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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. nhlean96
    That depends on taste, and more important, fit and tips choice. I found the shallow fit work best
  2. Ruben123

    Hope it'll arrive soon (but it won't...). Thanks.
  3. trumpethead
    I found the perfect tips for me in the KZ new tips sold by HcK..Perfect fit and excellent bass with deep insertion..gave a little warm eq from my fiio E6 which helped mellow the highs and give a fuller richer sound...Very satisfied now.
  4. Ruben123
    I am receiving mine in a few days! So excited... after having been like really blown away by KZ ATRs which only cost $5 I dont really know what to expect from these. Monoprice 8320 @ $7 still are a steal too though.
  5. VinceHill24
    I kinda took a risky route and ordered one of these XE800 from 1688.com where i usually ordered my DIY stuff. Didn't had any high hopes for it initially as it was just 55RMB though it turns out to be a great bargain when i just got it today. OOTB (not really box though just normal bulk package like the rest), they give me an initial impression of somewhat neutral sound due to its lesser bass quantity and emphasis on mid to upper mid region. Bright? Not really as i've heard brighter (4in1, UEs, the one shall not be named). Neither would i describe it as bass light, because the bass has enough of those kick & punch to make my music enjoyable and i can even feel some subbass rumble when the fit forms a perfect seal. I'm very much impressed with the clarity and instrument separation of the XE800 as none other IEM i've owned at this price range are able to give me such detail and separation. The aspect i like most is the tunable nozzles and ergonomics of the shells, they fit like nothing in my ears and they're tiny! Finally an IEM i can sleep with (though unsafe to do so). A good bargain overall, makes a good daily use IEM as it won't be heartbreaking if i lost it or broke it. Just my opinion and YMMV so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. Majin
    wow 55rmb is really cheap how much did it cost with forwarding agents?
  7. VinceHill24
    I'm not sure with your country but i live in Malaysia, so the forwarder i use charges RM13.50/KG of parcel to my address. So total for this order is just about 55RMB + 7RMB (shipping to forwarder warehouse) + RM13.5 total more or less 13USD.
  8. rikk009
    Confirmed with the seller, the 'new' cheaper XE800 is different from the $99 XE800. Seller clearly said, to paraphrase him "match the specification on the official website and on the listing, both are different. I order my products from ViVo factory, it's 100% original." The specifications have been changed from the earlier 'bright' version. 
    So, you are not getting a 'deal' on $99 but a different IEM. Though it doesn't sound bad at all for the price but nothing exceptional to rave.
    Viber likes this.
  9. Ruben123
    Or he tries to sell fakes which then sound different of course. Could anybody confirm ?
  10. Majin
    Well when he still had old stock it was 15 euro at a certain point and now its only 14.
  11. toddy0191

    I think this seems the most likely. Mine ($18) are very bright.
  12. Ruben123
    Problem is that is quite subjective. Of you're used top warn earphones, of course a more natural one will sound bright.

    How different should they sound then? Best would be one of the early users bought another one to compare.
  13. rikk009
    You are being too optimistic. I am not going after these any more. Once bitten twice shy. 
    Someone had posted in this very thread about different sellers listing different specifications and was nudged that probably the seller's mistake and they all are same but it doesn't look that way. Anyway, this was my first venture at cheap Chinese IEMS and wasn't good. I have ordered a ZS3 if that bombs too I am off the hook for good. Might get a Carbon Tenore or something.
    Edit: Here http://www.head-fi.org/t/726119/review-vivo-xplay-3s-xe800-mobile-audio-perfection/495#post_12890510
  14. Majin
    Never take notice of those specifications most of them are not accurate anyway, Weird impedence and freq range.
  15. Ruben123

    Lol you haven't bought very often in China have you? It seems many fakes are around so that could explain a lot I think. Though if someone who owns one from the beginning could compare it to a later model it'd be great for sure.
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