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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. Francisk
    Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the GR07 Classic. I don't understand why people keep saying that they sound alike....sigh
  2. yoowan
    I just found a message in my mailbox saying they arrived and can be picked up tomorrow in the local postal office. I happen to like a lot the sound signature of GR07 and bought the Vivo as a backup for when I'm out and about as it has a button and mic. At 18€ it's very cheap and maybe too much asked to match the quality of GR07. Let's see what happens... :wink:
  3. Majin
    Looking forward to your comparison with the GR07.
  4. bhazard
    For $18 I really might buy these again.
  5. yoowan
    This morning I went to the postal office to pick up my XE800's. OOTB I must say that their sound signature is comparable to what you get from a GR07. During last year I discovered I prefer a GR07-like sound signature as I listen a lot to acoustical music, mainly orchestral classical music. This type of music does quite well on GR07 because of a balanced and lean sound, the naturalnees of the timbres and a wide soundstage with separation between instruments. XE800 has the same traits to my ears.
    I also think I got a genuin copy, the one with the moveable nozzles.
    All in all for 18€, this is a no-brainer. 
  6. Pastapipo
    Nice! Could you share the Aliexpress link from where you bought them?
    In case fake $18 XE800s pop up, we at least have one trusted source :wink:
  7. yoowan
  8. Pastapipo
    Do it! :p You are one of the few who heard the "original" XE800 and can tell us if it sounds anything similar.
    Great, thanks!
  9. mircam
    Guys I cannot believe what I'm hearing.... I must say that the sound is fantastic... and this for only 18 dollars! Thank you China!
  10. Level
    Having just found this forum........are you guys saying these are really good iem's for higher end DAPs, or just really good phone iem's?
  11. mircam
    Hi quality 100+ dollars range...
  12. Level
    Impressive...... looks like I'm gonna have to buy a few pairs of white socks to match up.
    Pastapipo likes this.
  13. Level

    I would much appreciate your comparison of the Havi B3 to the X800.
    I've a pair of B3 (old version) on the way and might just go for the blaring white finish on the X800 as backups......found some white socks on sale to go with them:))
  14. Turkleton

    TBH, I stopped listening to my Havi's once I got the XE800s. I mostly use my iems on the go and the Havi's MUST be amped to be enjoyed, so the the XE800s are the clear winner.

    The one thing which the Havi has over the XE800s is its monster soundstage. Havi's are the only iems which have given me goosebumps while I listen to them.

    I think they both have similar sound sigs, but the xe800s have better clarity, detail retrieval and instrument separation. Plus, the XE800s have some very nice bass for a neutral sound sig.

    My opinion - Vivo XE800 all the way. I hadn't reached for my Havi's for the past two months for a reason haha
  15. Level

    Interesting comments. If the $18 XE800s I just ordered from Aliexpress are the real thing, I hope to learn first hand why you like them so much.
    For my clarification, are you using the N5 for these comparisons, or a different dap? If it is the N5 it sounds like I should be shopping for an amp rather than assuming they can adequately drive the Havi's and other cans, yes?
    peter123 likes this.
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