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REVIEW: Vivo Xplay 3S + XE800 Mobile audio perfection

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  1. toddy0191
    Pretty sure bhazard said he was going to get another set at their cheap price, so he should be able to confirm if they're the same.

    On that note, my impressions of the cheap ones I purchased match his impressions at the start of this thread.

    Both my daughter and her mother were both blown away by the cheap ones too, with my daughter stealing them, and her mum asking me to order her a pair immediately!
  2. Ruben123
    So a very very short write-up here....
    I like them but Im not that impressed. Theyre I think slightly V-shaped -> highs are a bit shrill sometimes and the bass is a little boosted. Maybe Im not impressed because I only buy highly regarded value for money in-ears. Theyre not comparable to the Havis at all so no comparison follows. KZ's manufacturers would get a heart attack when they saw the build quality of these XE800s, no strain reliefs at all (?!).
    Short comparison:
    - Against MP8320: MP8320 sounds less coherent, probably due to the thinner mids and slightly boosted highs. SQ-wise I would rate the MP a point below the Vivo (7 vs 8/10).
    -Against ED9: The ED9 sure has more bass (brass filter) but also less piercing highs. Better even: the ED9 doesnt have piercing highs and the Vivo does at times sound a bit piercing. Rating: 7.5 vs 8.
    Yes the Vivo is better but regarding the original price, and the price of the Mp8320 ($7) and KZ ED9 ($8) and the enormous difference in build quality (shame on you Vivo) I would think twice of ordering the Vivo. Value for money is less than the other two, SQ is higher but only a bit. It sounds not as lousy (can I say that like that?) as the MP which seem less controlled but the ED9 is also a very good earphone which is also less controlled than the Vivo, but only just. The 2x price difference of the ED9 and Vivo are acceptable which means SQ wise I would get the Vivo, but the value for money gets lots less regarding the build quality.
  3. toddy0191

    Where did you get them from in the end?

    The last thing I'd call them is V shaped, i would say mids and treble are superb and if anything the bass is lacking in quantity (but not quality).

    To me they sound more refined than the kz ate and zs3 with better resolution, instrument separation and clarity.

    You're definitely hearing different things to me.
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  4. Ruben123

    Look, if we take the Havi as ruler flat, it has both more and more harsh treble, and certainly more bass. They have a tilt in the extreme frequencies, not the usual v shaped people prefer. Only the ends are boosted a bit. Bass is not lacking at all, though it's less than the ed9s which most people find anemic lol
  5. toddy0191

    I received my lz a2s yesterday and the bass on those is way more than the xe800s.

    Just curious where you got them from in the end as your description sounds way off my experience?

    On another note, i really want me some b3 pros!
  6. roy_jones
    I'm with you.  I especially find the comment about the XE800 having boosted bass to be confusing.  I don't think the bass level would be satisfying to the majority of head-fiers unless they listen to genres that don't need a strong low end to sound good.  I need to use foams tips that provide shallow insertion and then EQ the bass to be satisfied with them. 
    It's my biggest criticism of this IEM, although I agree with the poster about the build quality being sub-par and I freaking hate the cable. 
    Generally, I'm not as psyched on dynamic driver chinese value IEMs as most.  Balanced armatures are a better solution for portable listening because of how much better they isolate.  It just sucks that there isn't the same availability of high value BA IEMs from China. 
  7. roy_jones
    Yeah, I'd be curious to see a picture of the IEMs in question to see if they might be fake because there's no planet on which the XE800 could be perceived as having boosted bass. 
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  8. Ruben123
    I'll post a link tomorrow. Also, I think you don't quite understand what I say. Most people find the ed9 anemic. The vivo has even less bass, though more so than the b3. The b3 is almost ruler flat so compared to flat, it's boosted. It's bass is little tighter than monoprice's bass, which some folks find lacking, others boosted. It really comes down to your style, likings and experience.

    The link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100-Original-Authentic-Vivo-XE800-In-Ear-HiFi-Sound-Stereo-In-Ear-Earphones-Earbuds-with-Mic/32716543235.html
  9. Ruben123
    So when I listened to Bob Dylan's If Not For You which is quite a warm recording, I was surprised to hear how the Vivo handled it. One of the very few earphone that manages to bring exactly the sound as how it was meant, most other earphones make the song too warm and sound artificial. IMO. Still the $7 MP8320 could do the same, but the Vivo is a tiny step higher in SQ with less peaks.
  10. hoshiyomi

    Does it have the rotating nozzle? I have a pair from Shenzhen XiaoYu Trade Company and it appears to be the genuine article. I believe Ripac also sells genuine items.
  11. Ruben123

    Yes it has!
  12. rikk009
    The seller 'Shenzhen XiaoYu Trade Com.. Ltd' is selling fakes. After I received the IEM and the sound wasn't in-concurrence with any reviews posted here I confronted the seller. He said the to return the IEM and I did with tracking number and sufficient proof of postage. See the link. After 10 days, today he told Aliexpress that I have not provided tracking number and closed the dispute. Now, I lost both IEMs and money(including shipping).
    Check my first impressions of the IEMs, they are NOT the $99 XE800 that are sold. These are 'totally' different IEM. If you do have the 'original' XE800 buy one from him and compare both. I don't think any of the buyers have both of them and hence don't know the difference. 
    Proof: http://imgur.com/a/mz2Br
    P.S: If you have purchased the IEM from the seller recently and don't find the sound as described here(Trebly, hi-resolution with less bass) don't reason with this seller just cut the IEM with a scissor and raise a complain that you received damaged product with picture. I wish I had done that instead of being reasonable with cheats. 
  13. toddy0191

    Strange, I've bought 3 pairs from them and they all sound exactly the same, but nothing like your impressions.

    If they're fakes they are amazing quality fakes as I love how they sound.
  14. rikk009
    That's what I am saying they are 'different'. Do compare with the $99 variant and see if they sound the same.
  15. Ruben123

    Could you describe precisely how yours sound for us to compare? Seeing how many positive reviews the seller gets at his Vivo page, one could wonder if only you got a fake or that the fakes are just very good or that Vivo just released a new, cheaper version.
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