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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. scizzro
    Exactly. You can't listen to every review because every review is subjective and often contradicts other reviews. The only way to fix that is to pay more attention to those reviewers who have similar tastes in sound signature as yourself. 
    A good way to find those reviewers is to purchase a couple of the most popular headphones, develop your own opinion on them, and find reviewers who agree with you. Then, in the future, you know you are more likely to agree with them and that can help you decide which hyped headphones you will buy and which you will pass on.
    I'm doing this now with the XE800, and I've already done it with the 4-in-1. I'm gradually building my "reviewers to trust" list.
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  2. Level

    That' a really good idea...beats spending endless hours on forums that, in the end, don't advance my personal knowledge.
  3. scizzro
    Just got my XE800 today. I ordered on Sept 24, they shipped from China on 9/25, and made it to the USA by 10/1. That's crazy! 
    Anyway, as I type this, I'm listening to the first song through them and I'm liking them a lot! Don't have any other IEM's with me for comparison atm but will compare in the future.
  4. Level

    Which ones ($) did you buy?
  5. scizzro
    I got the $18 ones from
  6. Level

    Glad to hear.....same ones I ordered........though not getting to Canada quite as fast as yours did to you.
  7. rikk009
    No after burn-in they falling in line so that's not a quality issue.
    P.S. I am selling mine, I bought it since someone falsely hyped them to be rebranded GR07 otherwise never needed an IEM. I am from India.
  8. Ruben123
    Count me in guys, mine are on their way. I'm a great fan of neutral sound,i love the havi but use it very little because I'm afraid to break them (student's budget). Also I love the Monoprices really much, like, really much! But when you listen closely you can hear some of its shortcomings such as a bit overdone bass (lol!!!) And some grainy treble which is corrected by using a tiny bit of cloth on the ear tip.

    Also I like the KZ ed9 and zs3 a lot, even though the zs3 is somewhat dark. KZ Atr is on its way too since it should be an upgraded ate. If this vivo really comes close to the havi I can sell all my budget iems now. Really looking forward to receiving it.
  9. toddy0191

    Look forward to your comparison with the havi as am debating whether to go for it.
  10. Ruben123
    Will compare them for very sure!
  11. Majin
    did you order the real one or fake one?
  12. Ruben123

  13. yangian
    Looking forward to your comparison with Havi.
  14. scizzro
    Well, I think this will be the last budget IEM I buy for now. I'm really enjoying the XE800 a lot, and I can't find any fault that makes me want to pack them away. They are seriously very good for $18. There's still room for improvement, though, so now my efforts will be focused on upgrading along the line that XE800 has taken me. 
  15. Ruben123
    Been digging this thead and found lots of different impressions, from being bass light to bassy. Wondering if some here had fakes or something... Im looking for a neutral sound so hope they dont disappoint! Although I dont think they will, reading impressions of them being a steal @$60, they must be great @$18 regardsless if they are my preference or not right?
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