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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. denis1976
    This qp2r is making me curious, after having 2 qp1r's and sold both, i hope the "2" is better , the qp1r sounded good but clearly a step or two behind the Lotoo Paw Gold , AK380 cu and three or four steps behind the Sony 1Z, lets wait and see (ear)
  2. Satir
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  3. musicday
    Definitely will give it a try at London CanJam this summer, and see how it sounds.
    As for home I will be using Hugo2 with M2s.
  4. Bart147
    Some of my favourite test tracks :
    Cowboy Junkies - Shining Moon - DSD
    Dire Straits - Money For Nothing - DSD
    Holly Cole - My Foolish Heart - DSD
    Diana Krall - The Girl In The Other Room - 24/96 FLAC
    Diana Krall - California Dreamin' - 24/192 FLAC
    Norah Jones - Come Away With me - 24/192 FLAC
    Muse - The Resistance - 24/96 FLAC
    Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey - 16/44.1 FLAC
    Bat For Lashes - Daniel - 16/44.1 FLAC
    Kate Ryan - Désenchantée - 16/44.1 FLAC
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
  5. jmills8
    Thanks. So balance is your focus for those styles of music?
  6. Bart147
    I'm not looking for balance, each track gives me specific info of how a DAP conveys music . Girl talk should me me feel like i'm sitting next to Holly while the resistance should give me the impression that i'm at a concert.
  7. jmills8
    Usually in a concert the floor and seats shake with the bass, unless its a girl playing a piano.
  8. musixs
    Depending on which row and seat position against the stage were you sitting at..
    Different hall and venue also gives different nuances for the same piece of music...
  9. kel77
    Initial test of qp2r against the qp1r.

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
  10. twister6 Contributor
    That looks like a picture of the initial test :) How about some impressions? :wink:
  11. jmills8
    Does it sound the same, but , , , different?
  12. kel77
    Comparing the single ended output from both players, the QP2R lacks the dynamic sound from the QP1R.
    It sounds much more tamed and mid focused.

    User experience has an improvement on new player.
    The QP2R has a 'click' mechanism when you turn the wheel compared to the freely moving one on QP1R.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
  13. mochill
  14. twister6 Contributor
    What headphones did you use and how many burn in hours do you think the display unit of qp2r had?
  15. kel77
    Was running them on Xelentos. No idea about the run in time but I think the store only had it for a day since yesterday.
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