Rank the Headphones that You Own.
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1)M50 - Awesome from top to bottom. Bass is uncanny (NOT overly emphasised) Very neutral, but so so soundstage. To me these destroy the D2000 in almost all areas.
2)HD595 - I use these for all music and gaming. Very good all around.
3)k701 - extreme detail. A bit harsh in the highs and "thin" vocals. But probably will never get rid of them because on some music these headphones are magic.
4)UE Triple Fi 10 - awesome for the gym!
5)AD700 - awesome for COD/fps. Love being accused of hacking. Bass is very weak.
6)A700 - Descent. Bigger soundstage than the M50, but everything else is several steps down. I use them for gaming sometimes.
7)RX900 (modded) - I don't like the sound signature on these at all. Before or after the mod.
Been thinking of selling all except M50 and triple fi's to help fund HD800's or T1 !!!
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This is PERSONAL preference. I like fun, colored headphones, over audiophile-esque balanced headphones... I'm also going to add headphones I have recently owned but sold...

1.) XB700 - Incredible BASS. I loved getting lost in the sea of bass. Clear for a bass heavy headphone. Sold due to uncomfortable issues with the padding.

2.) DT770 Pro 80 - Lovely bass, fun, fun, fun. Super comfortable. Gaming and watching movies with these are AWESOME.

3.) M50 - Balanced monsters with slight emphasis on bass, but still fairly neutral. Great bargain, and my most preferred in overal comfort, fit, and clamp. Everyone should try these at least once in their lifetime. Sold because they were too much like the DT770 Pro 80, so I didn't need them.

4.) DT880 - Seriously balanced, great for gaming, and VERY clear. If I was an audiophile, these would be number 1, no question.

5.) KSC75 - CHEAP, fun, unbelievable for the price

6.) RE0 - Incredibly neutral, clear, precise. Gets the most use, since I use them everytime I'm out of the house. They'd be number 2 if I was an audiophile.

7.) AD700 - AWESOME soundstage, crisp, and MADE for gaming. Super comfy ear pads, but uncomfortable fit, and my ears touched the drivers. Would be probably number 5 if they fit MUCH better, and my ears didn't touch the drivers.

Yes, I prefer the KSC75 over the RE0. I LOOOOVE the AD700s, but the fit really hurt it for me.
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1. UE Triple Fi 10 (oops. Not a headphone, but nobody cares)
2. AKG 702 / Sennheiser HD-600 (tie)
3. Shure SRH-840 (best headphone under $250!)
4. Sennheiser HD-555 (best i've heard for $75-$100, Not tried M50 though)
5. Grado SR-80
6. Koss Porta Pro
7. Those good KSC something or other earphones
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1. beyerdynamic T1
1a. Sennheiser HD800
2. Grado RS1i
3. Westone 3
4. beyerdynamic DT770/600ohm (2005 Premium Consumer version)
5. Sennheiser IE8
6. Shure SE530
7. Nuforce NE-8
8. Hifiman RE0
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1) Alessandro MS-Pros
2) Audio-Technica AD900
3) Koss KSC-75
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1. ATH-W1000X

2. ATH-ES10
3. HFI-780 (ED9 Pads)
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Glad to see my thread is still going.

My latest ranking.

Full size cans are using either my Exemplar SACD Player or my Exemplar Music Server/DAC system or my VPI SSM/Einstien phono Pre sources. i.e. The Source Matters - Garbage in = Garbage Out

1) Jade driven by my loaded Woo Audio GES w/Siltech internal cabling
2) Denon AH-D7000 w/Balanced Siltech cabling and J$ pads Driven by Audio-gd Phoenix
3) AKG K701 Driven by my Exemplar modified OTL-32

IEM are driven by an Apple iPod Classic running Apple Lossless files.

4) Monster Turbine pro Copper - Unamped
5) Westone 3 - Unamped
6) Etymotic ER-4P - Unamped
7) Etymotic ER-4S - Unamped (The S and P's switch placed with a decent amp)
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Favorites top to bottom:

Sennheiser HD800 - Excellent all around. Best soundstage. Recommended.

Beyerdynamic T1 - Also excellent. To me, even more detailed than HD800. Hard to drive with some SS amps. Good soundstage but noticeably less soundstage than HD800. (Less than 200 hours, so may get even better over time.) Recommended.

Grado RS2i - Clarity. Great at low volume. Easy to drive. Use at work. Recommended.

Byer DT880 - Good all round. Great frequency response. To me, most comfortable earphones of all. Lack clarity with complex music. In process of selling because get little head time since HD800 and T1 came into house. Recommended.

Advent Wireless AW770 - Pretty good overall wireless phones, but hard to keep static free.

Senn PMX80 - Use when running. Best running headphone I have ever used. Recommended.

Sony MDR-V6 - Fair. Weak bottom end. Mids and treble are good.

Sony CD Walkman headphones - Not bad, but do not compare to PMX80s.

ipod earbuds - Crap, midrange only, not very loud out of ipod.
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1. Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X

2. Koss portaPro

3. AKG K309

What a suprise...

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