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Recommendations for replacing Beyer T1

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by logicaldisconnect, Aug 11, 2012.
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  1. LogicalDisconnect
    Thanks very much.
    Talisman's specs seem a bit cryptic. The manual for the T33H on their website isn't working but here is the manual for the T35H (same except with preamp): http://www.talisman-audio.com/documents/english/manual/t35hp_aad850b.pdf. That says 'Output power: Over 150 mW on 30 to 600 ohms headset in A Class' but it also says 'Output Level: Over 7 Vrms on 30 to 600 ohms headset'. As I understand the maths, if it was really outputting 7 Vrms over 30 ohms, the power would be substantially higher than 150 mW (about 1.5 W). So either I'm reading or understanding this wrong, the output level spec is wrong (or misleading), or the output power spec is very conservative.
    It may be best to contact them to clarify. In any case, as you say, it's something I'll likely have to try myself.
  2. K3cT
    Find stores with good return policies, get both and just return whichever is not to your liking. Nothing beats first-hand listening experience rather than reading some strangers' impressions in an online forum and taking them as gospel. 
  3. headinclouds
    I suspect the Talisman is biased for 150mW in class A which is plenty for normal listening.
    Into lower impedance phones (30 ohm) it can deliver more power but not all in class A. 
    If this is the case then it should drive the HE500 OK and the result is best judged by your ears.
    Happy listening!
  4. LogicalDisconnect
    Thanks all. I've ended up trading the T1 for a HE500 (+ cash) so I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes! I'll try to update with some impressions when it arrives.
  5. Chodi
    Well, you've solved your brightness problem! I will look forward to your thoughts on the HE-500.
  6. nicholars
    You might find that using a different DAC to the dacmagic will make things a bit less harsh....
    Obviously headphones and source file are the two biggest differences but the Dacmagic definately seems to emphasise any harshness.
  7. Focker
    Looks like shortly after he acquired the HE500s, he liquidated all his gear, including the HifiMans lol. 
    What happened, OP? 
  8. JamieMcC
    Looking forward to your impressions of the HE500, I have the T1's and HD650's. I thought I would sell the Senns on when the beyers arrived but the two are so different and each brings its own flavour I ended up keeping them both! The HE500 has got my interest also.
  9. Chodi
    This is an old thread and the op seems to have op'd out. The HE500's are completely different than the T1's but very musical and very fun headphones. They might be a reasonable replacement for the 650's but they are not better than the T1's just very different. The HE500's have a darker signature and do not resolve detail as well as the T1's but they do sound glorious in the midrange with surprising bass response. Beware the comfort factor as the HE500's are very heavy (as are the Lcd 2). The HE500 do have a signature that follow all forms of music where as the T1's are more transparent and conform more honestly to the recording and the chain of equipment.
  10. JamieMcC
    Thanks for the info
  11. LogicalDisconnect
    Sorry for abandoning this thread! Just thought I'd update and ask another question.
    I did enjoy the HE500. It didn't seem to have quite the fatiguing brightness of the T1 and I preferred its bass. But over time I still started to find it fatiguing - there seemed to be some kind of 'ringing' in the treble that hurt my ears. They also were not that comfortable.
    I then went to the Alessandro MS-Pro and the AT W3000ANV. I didn't like the MS-Pro that much. Very energetic but not really my thing. Also very uncomfortable for me. The W3000ANV is probably my favourite headphone - not neutral but very lush sounding with still a fair amount of detail and bass.
    Unfortunately I then had to move overseas for a year so I ended up selling the W3000ANV and getting a pair of Unique Melody Miracles. These are amazing IEMs, comparable to many of the high-end full-size headphones I've heard, and were great for travel. Now I'm home I'm selling the Miracles and going to move back to a full-size setup.
    In the meantime I've been using speakers. What I love about speakers is the sense of space and body they give. And I've discovered in that process that maybe I don't care so much about detail and transparency in headphones. I have such limited listening time that when I do have a chance to listen I just want to sit there and enjoy my music, not try to pick at it critically. I also listen to a lot of modern pop / indie rock which isn't necessarily that well-recorded, so sometimes critical headphones just make things worse.
    Maybe the obvious place to go for me is somewhere like the LCD-3. But I'm a bit concerned about Audeze's constant revisions and quality control reports. I'm also hoping I can get away without dropping a huge amount of money.
    That's partly why I've bumped this thread in Summit-Fi. I wonder if any of you have a pair of headphones that you just put on for enjoyment - for, say, a lush, smooth, fairly balanced (as in, not overemphasised treble and underemphasised mids and bass like many of the headphones I've had), but still detailed enough to be happy with. Or is there any cheaper headphone you have that you think even the very high-end headphones don't match in some aspects? For example, I've read some people say the Sennheiser HD600 or HD650 still can't be matched in terms of vocals, although others obviously disagree. And if so, what source do you use with it? As you can see from my sig, I also have a Benchmark DAC2 HGC for sale because I don't need all of its features, and again, I'd like to save a bit of money this time if I can.
    I am willing to spend the money on expensive headphones if I really have to, but given my experience with (fairly) high-end headphones I'm at the point where I'm not sure spending more will get me more listening enjoyment.
    Thanks for all of your continuing advice.
  12. 100VoltTube
    I realize that this thread is old (most of it anyway), but it is still relevant to some of us. I'm looking for cans in/near the price range discussed earlier in the the thread and it interested me. I'm wondering if all of this advice still stands true, or with all the new releases (T1.2, DT1990, Ether, Elear, HE560, etc..) all of this advice is outdated and obsolete.
    Also, LogicalDisconnect, what has happened to your setup since 2014?
    *bump* [​IMG] 
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