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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Oof, can someone post the flyer that was handed out, or provide a link to a site that is talking about it or has the flyer posted.

    Edit- Any chance @Jason Stoddard or @Baldr would be able to post the handout/flyer/press release that they have at RMAF?
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  2. earnmyturns
    I lived in NJ for 11 years. Seeing a big, industrial-dangerous-looking building pop out as you turned a corner on some exurban/rural road never became routine.
  3. the finisher
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  4. allhifi

    LOL. Quite the 'Plug' there Jay. Although I admire (veteran) start-up "stories", understand the Schiit brands reputation (to my mind) is terribly lacking.
    It appears any (resonable, polite -and even articulate) questions regarding some dubious claims, or product/performance claification -or further explanation is of absolutely no interest to you and your business pal Mike.
    Personally, I have a few examples, but I'll leave you with thid one: in effort to reduce the near-burning-hot chassis of my Modi-2 Uber, I had a friend (who I thought had some expertise in the field -lol) drill some "precision' holes in the top-plate. Well, one section was done beautifully -but he messed up the other.
    And so, I called to purchase a new top-plate (that I was refused) but also to ask why the single transistor became so hot -agan , some lame, indifferent answer.

    Perhaps I should a start a book: The Most Improbable Critic (shines light into how owner "personalities" influence tthe success, or demise of a company)

  5. Byronb
    You should do that. Let me know how it goes. :rolling_eyes:
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  6. ashirin

    I apologize if too much offense was taken on my end. I actually agree with your point about "all in one" products. Personally I don't like them much at all. Being able to mix and match components and change pieces out is a major advantage, in my opinion. This is especially true of products which mix traditional analog components with digital ones, as the latter become outdated much more quickly.

    To that point, the Class D power amp in the Magni chassis I pondered would very much be a single function device, and it would match with Schiit's existing modular budget lineup.

    As for the pondered integrated amp, I think pairing a power amplifier and a preamplifier (both analog components) doesn't have a ton of compromises (though of course there are some) and offers a convenience many appreciate. I did mentioned a modular spot for a DAC, but that's mostly because Schiit already does that in many of their other products. Truth be told, it's not a functionality I am much interested in myself, but I can see the value of it for others, and I don't think having that small reserved space detracts much at all for those that would rather use a standalone DAC or phono preamp (though I would still love to see Schiit make an inexpensive card that turns that spot into an extra line level input). I personally prefer separates (I use a Saga and Vidar) in my system, but I could see a Saga sized integrated amp being perfect for a secondary system, or for people who just aren't as into hi-fi.

    I have set up many friends and family members with budget systems (often using Schiits budget line of products) that they appreciate. In the vast majority of cases, they do not convert to full audiophiles and start purchasing more expensive gear. However, they still appreciate the higher quality that is offered by real components (even cheaper ones) made by serious companies, over the average bluetooth speaker or headphone. I think Schiit sells a lot of products to these types of people and I think that's a very good thing. Jason says over and over again that Magni and Modi (or Fulla) might be the only headphone amp and DAC you ever need, and I take him to mean that seriously. I don't think those products are meant only as a means to get potential customers to start buying Schiit's more expensive gear, though of course some people will and that's great for Schiit.

    I suggested the products I did with the assumption that Schiit would take the same approach to them as Magni/Modi. Meaning that I only wish those products to exist if they are good products that offer good performance to price ratios and function as profitable stand-alone products in Schiit's lineup. If it is in fact impossible to make such a product with Class D topologies, then so be it.

    To comment on the story you told about the tube amp, the real tragedy to me is thinking that the only options they have are selling the $2k version at little profit and hoping that people will then purchase the $20k version, or not selling the $2k version at all. (To be clear, I'm not suggesting you are doing this). They could instead sell the $2k version for $2.5k or $3k, and make enough profit off of it to be perfectly fine if no one upgrades to their more expensive gear. After all, they would still be offering 80% of the performance for 1/7th the price. Not to mention at least some people who would still upgrade to the $20k version and then they would make even more. I'm no expert in these matters, but it's a model that seems to work splendidly for Schiit, and it's one I can personally appreciate as a customer. Offering good (and profitable) products for different people at different price points that can be enjoyed as-is indefinitely or upgraded later is great for the seller and the buyer.
  7. madwolfa
    Well, you chose like the worst possible example. Why do you expect getting any kind of support after literally butchering someone's product?

    If you read Jason's book carefully, he mentions exact reasoning why Schiit would prefer not to have any business with customers as yourself.
  8. the finisher
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  9. the finisher

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  10. KoshNaranek
    Actually, it is called the Cornfield Cruiser because it is(was when I was growing up, I haven't been there in years) surrounded by corn fields. As children, we all thought it was a bizarre sight when taking a bike ride, surrounded by fields and cows and then suddenly, bang, this bizarre sight. At that time it was called RCA Naval Combat Systems. My favorite part of the ride was stopping at the Holly Ravine. That place had its own cows and made its ice cream on premises.
  11. Mike Foley
    Regarding buzzing Vidars, mine has a slight hum from the unit , which is now inaudible since I placed it on some sorbothene feet I had knocking around the house.
    I had a hum through the speakers with Saga/Vidar. After a bit of experimentation, I tried some interconnects with better shielding, and the hum has gone.
  12. Mike Foley
    Why didn’t you just send the DAC back for repair or replacement? If it was under warranty, it certainly isn’t now, thanks to your expert friend!
    I had experience of this kind of thing a few times when I worked in retail. As we say in this part of England “ There’s nowt so queer as folk”.
  13. GearMe
    This! A company that takes care of customers in this manner will have growth and a satisfied customer base...

    It took me years to figure this approach (less $$$ on dac/amp/preamp and more on transducers) was the right one for me. I shudder to think what I could've done with all the $$$$$ spent on hardware. In the end, I realized that I was listening to gear and not music! And...I always wanted better gear -- Sansui receiver to Pioneer integrated amp to Phase Linear separates to Hafler to Crown to Adcom to NAD to Marantz to GAS to Sumo to Luxman to Bryston to Threshold to ARC to Levinson to Krell and many others I've forgotten.

    Finally got tired of the 'ROI' and picked up some moderately priced gear (Forte) for my office system and got off that path...which I never regretted.

    To my way of thinking, Ashirin's quote above is what makes Schiit a company I'll continue to do business with...

    Even so, it's highly unlikely I'll ever buy their 'high-end' stuff (Yggy, etc.)...still smarting over buying a Bimby only to have the Mimby come out shortly thereafter! :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2018
  14. liamo
    Did the dog eat your homework too? Drill some holes in your phone next, I hear they send you two new ones.
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  15. KoshNaranek
    The correct response is to ignore him. Life is too short.


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