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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. bhazard
    REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800  Mobile audio perfection (Xplay 3S review coming soon)
    Vivo XE800 Specs:
    1. Basic parameters
    2. Cable length:1.25m
    3. Connector:3.5mm plug
    4. Rated power:10mW
    5. Maximum power:50mW
    6. Frequency range:5 Hz-30000 Hz
    7. Nominal Impedance:50 OHM
    8. Sensitivity:110 dB
    9. Mic Parameters
    10. Frequency range:20 Hz-16000 Hz
    11. Sensitivity:-42 ± 3dB
    12. Interface Definition:L / R / GND / Mic
    Price: $60-99 (aliexpress, taobao, liaow)
    Accessories (XE800):
    3 pairs of Vsonic VSD1 type eartips in S, M, L sizes.
    The barebones accessories packing is somewhat disappointing, but comfort, fit, and SQ from these stock tips pair up perfectly with the IEM. Since the XE800 was meant to be sold with the phone, the lack of accessories can be forgiven.
    Build & Design:
    The teardrop shape of the XE800 and crisp white color is strikingly beautiful, yet simple. The design is very “Apple” like, almost as if this was an evolutionary upgrade to the earpods.
    The inline mic performed admirably, allowing my voice to be heard clearly by any caller I tested with.
    The cable is not microphonic, and it provides a little “clip” to attach the split Y cables together for a cleaner look. Build quality is sturdy, but nothing really stands out cable wise compared to the shell design.
    Fit, Comfort, Isolation:
    Outstanding. The XE800 fits like a glove in my ears. The moveable nozzle allowed me to tailor the IEM to my ear canal, and it provided one of the most comfortable fits I’ve had to date from a universal IEM. It allows the XE800 to be worn on any occasion, from sleeping to cardio at the gym. I almost hate using other in ears now. It also makes isolation top notch. This is all based on just the stock tips, as I felt they offered the best fit/sound out of all that I tried.
    The XE800 is actually a modified Vsonic GR07 using the same biocellulose driver, made specifically for Vivo. The sound signature seems to be a hybrid of the GR07BE and Classic tuning, with nicely extended and slightly boosted bass, neutral mids, and pleasing neutral highs with an easing rolloff.
    Joker’s GR07BE review paints a picture of the XE800’s sound perfectly, except that sibilance now no longer exists, or it is so minor that I have not heard it in any tracks so far.
    The most impressive part is that the XE800 can be had for 1/3rd of the original GR07BE price from the right seller. This is a top tier IEM which bests the RE-400 and many others for sub $100 pricing.
    RE-400 vs. XE800:
    The only thing the XE800 lacks to the RE-400 is the accessory package. Aside from that, the stronger bass, neutral but prominent mids, more extended highs, and complete comfort push the XE800 far ahead of the “watermark” $99 previous champion.  
    AX-35 vs. XE800
    No contest. The XE800 is better in every way again except for accessories.
    Havi B3 Pro 1 vs. XE800
    These two are my current favorites. While the soundstage and imaging on the XE800 are excellent, the Havi Pro 1 is world class at this. No IEM or headphone has ever surpassed it in my testing, including the HE-500. The Havi matches up with the XE800 pound for pound in everything but bass, which is more prominent and pleasing in the XE800.
    Ostry KC06A vs XE800
    These are actually very similar. Both have excellent bass and provide a full signature that punches well above their price points. The KC06A recesses its mids and boosts highs a tiny bit to compensate for the slightly bigger bass over the XE800, which is the more neutral signature set overall.
    (Do yourself a favor and try at least one of these sub $99 underrated monsters. They are worth every penny and then some.)
    The XE800 is an exceptional, rare IEM, based off of one of the best VSonic IEMs. If you can grab one, do so. You won’t be disappointed, and you’d be amazed at what <$99 can get you from China these days in audio.
    More info here:
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  2. kahaluu
    Nice review. Great looking phones.
  3. Grayson73
    Hard to buy these currently from the U.S.  Will these start showing up in aliexpress and ebay?
  4. bhazard
    Taobao is your best bet for just the XE800.
    Just look for "vivo xplay 3s" on aliexpress for tons of sellers, many which offer the XE800 to buy along with the phone. They may let you purchase separately.
  5. Baycode
    Good review, keep-up @bhazard  !  [​IMG]
  6. Netforce
    Nice review bhazard, I'll look into getting a pair [​IMG]
  7. phillipwareham
    I was looking at the havi b3 pro, but holding off while I get a new DAP sorted out. I had them down as the most likely bang for the buck champion. Things change fast.
  8. bhazard
    Ibasso DX90 + Havi B3 Pro 1 would be a killer combo for the least amount of money.
    With that said though, since you are in China, the Vivo is a KILLER phone and very similar to the DX90 (same DAC, but the Ibasso uses dual dacs). It has mostly better specs than the just announced MI4, and it has been out for months now. The XE800 is a killer unknown earphone as well. The Vivo + XE-800 are literally made for each other. Total synergy.
  9. phillipwareham

    Thanks for the advice! I'm sort of waiting for the fiio x1, but am trying to find a stockist for the x3 in the mean time, because I'm sick of waiting. The dx50 is just about in my price range, but the dx90 is a bit far for me to go. I'll keep an eye on Vivo phones from now on. I use a xiaomi 2s, and think it's the equal of anything Samsung have.
  10. Leo888
    Looking forward to more inputs. Subbed.
  11. altrunox
    [​IMG]Great review, I was looking for it on aliexpress, but I couldn`t find it. It`s hard for me to buy from the others sellers, anyone has a link?
    And also I find this other ( http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-BBK-vivo-MMX71iE-Hi-Fi-Earphone-For-Xplay-X510w-X1-X1S-Smart-Phone-iphone-5S/1475561209.html ), super cheap, and has beyerdynamic on the box [​IMG]
    I`ve asked the seller, and he told me it`s original, I guess it`s the DTX 72 or the DTX 71, anyway, amazing price.
    May give it a try. Bought it 
  12. rafaelroxalot
    hello guys! where to buy? has some fakes of vivo xe800 today? i got to good prices... but im afraid to get something fake...
    i saw this link on ttmall some people say that is better than taobao, but is more expensive
    and this one on taobao
    what a difficult choice... i was thinking to buy the vsd3s... but these xe800 as gr07 is better then vsd3s no?
  13. rafaelroxalot
    Really confirm that has no sibilance?
  14. bhazard
    slight sibilance that is source dependent.
  15. rafaelroxalot
    with the topping nx1 can fix it?
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