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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Snowpuppy77
    I was just in the Schiit 2 channel room at RMAF and looked for it but did not see anything new. If I see something I will report back.
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  2. Rensek

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  3. KoshNaranek
    USS Rancocas, otherwise known as the Cornfield Cruiser. The hexagonal structure below the bridge deck is a phased array radar. It is driven by Gallium Arsenide chips to emit microwaves powerful enough to illuminate a target miles away. High frequency power emission was one of the last vestiges of tube use.

    One a personal note, my RCA 6sn7s somehow found their way from the Cornfield Cruiser to my Freya.
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  4. RCBinTN
    Tee Hee .... actually not.

    Grits are mainly ground-up corn.
    Americans eat it because we grow a lot of corn here.
    Some like grits with sugar. Others like 'em with butter, salt & pepper.
    Your preference.

    But, not polenta. That's grown in other countries.

    Grits are more of a Southern American thing, like Sam wrote.
    Up North, where I originated, we always ate oatmeal.
    Because we had oats up there, ya know?

    So now that I live in Tennessee, I can have 'em both ... grits or oatmeal.
    We straddle the Mason-Dixon line.

    I had some polenta in Brazil, and wasn't overly impressed.
    What do Italians eat for breakfast carbs?
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  5. earnmyturns
    NJ, it figures :wink:
  6. rkw
    What did you see? The new amp might be in a Vidar case and not look like something new. Did you talk to anybody?
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  7. KoshNaranek
    I don't get it
  8. the finisher
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  9. Mr Rick
    What? No one talking about the new Schiit amp??
  10. NoahFence
    This is purloined, I don't get to see/hear until tomorrow
    They handed out literature for their epic as hell amp. He’s solved the transconductance problem and even Broskie was impressed talking in person. Sounded really ****ing good. Class A, 20wpc @ 8 ohms, 799 expected MSRP. Run in mono does 80w @ 8 ohms. ****ing beast of an amp in a Vidar size chassis.

    Sounds good to me, more than rumor
  11. GearMe
    Hopefully, the wink at the end of my previous post helped position my comment to some degree.

    I also prefer these live performances as well...acoustic jazz especially.

    However, the minute you step into the world of recorded music, there is so much 'pollution' that is not 'analog' that it really begets some consideration/thought. The level of focus on dac/amp over the years is, to a large degree, misplaced...as Jason apparently discussed when he compared it to the impact of better transducers (mentioned by another poster).

    Regarding Class D...FWIW, many top end studio monitor firms (PMC, Genelec, etc.) now use Class D in their active monitors that are in use in major studios.

    Regarding different Class topologies...Imo, much of the posturing/discussions/etc. about the nuances between these topologies is overblown -- audio nervosa to me.

    I say this having owned expensive 2 channel systems with Class A, A/B amps, multibit and D/S dacs, etc. I'd rather get some good sounding, high value hardware and spend the extra $ on some excellent transducers. Just my $.02

    PS - for folks that want their system to be ruler flat, I wonder how many have had their hearing properly measured and take this into account (EQ? A no-no to many audiophiles).

    Also, for recorded music, each studio setup is different...as is each sound engineer's hearing capabilities. How on earth should an audiophile adjust for these variables?

    Net, net...to me, there's way too much hand-wringing over this stuff...would rather just listen music I like and not for perceived nuances in equipment.
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  12. Mike-WI
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  13. Snowpuppy77
    I saw a Salk streamer hooked up to a Gumby, Freya, and two Vidars driving a par of Salk Song3 BeAT.
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  14. NoahFence
    I think the word is out by now. While it may look like a vidar externally it is like the vidar but with the new Continuity topology.
    This is what I wished for sometime back:
    (Sorry I don't want to quote the entire post, but it is for a 20w essentially class A amp under a grand, and I'll buy two of the to run as monoblock. Somehow , if the purloined quote was correct, it gives 80w as monoblock.
    The people that have heard it are really impressed. If it sounds as good as I hope it does, this is 'end-game' for me...with upgrades of course.

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  15. Oveja Negra
    I'd like to know the minimum impedance it can drive. Can you ask Jason about that, please? Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

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