amp. I have been looking at the AKG K 702's. What are my options. Closed would be nice but not needed. Thanks guys.   I will be mostly using these at...
  4. Arzach

    Good headphones for jungle/drum & bass?

    After reading lots of reviews, i'm going to try the dt 880 (600) but i'm also open to any advice. p.s. My plan is to buy a xonar STX.
  5. terenthia

    Portable Headphones for the ALO Pan Am

    Hi,   I recently purchased the ALO Pan Am and need a well matched portable set of open backed headphones, budget is under £150.   The Pan Am will be used largely in conjuction with my laptop via the USB connection playing WAV files. I already own AKG K702's which sound great with both...
  6. stephenbou

    Headphones with soundstage of a concert hall

    I attended a concert last night (I sat in the 5th row at the Chicago Symphony) and I was thinking of how the experience of the live soundstage differed from headphones I've listened to. Are there headphones that come a little closer to the soundstage you'd get in a live performance? (Keep in...
  7. EpicPie

    Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Monitor Headphones Discussion

    Can't wait to try these out, for a $200 headphone I wonder how they will compare w/ other studio headphones like the Q701/702. :) -EP Specs from Pioneer:   Source: http://www.djtechtools.com/2015/01/21/namm-2015-hrm-7-headphones-pioneer-enters-the-studio-monitoring-game/
  8. Ryanr1987

    My AKG comparison K7XX, K712, 65th Annies and the rest! to stop this confusion!

    Still to this day people are confused about these headphones. They will state they all sound the same which is totally incorrect. The topic has been covered so many times so I'm making this thread/review to try help with the confusion.   Firstly I'm going to start with my personal findings on...
  9. spindex

    Another budding audiophile seeking expert advice on a pair of cans

    Background:   I am a budding audiophile who recently joined this forum to get some help on a pair of headphones.  I consider my ear to be good and I notice lots of detail when I listen to music from a good pair of speakers or cans.   I've been recording music as a hobby for a number of...
  10. Wintersxx866

    HE-400 or AKG K702 or something else?...

    Ehhh so guys... Been looking for a mid higher end set of headphones... Don't really mind if they are open or closed but they just have to have good bass, like not like throbbing bass but good bass.  I already have a pair of ATH Pro700 mk2s that satisfy my self proclaimed bass head side but I...
  11. smogsy

    First Timer, advice

    So i ordered my first audiophile headphones,   AKG K702 Open-Back Dynamic Reference Headphones http://www.akg.com/site/products/powerslave,id,1082,pid,1082,nodeid,2,_language,EN,view,specs.html     Anything i need to get ready? Using My PC with ASUS Xonar STX   Ive setup The...
  12. kypron

    Audiophile wanna-be looking for best over ear headphone for trip hop

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new set of headphones, with possible a DAC and amp if needed.  The problem is, I can't really try out too many types at local stores due to limited selection where I am.  The main place I'll be using them is off of my pc, which has a Xonar DG in it, and I also have...
  13. cravenz

    Portability? The next step after my IE8s? (long post).

    Caution: this is a long post, so if skim it if you can't bear with it! Apologies in advance.   Well...where do I start with this? I've been on a little adventure the past week or two trying to figure out where I should go next. Sometimes, I feel like I'm no nearer to deciding what is my next...
  14. gmania

    New amp or new phones? Akg 702 with focusrite forte amp/DAC

    This is my first post as I hav been reading posts for a few weeks now Nd I can't find the info I'm looking for. I've never used a dedicated headphone amp, but I have owned some recording gear with what seem like powerful headphone amps (not sure about he quality). Anyhow, tried the akg 702s...
  15. keithhr1

    I really need help from the savvy veteran knowledgeable guys here

    I am writing this because I used to be an hd800 enthusiast but no more. I gor mine and the ear pads never sealed themselves properly no matter what I did. They were literally falling apart to the extent that they were unlistenable. Sennheiser always avoided the problems I contacted them about...
  16. defguy

    IEM that's closest to K702 Anniversary

       I own AKG 702 Annies, HD 600's, Klipsch x-10's, Harmon Kardon BT's and Monster Coppers. I'm looking for  IEM's that probably most resemble the 702's as they sound the closest to right to me. I listen to mostly Hard Rock with some prog rock and New Age thrown in. Having said that, my speaker...
  17. manive

    How good are these headphones?

    My Dad brought me up to audio store today. They had these handcrafted in germany open air headphones German Maestro GMP 240. I was trying to find review but hadnt any luck to find any. Here is some flat review + specs.  ...
  18. krismusic

    Headphone comfort

    I went to the London meet today,which was a great success. I got to listen to many great sounding headphones. Currently I only own IEM's as I have always been sceptical that I would find enclosing my ears comfortable. This was confirmed today. Much as I loved the sound I felt relieved whenever I...
  19. spenny91

    Looking for a good pair of headphones ( over ear) for outside use !

    Hey my name is Spencer Gorman I am looking for a good pair of headphones around 200-500$ I bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558s I absolutely love them. I have a hearing loss in my right ear and I just got a hearing aid so I cant use my earbuds anymore. As much as I would love to use the...
  20. 1chi

    Gaming Sound

    Forgive me please as im new here but would greatly appreciate any feedback that is constructive Id like some help if anyone is willing to provide some insight- anyways sort of working on a budget here but lets assume anything totalling less than $700 is fine for entire package. The use will...
  21. papamogl

    Ultra flat response headphones with wide stage?

    Hello everybody   I'm trying to decide which model is the perfect headphone for me (I want to buy my first audiophile cans, and I want to make it right ) Genre's classical music, a lot of chamber music, but sinfonic too. I don't mind whether they are open or closed as I'd use them mostly at...
  22. jbarrentine

    Please help, $300 - $400 open back recommendations.

    I'm new :)   Currently looking for $300 - $400 (no stretching price) open back fun. I listen to EVERYTHING. I want as wide a range music and movie headphone as I can get.   ATM I Have: Sennheiser 598 Topping TP41 amp   http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=310-324...
  23. AltCtrl

    DT880 to what?

    Hi I'm wanting to buy new headphones and I'm coming from a Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm paired with a matrix-m-stage amp and asus essence stx soundcard.   I'm wanting warmer/more fun and possibly more bass. These will be used for music(electronica/edm/epic) and gaming. Comfort is also a big...
  24. cardan

    Absolute greatest soundstage and imaging for competitive gaming under $350?

    What would you guys say are THE headphones for competitive gaming at around that price range? 
  25. bassophile

    Can using headphones for music production damage them?

    If using headphones for mixing your own music, you will inevitably be dealing with music that has not yet been mastered.   Music in this state can contain aggressive high frequencies, clipping and/or distortion. Would reproducing these sounds cause damage to the voice coil and/or drivers of...